LGV training company called Easy as HGV - galdriver
Hi, does anyone know of the LGV training company called Easy as HGV?

Their website looks good but I'd like to hear from someone who's trained or worked with them to see if they live up to their claims. They have a job section as well as do training so say they can help you find a job after you've got your licence. Sounds great but is it too good to be true???

Has anyone here trained with them and/or got a job through them?


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LGV training company called Easy as HGV - R75
I know nothing of this particular company, but it looks like they operate in a very similar way to some other training companies who are no longer around.

i.e. they do not actually provide the courses, only take the money and then book you with a training provide local to you. I can't seem to find any prices on their site which instantly makes me somewhat wary!!

However, give them a call and get some prices off of them, then look locally and see how much is being charged.

As for the jobs section, the ones they are advertising local to me are a couple of months out of date. Starting off as a new LGV driver is hard graft, take a look at some of the truck forums on the net and see the threads about how many very experienced drivers are currently looking for work.

The industry is in a big hole at the moment and everyone is struggling, unless you can get free training or have a guaranteed job lined up then you might want to wait a while!!

Training is expensive circa £1k per licence (C then C+E if you want to drive artics), in the current climate and depending on where you live, as a new driver you will struggle to find well paid driving jobs. Most companies want min age 25 and min 2 years experience.

Not trying to put you off, the industry still has a lot to offer as long as you understand that for the hours you work the wages are never that wonderful and you can almost guarantee that you will be doing unsocial hours, either nights, nights away or early starts.

Just my 2 pennies worth gained from the last 18 years working in the industry.
LGV training company called Easy as HGV - pda
R75, I can only agree with evrything you say above.

In 28 years in the job I have never reached £600 a week yet!

As for that particular firm it hasn't been mentioned by our Members at all but maybe coincidentally a couple of firms who used to operate on the same lines have recently gone out of business and at least one of them has appeared again under a different name.


The advice I would give is that any small local training firm will tell it to you like it is and NOT make false promises. You'll get a far better personal service tailored to what you want and they won't offer to lend you the money to pay for the training, and offer you the chance of 'helping' you to find work afterwards to pay off the loan.

That said, please don't be put off, it's a great life and if I'm right and your female then 'go for it girl'!

But do it locally with the knowledge that finding a job just now is going to be almost impossible.
I also noted the impressive list of jobs offered in the Cambridgeshire area on their website.
All I can say is that there has been no more than 5 jobs for drivers advertised in the local papers for the last 10 weeks so that should tell us something.

LGV training company called Easy as HGV - gordonbennet
And i'll add to those very good answering posts.

You will see adverts from all sorts of agencies advertising the earth, most of it is rubbish, and worth as much as the promise of a politician.

Bit like the tiny writing hidden in a poster campaign where if you get your microscope out you can just find the all important ''up to'' somewhere, but often these companies tell lies.

If you really want to get your vocational licence and drive trucks for a living, though i wouldn't recommend it anymore, by all means take your test if you can afford it, but don't expect to get a job for even a couple of years.
By which time you will have held a licence for 2 years, and with a bit of 'winging it' and a bit of bluster you will be a 2 year experienced driver...unscrupulous possibly but we all have to get a start somewhere.
You really will be very lucky to get a start at the moment as a new driver.

To be honest, those companies looking for staff have never had it so good, at no point in my truck driving years have so many quality drivers been looking so desperately for work, even ex car transporter drivers are now taking anything they can get at any wage.

I too know nothing of company you mention, and i would agree with the other posters, go by recommendation if possible with a local company, and have a nose on the truck forums.
LGV training company called Easy as HGV - galdriver
Thanks guys, you're really helpful. Glad I came onto this site.

It's not for me actually, I'm an ex-instructor (Ipswich area) who now drives trains for London Underground (imagine how long it took me to stop trying to look in mirrors that weren't there to check my rear end!!)

I was enquiring for my partners nephew. I think going direct to a local trainer is the best idea too, he's in Sussex, but he's eager to get training and jumped at the first thing he found I think. He's now been put off it, with your help and a Google search he did that showed them in a bad light.

He may have the opportunity of getting a job where they'll train him whilst working for them, he won't know until tomorrow, so fingers crossed for that one.

