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ford galaxy oven - hot driver
I have a ford galaxy zetec, bought from new in May 2001. The air blowers now only blow hot and we are being cooked on all but the shortest of journeys, and its made worse by all the glass in these cars. Ford say its a software problem that they don't have a fix for. Easy for them to say they're not stuck with the car. Anyone else out there suffering with this problem or know anything about it. Ford customer assistance have been very polite but about as much use as a chocolate teapot (which wouldn't last long in my car!) Thought if we all got together we might just get Fotd to listen to their customers. Thanks.
ford galaxy oven - Mash
I have a Zetec 2.3 bought May 2002 and am totaly disgusted with the heating /ventilation on the car. Our car has just started doing something similar over the last two days! Basicaly if you turn down the heat setting it makes no difference. However I found that if I turn the heat control to full hot and then back again it then starts to cool - however this may only be a co-incidence. This may also explain why the car was so difficult to cool in the summer, basicaly we had to have everything 'flat-out' otherwise we cooked.

NB I don't want to hi-jack your thread, but I have some other complaints about the car and have submitted them on the forum - I'd be interested if you have any comments on them...
ford galaxy oven - jc
On my Ka to get the heater to work,I must go to full-hot and then turn it back-sticky water valve.Older Fords-Escort etc-had air blend heaters which could not stick.

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