Avensis - what's it worth? - Miles Brignall
I have just seen a Toyota Avensis T plate , 80,000 that had been used as a reps car. It has been serviced by Toyota, missed the last one at 75,000 but was serviced in Jan.
It has four new tyres, the spare is flat, it has scratches all over the palce (one serious) but drives very well.
Does anyone out there have an idea what it's worth. I am thinking £5K...
The back has been used and abused the rest of the car is fine inside.
All comments welcome - should I be concerned about it going 6,000 miles over the last service - all be it only since Jan.
Good buy or not?
Re: Avensis - what's it worth? - honest john
Which Avensis? See the latest auction news posting which contains a warning about buying super cheap cars. They often aren't.

Re: Avensis - what's it worth? - Miles Brignall
It's a 1.8 GS in Silver
Avensis - what's it worth? - David Woollard

I have taken some pleasure in owning many high mileage cars. But one thing they all had in common was that they didn't show it.

A one or two year old high miler could still be mint. Why should your Avensis at this age and 80,000 miles look rougher than my 8yr old 90,000 mile car?Unless you own a sprayshop don't buy a car like this with a dodgy body.

The principle of this deal sounds good but look for a tidy one.

Re: Avensis - what's it worth? - John Slaughter

My thoughts too. Too much money for a tatty example. A well loked after high miler at this age shouldn't look like it's done the mileage. This one clearly hasn't been cared for, so how has it been driven?


Re: Avensis - what's it worth? - honest john
It's worth about £4k.


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