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07 1.8 Service Interval Display - Mal07
Hi all,my question is does anyone know what message should be displayed on the service interval display after having my Octavia II serviced and the interval computer reset at my local Skoda main dealer.

My display shows a message "Service now". I may be wrong but this seems wrong to me after being reset by the dealer using their vehicle system tester.They did it again in my presense which showed a mileage of "0" ok I agreed that this is correct having been reset but they could not tell me why my display shows "Service now".

Anyone any ideas if this is correct or not. I`ve emailed Skoda Customer service as yet no reply.

07 1.8 Service Interval Display - Altea Ego
Is this at a skoda dealership?
07 1.8 Service Interval Display - Mal07
Altea Ego, As I said in my post it was my local Skoda Dealership. They couldn`t tell me what the Service Interval display should read after being reset?. I find this extraordinary. IMHO i would have thought it should read something like "Next Service in 10,000m" or "Next Service 18.09.2010". I`m just trying to find out if the reading is correct or not.



07 1.8 Service Interval Display - Altea Ego
Sorry, didnt read the bit about the dealer.

Ask to speak to the dealer principal and tell him you will complain to SKODA UK and the VAG group and get his franchise taken away because his factory trained engineers don't know the right way round to sit on a toilet seat.

tell them you expect it fixed and a courtesy car till it is. I wouldn't accept "we don't know" from a franchised dealer.
07 1.8 Service Interval Display - bursty
Try this it works on my 05 vrs so may well work for you.

It depends on what year it is - but may work like whats described below.

Page 52 of the Owner's Manual gives the answer to this:
1. Switch off the ignition and press the reset knob of the trip counter below the speedometer and hold.

2. Switch on the ignition and release the reset button, one of the service events appear in the display.

3. It is possible to switch between the the readouts of the service events by briefly pressing the reset button.

4. When the particular service event is displayed, turn the button for setting the digital clock to the right, "service---" appears in the display.

5. Switch off the ignition. Only now is the service event reset.
07 1.8 Service Interval Display - Mal07
Thanks to both Altea Ego and bursty for their replies much appreciated.

Altea Ego,I agree with you about the competence of factory trained engineers.When I was showing him what was displayed on the service Interval computer by "holding the trip reset button in then turning on the ignition to display the contents of the computer "Service now" he said "what are you doing that for?".My reply "because my user manual tells me too".His reply "I don`t read user manuals I only use the VTS.Still waiting for Skoda Cust Service to get back to me,I won`t hold my breath.

bursty, thanks for your istructions regarding resetting "service events".

Similar to what my manual states on page 13.The only difference being your item 3 switching between service events which didn`t work on mine.

I have found that by turning the ignition on, then pressing trip reset for more than 2 secs it now tells me how many days and mileage to the next service which is reassuring.

Why the message "service now" initially displays beats me.By the way my display differs to that shown in my manual probably because mine is the Maxidot version ie no spanner key symbols.

Thanks both


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