looking 4 cheap 220 / 65 390's - nnneil

xj6 tryes hurt, often over £200

remolds are hard to come by as casings are getting rare

does anyone know of cheap tyre sources (now would even concider used)

heard you can get new metric rims + four tyres for about £500

thanks in advance for any advice


looking 4 cheap 220 / 65 390's - Stuart M

Don't know if they carry that particular tyre, but I recently visited Monty's off the M4, and they seemed to have a pretty decent selection of part-worn tyres...

They are on 01753 440006. Hope it helps!

looking 4 cheap 220 / 65 390's - Galaxy
Might be worth looking out for Colway Tyres. They produce remoulds but are reputably very good quality ones. Car Mechanics magazine fitted a set to their Jaguar project car a few years ago.


Good Luck!
looking 4 cheap 220 / 65 390's - Crombster
220/65 390? strange format that. Do they not use normal measurements, or is it an older model?

looking 4 cheap 220 / 65 390's - Cyd
This is a metric size. It never took off though.

You might be better off getting a new set of standard sized wheels and tyres. You should be able to pick up some good wheels secondhand. Buy your regions Autotrader - there's usually loads of ads for "wheel shops".

Colway went into recievership about 6 months ago. Cheap imports to blame. Shame, they did an excellent range of rally tyres - I never used any other make.
looking 4 cheap 220 / 65 390's - nnneil
thanks guys for all your help

this size was only on a few BMW and jag models i think

in first post i ment to say IMPERIAL rims not metric as an alternative.

even if i mange to get a set of metrics this time will have to get pockets that continually get deeper or a set of imperial rims.

doug at the place on the M4 mentioned above is realy helpfull

if i cant do metric at a reasonable price (eg more than a 1/2 of what a paid for the car is daft surely?) he can sort me out with imperial rims and part and tyres.

btw colway is running as C-TYRES now. i contacted colway tyre number and got through. the casings are scarce though and was told i could put my name done but i would be probably wait of at least a month.

thanks again for all your help



looking 4 cheap 220 / 65 390's - Chad.R

My advice, if youre thinking about keeping the car, would be to exchange them for a 15 or 16 inch rims and appropriate tyres. I had this exact problem on my BM (535 sport) which came with IIRC 240/45 415's. The only tyre that I could find in this size was a Michelin MMX (or something like that) at around 250 each!

I changed to new 17 inch rims and 235/45 tyres for less than the cost of 4 new metric tyres. Well worth it in the long run.

looking 4 cheap 220 / 65 390's - Tyre Guy
Hello guys.

www.blackcircles.com have 220/65/390vr Dunlop T300's fully fitted for £130.43 all inclusive of vat, valves, fitting and balancing.

Great deal, brilliant service.

Tyre Guy


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