Sorry to hear it's tough out there for jobs. I didn't want to leave the industry 8 years ago but circumstances had a different idea (divorce etc) but working for a secure company has certain benefits (good wage, 8 weeks hols etc) and it's going to pay for us to realise a dream of moving to Scotland to run a photographic business so you never know what's around the corner, huh?

Good luck to those who are job-seeking and those who fear for their jobs.

All the best
LGV training company called Easy as HGV - David Horn
You can get free training via an employer at quite a lot of strange places. My sister worked as a groom and joined the scheme so she could drive their horseboxes.
LGV training company called Easy as HGV - Mookfish
Don't know if any are still doing it but some specialist HGV employment agencys used to pay for training and the test.

How it worked when my dad did this was that he started with the agency driving vans and they paid for him to take his class 2 HGV test. He signed a contract that he would work so many hours at a lower rate of pay. What this meant was that he drove HGV's for six months but was paid the lower rate that was normal for van work.

Of course these sort of arrangements might not be so common when there is a surplus of drivers looking for work.
LGV training company called Easy as HGV - Harleyman
Of course these sort of arrangements might not be so common when there is a
surplus of drivers looking for work.

I think you'll find that no-one does it now. In days gone by of course it was all done like that, you started as a driver's mate with a haulier and worked your way up the ladder. A different world now, though. With the easy availability of workers from the EU, as in other manual trades all the vacancies have been filled.

There never was an actual driver shortage BTW; the shortage was of good, competent drivers who are prepared to work long hours for poor pay.
LGV training company called Easy as HGV - Mookfish
There never was an actual driver shortage BTW; the shortage was of good competent drivers
who are prepared to work long hours for poor pay.

True, when my Dad took his HGV which the agency paid for, I was working as a drivers mate and came accross some truely awfull drivers, ex military were some of the worst.

This was in the late 90's and I suspect that my dad only got help to get his HGV because he was one of the drivers who clients requested, as opposed to some others I worked with, where clients would threaten to take their business elswhere if the agency sent that driver again.
LGV training company called Easy as HGV - pda
>>>>>>There never was an actual driver shortage BTW; the shortage was of good, competent drivers who are prepared to work long hours for poor pay. <<<<<

You certainly hit the nail on the head there Harleyman, but try telling that to a bloke who has passed his test 6 months ago and thinks he's due £600 per week for 40 hours and a V8 Scania, brand new, of course!

LGV training company called Easy as HGV - Harleyman
In defence of ex-military drivers; the biggest handicap they tended to suffer in my experience (former transport manager and recruitment consultant) was a lack of knowledge regarding transport law, particularly tachographs and drivers' hours.

This is an area which has now been sorted by the MOD resettlement people, who provide comprehensive training for those leaving the services.

There were bonuses with ex-Army drivers; most were more resourceful than average, they could all read a map, and by and large they did as they were told and asked if they didn't know. Most were more competent when doing off-road driving too.

The worst ones I had to deal with were some of those who'd gained an HGV when the pits closed, as part of their re-training. Eight hours and that was all they'd do, would not help to tip loads, and some were so poor at navigation that if they'd fallen out of bed, I would not guarantee that they'd hit the floor!

Tends to prove my long-held theory that lorry drivers are born, not made.

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LGV training company called Easy as HGV - galdriver
haha, like the comments about bad map-readers. Re.ex-military I agree they can be very good. When I was an instructor I worked with an ex-military driver/instructor and I worried that he would not like working with a woman who came from the bus driving and car instruction route. My fears were unfounded, we got on like a house on fire and worked in a very similar manner. I agree drivers are born, not made. I think this is true for most professional drivers, I've found it to be true within the PCV and LGV walks of life and, now, also driving trains. There's a breed, independent, responsible etc etc. Aren't we a lovely lot!ha!
LGV training company called Easy as HGV - R75
There's a breed
independent responsible etc etc. Aren't we a lovely lot!ha!

I like to think as myself more as an antisocial isolationist!
LGV training company called Easy as HGV - galdriver
D'you know, R75, I nearly added that as the other version of what we're like! Well, there's gotta be a flip side, eh? ;-)
LGV training company called Easy as HGV - mack2
This message is a bit late but I would highly recommend that anyone thinking of using Easy as HGV should carefully read the Web Page Terms and Conditions Section. The link is in small script at the foot of the first page

My son signed up to this company several weeks ago. The contact is pleasant persuasive and good at it encouraging the customer to pay up straight away, preferably by debit card over the phone. The complete course including failure repeat test insurance (around £500 actually probably good value) came to around £2,500.

