Xantia tailgate paint - doug_523i
My paint has gone on the tailgate of the Xantia, it looks like the fibres are showing through, it appears common as I've seen a few Xantias with the same problem. Has anyone had theirs resprayed? Was the result worth it? How come the BX didn't go the same way?
Xantia tailgate paint - terryb
The BX did have problems with bonnet and boot/tailgate paint going dull. I've had 3 with this. I was told that as these panels were polycarbonate rather than steel, they had to use an enamel paint instead of the usual cellulose-type stuff - hence the premature dulling/ageing.

On one BX I also had trouble with paint chipping off the base of the rear spoiler and got a respray courtesy of Citroen as a result.

I don't know if this is the same problem as your Xantia though.

Xantia tailgate paint - doug_523i
I had some minor defects on the spoiler of my BX, it was white which seems a more resilient colour that Citroen red. The Xantia tailgate has gone completely on the top surface, maybe it collects rainwater, but the rest of it is perfect. I've seen the oxblood red model do the same, and the doom blue, mine is the Ribena metallic.
Xantia tailgate paint - Hugo {P}
I have a white Xantia, which does not seem to be showing the same problems. Infact I haven't noticed any xantias of any age show these problems. I'm wondering whether where you live has anything to do with this. I live in the South West.

Maybe Citroen got in a batch of defective paint....?
Xantia tailgate paint - doug_523i
I do live by the seaside on the Irish Sea coast so it does get foul weather at times, and it isn't garaged. The paint has gone beyond dull, to almost wishy-washy white with what looks like fibre matting effect. I had wondered about just getting a later tailgate with the factory spoiler on, my BX had the tall spoiler and it looked much better.
Xantia tailgate paint - M.M

This happens at random across the ages and colours, usually with the flat bit of the tailgate.

It seems to be as likely to be a metallic as a solid affected and I really don't know the answer as to why it happens.

A decent sprayer should do it for £150 or less. Just tell him you are not after a quick "blow over" but want a job that will last a good few years.

Changing the tailgate will cost less if you find a good one in the correct colour.

As a matter of interest my mid met blue car is completely unaffected at 10yrs, the past 4yrs at least standing out.

Xantia tailgate paint - Kered
I had a 1995 metallic green Xantia which had the same problem. I put it down to the grease/sweat from my hands. The part of the tailgate that was affected was where my hand was placed for closing.



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