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04 1.6 Hdi Non-starter P0087, P1113, P1351 - RonS
Please help me.
I recently bought Picasso with 147,000 miles and it has a Bosch EDC16C3 ECU.
While in Somerset the engine died, and the MIL was on. A local garage diagnosed dirty diesel, cleaned the tank, replaced the filter and switched off the MIL. I filled the tank at Morrison?s in Glastonbury.
A week later, tank nearly empty (87 mile range left), near home in Slough the MIL came back on, I headed for home but the engine died on the way. The starter turned the engine over quickly. The display said ?Economy mode active?. The red battery light stayed on even after removing the ignition key. Green flag brought me home.
I felt the intermitant nature was probably an electrical fault. I undid and squirted switch cleaner into every connection I could find. I checked every fuse was ok. I checked the engine to body earth by checking for a voltage difference while the starter was turning the engine. Still wouldn't start.
A friend attached his ELM & laptop and gave me the codes:
P0087 ? Diesel high pressure monitoring. Pressure below the reference value. (leak).
P1113 ? Diesel high pressure regulation circuit. Rail pressure below minimum pressure.
P1351 ? Pre/Post heating relay circuit. Relay not controlled and glow plugs supplied.
I bought the Haynes manual found the glow plug relay, checked it was clicking in/out. Guessed that the big wires were power/earth and the 4 medium wires probably went to the glow plugs and checked the ampage consumed. 2 took about 10 amps, one about half that and the last one nothing. I took off the air-filter and ducting, found the glow-plugs (with a light & a mirror) and spotted that the left end glow-plug was disconnected. I found a nut/washer and reattached it. I ignored the half power glow-plug as it?s probably doing something. I guess that has fixed the P1351 code. But still wouldn't start.
I added a gallon of fresh diesel and bled some out of the bottom of the Delphi fuel filter which looked perfect. It fired up for a few seconds then died again.
I guess the P0087 & P1113 codes mean a fault in the HP pump, fuel filter, fuel injectors or HP fuel sensor on the common rail. Since the fuel filter has been changed, I guess that it?s not that. It looks like the HP pump runs off the timing belt so I?m not changing that, unless I know it is that. The injectors need to be added to the ECU by a Citroen garage so I can?t change them my-self. The HP fuel preasure sensor is part of the common rail, Citroen say it can?t be changed. I can?t run some injector cleaner through, as I can?t start the engine.
The starter still turns the engine over quickly but it doesn?t fire. The MIL is still on. The display still says ?Economy mode active?. The red battery light still stays on even after removing the ignition key.
I disconnect the battery and charge it between attempts.
I don?t know what to try next, someone please point me in the right direction.
04 1.6 Hdi Non-starter P0087, P1113, P1351 - R-R Guy

Hi, did you ever manage to fix this problem?

Cheers, Paul.

04 1.6 Hdi Non-starter P0087, P1113, P1351 - jaba

this problem is a common leaking injector,gives both these codes, but watch they wont come out!!!!because of the buildup of carbon around them(use coke over night to kill corbon tip i was told)if your lucky it might just go with a tighten as they also come loose.


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