I have no reason to believe that the customer does not get his or her money's worth if the course is successfully completed. Most possibly the service is effective and co ordinate a course minefield that many would be unfamiliar with.

My son regrettably had no alternative but to pull out of the course, not for health reasons, very early on. If a customer has to pull out after seven days Easy as HGV will refund but less 37.5%. Usually no refund is given for some reason for the Pass Fail Insurance premium of £500. I accept that if a good deal of work has been done and the course admin and tuition preparation is well under way then the company is entitled to a reasonable level of compensation. Whether 37.5% is considered justified is another matter.

In the case of my son, all they had done is arrange and pay for the two part HGV theory test, around 70 quid. Plus the initial supply of an instruction video and HGV training manual - peanuts. Plus staff time in minutes rather than anything approaching an hour. You will therefore work out that this company in this situation, retains a gift of around £1000 in their account for practically no effort.

The clear message is that if Easyas HGV is contemplated: carefully read the Terms and Conditions. As in most situations like this the T and C link is not conspicuous and heavily biased in favour of the company, so make your decision based on that.

Then, unlike my impetuous son that businesses like this love , you may wish to avoid the potentially unpleasant experience at being hit for nearly a grand if all goes wrong.
Naturally I would also reiterate what has been expressed already, be very wary about the rose tinted assertions this company makes about job and earning prospects as newly qualified HGV drivers.

I would further recommend that before making any commitment to EasyasHGV, step back take deep breath and do not be railroaded by the persuasive voice at the other end. Get them to set out in writing a formal contract covering what the fee provides broken down in detail between their cut and the other expenses. That is to say the full components of the course and the company obligations along the way and read the Terms and Conditions . Link is worth reading also: hgvreview.co.uk/7.html
LGV training company called Easy as HGV - sunshine65
Good afternoon Mack3. I have read your thread regarding this company and have to disagree slightly. If you look at other companies who offer the same service they actually charge a higher fee than Easy As HGV. With some companies (if you read thier t's & c's) say all fees paid are non refundable. So I understand you are not best pleased, however I do believe that you could have been even less pleased if you had gone with another company.
LGV training company called Easy as HGV - stevelord

Please get in touch with me if you still read this link mate, currently in the proccess of trying to claim back £1996.00 from these guys, I didn't even do my theory test!

Just getting in touch with other people who have been affected by these terms which were kept astonishingly quiet. Company has are also refusing to disclose cancellation costs because they are apparently "company secrets," which would apparently reveal company infrastructure including profit and loss. . . . . . despite their accounts being publically available via companies house!

AVOID THIS COMPANY! Go direct to the actual driving school!

Any one who has been affected please e-mail -


Lets get a team effort on this!

LGV training company called Easy as HGV - READ THIS

I have recently taken 2 test via EASY AS HGV and will tell it exactly as it is. Firstly EASY AS HGV are a Agency not a training provider basically a middleman. They find the nearest training provider in your area and book you up through them, then stick there drink on top.

They say on there website that you will get 5 days training which to me suggest and 8 hour day times 5 days but in reality it's 20 hours training including the test spread over 5 days. They also advertise a fleet of new lorries which again suggest something that’s reliable on the test day but that is not the case as I will explain later. If you fail your HGV test the first time with EASY AS HGV they will add another £100 drink on for themselves on top of the £300 re-test fee making a total of £400.

RSM COMMERCIAL DRIVER TRAINING in Basildon Essex. My training provider arranged via as EASY AS HGV.


