97 2.0 timing belt change - aston a
hi i have a golf mk3 gti 1997 2.0l engine code AGG and the cam belt needs changing the car has done 118.000 miles and the belt was last changed at 63.000miles
for timing the belt up am i correct in assuming that the top pulley which has a dot punched
in to it has to be lined up with the arrow that is cast into the cylinder head
(but on the pulley there is the dot punch mark and allso a white paint mark . like somebody has used a paint pen)
i know that no1 piston has to be at tdc and the rotor arm is to be at no 1 position but do i use the dot or paint mark
do i allso need to change the tension pulley
97 2.0 timing belt change - Woodspeed
If you rotate the engine and time it first it makes life easier. The top cam pulley lines up with the top face of the cylinder head. Use the punched dot marks at all times, which you can enhance with Typex or white paint. The bottom pulley aligns to the intermediate shaft and both are marked. Get yourself a workshop manual and the Haynes one has pictures of this. You can get a belt and tensioner for about £20 from GSF or Euro car parts.
97 2.0 timing belt change - ggh1
I agree fully with Woodspeed, get a Haynes manual. I change my AGG cam belt and tensioner every 40,000 miles as Haynes recommends. NB. My 1996 tensioner as standard had a smaller dia. mounting stud and nut with matching tensioner mounting hole than earlier and later ones. If you have the same smaller dia. stud (it is waisted with a lower torque rating) replace it with the larger dia. stud. Tensioners with the small dia. mounting hole are no longer available and where unreliable.
97 2.0 timing belt change - aston a
hi there i have a haynes manual but it doesnt list the AGG golf engine so i thought i would
ask for some friendly advice from fellow dubbers

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97 2.0 timing belt change - ggh1
I use Haynes manual no. 3097 and I follow the information given on the 2E engine as it seems to be the same as my AGG.
97 2.0 timing belt change - Javalin
The haynes isn't that specific - or at least I found it hard to follow what they were saying.

Scratch that (I was typing it all out) - read this - it shows the bentley diagram - much better.


But read haynes too. Basically from memory the: cam lines up at 12' with the mark on the little side cover, crank pully lines up with a mark on the lower cam belt cover - so you have to keep taking it on/off/on/off whist you get it right. The intermediate shaft is easy - take the dizzy cap off and line it up with the mark on the inside cover. Haynes shows this at least.

Have a look for a post by me on this forum, filter Vw->Golf mk3 and there is some more stuff from when I did mine earlier this year...!

97 2.0 timing belt change - aston a
a message to javalin thank you for your help i printed out the information you sent and have now done the car thanks to you for all your help cheers aston a:)

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97 2.0 timing belt change - Javalin
Ah - good news - glad you've done it!

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