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CamBelt Chg Rover 220 SDi Turbo ? - Swebb
Hi I've just bought a 1998 Rover 220 SDi with 46000 miles on the clock. I noticed that the belt going round the alternator looks a little perished (small cracks in the middle) so I'll get it replaced. I was wondering with this in mind if its worth also changing the cam belt. I more concerned about this than I normally would be because my last car wrecked its engine when the belt went. Any info ? How much to change ? How difficult to do yourself ? When should it normally be done (been told the none intercooled version is 80000+ !!) ????


CamBelt Chg Rover 220 SDi Turbo ? - Toad, of Toad Hall.
At 5 years old it should certainly be done.

The engine mount bolts can have their threads stripped so be careful.
These are my own opinions, and not necessarily those of all Toads.
CamBelt Chg Rover 220 SDi Turbo ? - Swebb
I rang rover in Coventry and they said 83000 which seems a little high to me. They also quoted £220 for the cam belt change and £200 for the 48000mile service !!!!!!!!!! Any idea's where I can get a cheaper good job in the Birmingham/Coventry or Milton Keynes area ?
CamBelt Chg Rover 220 SDi Turbo ? - Riccardo 75
Hey... I'm thinking of having this done... Mine's a 200 sdi S reg with about 65000 on the clock. How much did you end up paying, or did you even b
CamBelt Chg Rover 220 SDi Turbo ? - Swebb

Well I got it done at 83,000 as all the mechanics I spoke to said they had never heard of one going before 85K. I actually ended up getting it done at halfords AA Service Centre (changed hands now I think). A full service with all the belts cost me around £280 I think. As it happens I'm getting it done again in a few weeks. The car has now done over 130K and being older I'd rather get it done before its time is due. Especially seeing as my last rover engine blew its belt at 120K and destroyed the engine.

CamBelt Chg Rover 220 SDi Turbo ? - bimmer-driver
The L-series engine very rarely snaps cambelts before replacement age.


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