My Opinion ! The instructors we're good up to a certain point as I will explain later, but firstly my disappointment regarding the training vehicle provided. Firstly it wasn't the shiny new looking lorry as advertised on EASY AS HGV's website and glossy brochure it was a 2000 plate approximately 10-12 years old. After failing my first test on a traffic light I had to wait 4 weeks for a re-test and when the re-test date finally arrived the roof on the cab was leaking into the cab and the gear stick fell to pieces 3 hours before my 2nd test. Granted s*** happens !! so didn't make to much fuss as long as the manager compensated me an extra hour's free training for the loss of earnings from my day's work in which he did. Today I had my 2nd test and the examiner asked me to demonstrate the rear lights we're working and guess what the back light wasn't working, do you think RSM checked the vehicle was road worthy knowing there client had a test booked ? Do you think it put my examiner in a good mood knowing he is taking me out in a vehicle that's already breaking the law ? I failed my test today on 3 really tight turns that I was never shown at any point through out all my lessons and when I explained this to the examiner at the end of the test he was surprised. Do you think my training provider should have prepared me for such tight bends knowing they could come up on my test or just give me training for the easy bends ? Could they be bothered to have prepared me for those tight bends, could they be bothered to have checked the brake lights before my test ? RSM might not know the route the examiner is going to take me, but they would certainly know where all the tight bends are located. I actually think none of the RSM instructors could have taken those bends in the size of the lorry I was driving but will investigate further. My own view is when they want you to pass they will let you, make of it what you will but those are the FACTS. If I decide to take a third test I wouldn’t recommend either company. SPREAD THE WORD !!

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LGV training company called Easy as HGV - pda

READ THIS, I understand you feel aggrieved after failing your test but the Professional Drivers Association strongly advises anyone looking for LGV Training NOT to use HGV Brokers ( as firms such as EasyasLGV are known as)

Our advice is to visit a number of local training companies, preferably small ones.

Check out their vehicles, talk to the trainers and have a test drive.

This will give you a good background into whether the firm is reputable or not, and almost always the small local firms are.

The Brokers have been operating for a number of years now, making claims of finding jobs after training is completed with grossly inflated earning. Many have simply gone out of business AFTER being paid by the trainee, but before the trainee has done any training, leaving them out of pocket often to the tune of around £2000.

Our advice with any 'up front' payment is always pay by credit card and not a debit card or cheque.

Of course this isn't any help at all to you now but if it helps anyone else who reads it to avoid the same trap, then it's a start.

I can't comment on RSM as I have no knowledge on them, but a bulb can go at anytime, as your examiner would know, and is why he carried on with the test.

The bends, trust me! They would have been negotiable and you'll face far worse when working as a lorry driver, but it seems odd you wasn't trained around them first as all good training companies are fully aware of the test routes.

However, had you have been in the position to visit the school first and check out their vehicles and trainers, ththe vehicle age and condition would have been one of your choice.

Hope this helps a bit, but if you email the mods, we have loads more advice on our website and I'm sure they will point you in the right direction!


LGV training company called Easy as HGV - READ THIS

Hi Pat,

Thanks for the feedback but my issue isn't the fact that the bends were tight my issue is they were no way negotiable as they were at a junction. My left wheel was 4 inches from the kerb and the right wheel 2 inches within the white line with on coming traffic there was nowhere to postion the vechicle and could see that as soon as I approached the junction. With full lock on within the first 2ft of pulling away I still went over the kerb and on a test as you know that's an instant fail. I believe the examiner new my 18 ton vechicle wouldn't make that turn in 1 hit and that was his excuse to fail me not to mention they were never pointed out to me by my instructors. A 12 ton truck would have made that turn but no way in an 18 ton. It's all a scam to get more money for re-test's and more driving lessons. I'm gonna take a trip back to those junctions measure, photograph and do the maths then take it through the magistrates courts if I find my hunch to be true. Apart from that who are the mods is that short for moderators ?

Many Thanks

LGV training company called Easy as HGV - Problem_Polo :-/


I don't mean to be insulting, but having read your last message I'd take a step back and reconsider your position, particularly before commiting to a potentially expensive legal dead end. Unless the road was physically impassible or clearly signposted as 'Not suitable for HGVs', I would imagine the examiner was well within their rights to ask you to take that route. As a competent holder of a licence for a large vehicle you would be expected to be capable of negotiating difficult circumstances, and any examiner worth their salt will want to see you prove your ability to do so before allowing you out on the roads. You say you had 'nowhere to position the vehicle' - I'm sure you appreciate that taking command of the roadspace to carry out difficult maneouvres is a chief requirement of being fully competent at the wheel, and whilst obviously I wasn't there I would imagine that your examiner would have been looking for you to demonstrate that. It might be a tad hairy, but it'd be worse if the first time you came across it was when you were fresh out on your own!

