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hi all. im thinking of buying an 1995 AUDI A6 2.5 TDI SE 140BHP 6 SPEED with 205500 on the clock. it has a fully service history and is tax until july 09 mot until oct 09.

my questions are

what do you think i should pay?

will it cause me much problems as the mileage is hi?

ive been told itll do around 45mpg is this about right?

what do i need to look for when viewing

thanks for any response

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So this will be the 5 cylinder engine?

I would check when the timing belt, pump belt and waterpump were changed. I think the intervals are 80K for timing belt and 40K for pump belt (thats the interval on the version used in the volvo 850/v70) I have it in mind that vw had 72K and 36K?

Check the suspension bushes - listne for thumps and clunks.

Its a reliable engine and was I think used in the T4 vans as well.

45mpg is probably possible, but that will depend on what your journey profile is.
19 2.5 think of buying - after_burners
why would you need to change the water pump?

also he is saying the fan belt has just stared squeaking in the last few weeks

1 other thing is that it has a noisy tappet when cold, but this disappears when it has warmed up, never uses any oil or water. The 6 speed gearbox is perfect with no faults.

the cam belt was changed at 171500

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19 2.5 think of buying - after_burners
here is everything i know about the car

Well here goes:

N reg, 3 former keepers, (I?ve owned it for the last 5 years) been looked after throughout its life with 14 audi service stamps up to 149,956 then 2 services at local garages with the last completed at 168,121. I bought it with 171,471 miles and serviced it every year since, also I changed the cam belt then, so should be ok for a few years yet.

The interior is very good for it?s age with no rips or tears or wear, rear load cover and the rear seats fold down to give van like space. The exterior is good with a few stone chips to the front and a small rust spot on the front wheel arch, nothing too serious. The worst part is the rear bumper with a few scratches & two small holes where the previous owner reversed into something, I never had it repaired as it didn?t bother me, also it has a 4? scratch to the front bumper & a cracked drivers side mirror cover.

The TDI engine is lovely & powerful & economical giving 45mpg (more if you?re very careful) the 6th gear helps with fuel economy, it has a noisy tappet when cold, but this disappears when it has warmed up, never uses any oil or water. The 6 speed gearbox is perfect with no faults.

What else is there ? loads of receipts, previous MOT?s, I also have a brand new tow which has never been fitted, air con is working so it will keep you cool for the summer. The fan belt has started squeaking in the last few weeks, so maybe it needs changing. I am selling because I needed something bigger, so I?ve bought a van. Viewing of the car is welcomed (evenings or weekend only please).

I have been as honest as I can, so will you be as respectful and only bid to buy, the car will be sold on ebay and I will not take offers. The car is listed with a private plate and is not included in the sale.
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Looks ok in the pictures but with that mileage and age it's not worth much more that £650.
At that money of you can run it for a year without any major costs then it will be money well spent.
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I'd say £650 might be a wee bit low but not much. The key thing is to have nerves of steel that if anything goes wrong with it you will have to walk away from it. I found to my cost with a 96 2.8 A6 that they can be moneypits.

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