First Service!!!!? - Chelski
I have inherited a 207 petrol m:play that is due for it's first service as it will be 2 years old
it has only done 4,000 miles and there is no need for an oil change ( has passed by finger test ! ) I phone the main dealer and asked if he would do the First Service without the oil change~~ he agreed that it probably did not need an oil change but said that is what the First Service consisted of and without it he would not stamp by warranty book~~so £190 quid for something that does not need doing! Advice anyone?
First Service!!!!? - Altea Ego
Two years? only 4k miles? it needs an oil change.

and it needs a good thrashing BTW

And where do you get fingers that measure the molecules on synthetic oil?

First Service!!!!? - component part
Either don't get it done and forsake the warranty.

Or go to an independent and get the service done more cheaply.

I don't see how you can conclude the oil doesn't need changing. Of course you don't have to have it done, your choice obviously. But oil doesn't lose it's properties just on mileage, time also counts against it.
First Service!!!!? - Bill Payer
Shop around other Peugeot dealers and get it cheaper - £190 is too much for a glorified oil change.
Having said that, £190 for 2yrs servicing isn't too bad!

Does the service schedule also call for a brake fluid change - typically does at 2 or 3 years?

Edited to add: have a good look at the tyres for cracking, especially at the base of the tread grooves.

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First Service!!!!? - bimmer-driver
Agreed- it needs an oil change after 2 years whatever mileage its done.
First Service!!!!? - Galad
Often the service schedule states mileage or 1 year, whichever comes first. For the sake of preserving the warranty, get the security of an official service stamp. Also helps when selling on. Essentially. you're paying an annual insurance premium for the first 3 years, less the cost of oil and a filter, oh and not forgetting the obligatory washer bottle refill.......


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