On the other hand of course, it's an unfortunate fact that some driving schools are hopeless, and some are scammers. Sadly, unless you have been ripped off in a more blatant manner, I would think your best course of action would be to simply cut your losses, do some homework and go elsewhere. Don't waste any more time, effort or cash with an organisation which you clearly feel is inadequte, just take your expertise earned so far - and your concerns - somewhere else, and get your results.

And yep, a 'Mod' is indeed a moderator! Regards.

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LGV training company called Easy as HGV - READ THIS

Lol !! I don't think you understand what I mean and we could go round in circles. I had command of the roadspace but there wasn't any roadspace to command for a vehicle of that size, that's my point. I don't believe any experienced driver, instructor could make that turn in a single move. maybe a couple of shunts back and forward yes but thats not allowed. Once you past your test you would simply drive up the kerb a little as we often see experienced drivers do but the kerb I'm talking about was in a country lane about 2 inches high but thanks for your feedback.

Best Regards

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LGV training company called Easy as HGV - pda

One question.....did you take the reason for a fail up with your instructor after the test?

It's in their interests to gain a pass and to turn out happy trainees and they can, and do take up complaints with test examinors.

If not, then there is no point in complaining in a public domain when the reipient has no chance of knowing you are unhappy.

I would think your road positioning was clearly wrong to cause you to mount the kerb.

It isn't easy to know how close to another vehicleyou can get, or the road needed for tail swing but it is an essential part of being able to manouvre an HGV safely.

As such, it has to be demonstrated on the test.

If indeed the 'bend' was at a junction, and you needed to pull over on to the wrong side of the road to negotiate it, the correct procedure would have been to have waited until the oncoming traffic had stopped and then carefully moved over to avoid the kerb.

That is a daily accurence in the life of a lorry driver and an essential one for you to be competent at.


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LGV training company called Easy as HGV - READ THIS

Yes but he wasn't the same instructor as I originally had, not to mention the instrucution he gave me on some points were different to the instruction the original instructor gave me on my first test. The whole experience was shabby, the vechicle wasn't maintained, leaking roof rear light out, 5 week wait for a retest, loss of earnings from work etc, etc. At no point I was given any preperation for those type of bends, don't get me wrong I had plenty of other tight bends and junctions to deal with in Chelmsford High street but nothing like the 3 I failed on. Easy as HGV were the company I paid £1700 to therefore as far as I'm concerned the buck stops with them, hence my rant and mission to deter any potential clients thinking of going with Easy As Hgv. And by the time I have spread the word across a thousand forums, Haulage companies etc I feel there gonna lose a lot more than £1700 in potential clients.

All the best

LGV training company called Easy as HGV - pda


One question.....did you take the reason for a fail up with your instructor after the test?<<

Still no answer to this question though!

Had you have Googled EasyasHGV before booking, you would have found it is already spread across the Haulage world.

However hard you try, you won't destroy a reputation that was never there in the first place.


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LGV training company called Easy as HGV - READ THIS

Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Reputation is Reality.

Wanna bet

LGV training company called Easy as HGV - Problem_Polo :-/

I'm just a bit concerned at your statement that 'they're the firm I paid my money to so the buck stops with them', Nobody, no matter how good or bad they might be, can get every single pupil through their test first time. They can only train to the best of their ability, it is up to the pupil to actually pass the test. If you go elsewhere and pass your test first time with ease then perhaps you may have confirmed your thoughts about the initial driving school, but it would be a mistake to enter into a vendetta with either the school or the examiner simply because you had the misfortune of failing the test first time round.

LGV training company called Easy as HGV - READ THIS

you obviously haven't read through my points

LGV training company called Easy as HGV - jc2

I live in Chelmsford and took and passed my HGV test(Class 1) in the town(the High St. has been closed to traffic for years);I was told that if you need to clip or run over a kerb at a corner and there are bends where you need to do that-tell the examiner what you intend to do and watch the back wheels in the mirror.I certainly went over at least one kerb on my test and passed.

LGV training company called Easy as HGV - PatrickO

You can mount the kerb and not fail the test as long as you point out to the examiner that you are going to do that as there is no alternative way to navigate the bend and point out how careful you are being to ensure there are no pedestrians in the area.

That's assuming you couldn't navigate the bend by taking up the other side of the road as well with due care.

