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05 1.9 dw8 knocking when cold - track
Im working on a dw8 engined partner van, 54 plated. It has been brought to me for a new engine as it ws knocking. However its only knocking when cold. There was no unusual diesel smoke etc when cold. I have been looking about and found a few instances of people complaining about this and it being the cold start advance relay? Maybe Im being stupid and missing something but this van is on a cable operated delphi pump with mechanical injectors and is belt driven. That being the case should it not be all mechanical and therefore not be a relay controlling the advance or am I missing something? It is an absolute pig to start from cold but when warm its absolutley spot on. The glowplugs are doing their job and the van pulls as well as an asthamtic diesel should so I dont suspect any engine fault. Do these use a wax stat for cold start enrichment like the older XUD engine? Could that be an issue?
05 1.9 dw8 knocking when cold - Peter.N.
You seem to have conflicting symptoms here, if its knocking when cold, assuming it is a combustion knock and not a mechanical one, it sounds as though its running advanced, that would make it easier to start not more difficult. The cold start advance is very prone to failure but leaving it in the retarded mode, even if it was running with the normal cold start advance it wouldn't make it that noisy. Has someone advanced the static timing setting to make it start better, it has been done.
05 1.9 dw8 knocking when cold - HyundaiOwnersClubAdmin
Do yourself a favour and just check the cam timing first
05 1.9 dw8 knocking when cold - track
sorry my bad, it starts spot on all the time. The customer told me it was bad at cold but its not, it just knocks. The knock is kind of on and off as well. Ive now established its the advance unit on the pump failing. I am reccomending a new unit as well as a major service and new belt etc as it all looks a little tired.

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