05 2.0 leak off pipe change. - shara

I have a 2.0 TDCI Focus and noticed a leak near the manifold. Turns out that it is probably a leak off pipe that is leaking (a small amount of) diesel. My initial thought was to simply change the leaking pipe (leak off pipe is approx £25). However when I went to get the leak off pipe this morning was told by parts advisor and technician at Ford dealership that I would need to replace the leak off pipe, inlet manifold gasket and all four injector pipes. Is this correct? I thought the leak off pipe that is leaking could just be replaced but apparently not so. Any advice appreciated.

05 2.0 leak off pipe change. - boggles
This sounds a bit strange to me. While I have not done spill pipes on a Focus, I have done plenty on other types. The spill pipes for a Ford Puma diesel are sold as an assembly, complete with captive union bolts and washers. You don't, however,have to change everything else. I would check with an independent garage.

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05 2.0 leak off pipe change. - piston power
In the past we have brazed the leak on the pipe or cut the pipe put a piece of rubber hose in and fitted clips this works too.

I understand if you would prefer a new pipe but not seen the focus do ask around or try a breakers.
05 2.0 leak off pipe change. - thegibbon
I have a 56 Focus with the same engine. My car has just come down with this exact same problem. My car is under Ford warranty so had AA out to it - the guy cut off the split pipe and reattached. Unfortunately a few days later the leak started again.

My car has paid a visit to the Ford dealer who quoted me £500 to do the job - apparently there is sufficient engine strip-down required to justify that price - they also claimed it's not covered by Ford warranty. I'm not sure if they were maybe suggesting replacing the injectors too. I'm taking it to another garage tomorrow for a second opinion and hopefully a better price.

Either way looks like it might be a relatively common problem - I gather that the split pipes allow air into the system so there is work to prime the engine etc but still can't see how it makes replacing the injectors necessary.
05 2.0 leak off pipe change. - shara
Hi thegibbon,

Ford have quoted me approx £350 to do the job. They have told me that the parts needed include the leak off pipes, injector pipes, a blanking kit to stop air getting in to the fuel system and an inlet manifold gasket if the inlet manifold requires removing. As I didn't have the car there at the time they couldn't examine it, but having returned home I took a closer look at the car and can't see why the injector pipes or inlet manifold need to be removed-its looks like a simple case off just replacing the pipes. Having read similar posts for vauxhalls and other makes, I can't see why so much work is required on Ford's.
05 2.0 leak off pipe change. - Fordfoc
Hi, I have a 05 2.0 focus and have a similar problem. I've replaced the let off pipes however, iv still a diesel leak! Has anyone got any answers from previous problems?

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