LGV training company called Easy as HGV - daveschat

yes let me update anyone who chooses to use this company .

I recently paid for back to back course hgv1 -called back to back course costing £1900 pounds plus £ 300 for cover if i failed , this is extra , but if you fail your hgv2 then the cost is 1/3 more to rebook to carry on so they have it covevered what ever you do .

as i have never drove a hgv in my life i found all the chat from the person on the phone promising me a passed test with him and a job afterwards through there company all very good .

well when i arrived i found the site very difficultt to get to if you dont drive -good luck to u as it a nightmare.

on arrival at the yard there is no signs -so you need to find your own way through the site then wait until somebody sees you sitting there for a while .

this is the big thing the site easy as hgv does not belong to the agency on the phone there are a recuriting company and pass you over to easy -as -hgv , even though this is denied

so the fact is you are not trained by the agency and a third party train you / the company in the yard where good . not question that but they are not the same company.

all the info you get over the phone is crap, and you could do all this yourself through the company at the yard,

i found i was with a second driver in the cab at most times even though i was promised one -to -one and this was even on test days , scared the hell out of me as one driver was nearly asleep driving us. cant say to much on this but it happened .

this did not cause me to fail but i did fai my test l on my own -my fault stupid error,

i found out when i spoke to the agency easy as hgv my concerns about second drivers in cab - cant disclose , i was basicaly told you all companys do the same . but i said I paid one -to-one they denied it etc,

so after much consideration i cancelled my hgv1 test and as i had not booked any further lesson or booked up a date for my hgv1 i assumned this would not cause a problem . er wrong again i lost out on £300 pounds they kept a 1/3 so watch out on this sting .

secondly i was promised a job after passing this failed to happen nobody gives a hoot after you pass / no calls etc .

so i tried myself and what do i find out , most companys will not touch you unless u have ( 2 ) years exp- or you have HIAB licence another £300 test then you have to have this 5 year test from the driving agency stinging you a £130 - differnt blocks of 7hrs .

beware most Companys are saving on insurance and informed there recruitment agency not to take drivers less than 2yrs exp- been told this by managers of companys

so my advice dont waste your money trying to a get a job as hgv 1-2 as it is a big rip off to the tune of £ 1700 +

£55 doctors fees

£1300.00 hgv2 test not including the £600 on top for hgv1

retake £300- failed test you could do this 3-4 times beware as i have seen this happen

digital tacho cards £35

with no job my wife is screwing to the waste of time / effort / and money .

staying at old job - not driving trying to earn what i lost .

and by the way i only have 2 years left unless i retake the DVLA agecy test my licence will be worthless .

NO WONDER THERE ARE HGV JOBS - agency rip off's

LGV training company called Easy as HGV - jim520

Have you done your hgv training? did you get job after that?

Im shopping around to do my hgv and i also got quotes from teh easy as hgv, they all promise the dream on call. But im not sure if its true.

another company which was ready to offer me course for a tenner, xxxx have any one heard about them? they say they are the largest provider of training in uk when you call them.

im looking to do cat c & c+e course so i can drive bigger lorries and earn 600 per week, as what they promise on call. do you actually get that much at work? if yes il be more than happy to do the course. need some experts to give me advise if its best to do this courses.

(Link deleted)

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LGV training company called Easy as HGV - RobJP

Experienced drivers with a good history can earn good money - but they're often away from home a fair bit, sleeping in the cab, there's always pressure on hours and getting the job done, get your tacho record keeping wrong and you can find yourself in grief with DVLA, you've got regular CPC training to do and pay for (which also takes time and money out of your working hours), and you may have medicals to pay for too (depending on age).

As a newly-qualified driver, however, you'd have major problems. The crappiest, lowest paid jobs - because the experienced drivers with a good record get the good jobs - and quite a lot of companies won't even touch you until you've got 12 months or more of experience.

Going into it thinking that it's easy money is a mistake.

LGV training company called Easy as HGV - Wackyracer

I've had my HGV class 1 for a few decades now, I've seen quite a few people come and go as drivers. It's long unsociable hours for often not much more than the minimum hourly rate. If you end up Tramping you'll probably be away for 4 or 5 nights a week.

To sum it up, you'd get free training and similar wages driving a bus and they will pay for your training too.

There is a company called Bartrums who do in house LGV training for suitable candidates.

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