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2004 1.9TDI Intermitent turbo fault - mjs19
I have an intermitent turbo failure problem with my Galaxy - when I accelerate reasonably hard it regularly cuts out but then re-sets when I switch the engine off and on again. Ford and a Ford Main Dealer have tried a range of things (costing me £800) and have failed to fix. They now suggest a new turbo but will only put an 80% chance of success on this expensive action. Has anyone had a similar problem and managed to solve it.
2004 1.9TDI Intermitent turbo fault - adverse camber
On what basis are you deciding that it is a turbo fault? What error codes have you got?

You say the engine stops or cuts power?

What are the 'range of things' that has already been done? And why have you not complained about this? Have they given you the reasons for their diagnosis or are they just throwing parts at it?

This is the old style Galaxy ie a VW sharan with the VW 1.9tdi engine isnt it? Get Vag-Com or take it to a vw specialist.
2004 1.9TDI Intermitent turbo fault - TimOrridge
MJS19, Is this the 110bhp VW engine?

My dad's 2003 Octavia is having same problem (I posted a problem on here recently but nobody is answering it!!)

It is intermittent like you get and feels like no willingness to go over 3000rpm and also feels like an NA engine. A code read might show P1557 - 17965 CHARGE PRESSURE CONTROL POSITIVE DEVIATION INTERMITTENT this is what we keep getting every time it happens.

His is going in for a look soon we think it is one of these at fault, coked up turbo vanes, a split intercooler pipe or N75 valve. There are plenty of threads on here if you search on that code.

Let me know how you get on.
2004 1.9TDI Intermitent turbo fault - mjs19
Yes it is a 110bhp VW engine and the fault code listed on one of the invoices is p1557 (boost control circuit). They stripped and cleaned the turbo, replaced MAP sensor and Sensor actuator - and a Ford Field engineer and Master Technician at Garage have stated that they can think of no other action which might resolve the problem other than to change turbo. Will search on code and try a VW garage and will let you know as and when if/when I get it resolved. Thanks
2004 1.9TDI Intermitent turbo fault - andy@ford
hi dunno if will help or not i am a ford technician and i have installed a couple of turbos to differant powered galaxy's. normally they suffer from loosing power as the warm up and i have found this to be caused by the wastegate seizing. i have also replaced maf sensors but that was for complete lack of power.
2004 1.9TDI Intermitent turbo fault - ibwaheemi

we have the same problem of the wastegate seizing on our ford galaxy 2002 1.9 tdi. we have fitting another wastegate but the same problem. it loses power as it warms up but power returns once ignition is turned off and back on again.

we have tried losening the wastegate but this has only partially restored power.

we have chec ked the hoses and they are not leeking air can you think of any reasons why the pressure cannot open the wastegate? where has the air pressure gone, any ideas?

2004 1.9TDI Intermitent turbo fault - ibwaheemi

we already changed the maf sensor

2004 1.9TDI Intermitent turbo fault - dieselnut

The turbo on this VW engine doesn't have a wastegate, it uses a variable vane mechanism.

Exhaust soot gets into the mechanism & jams it up causing it to stick. You really need a diagnostic test to find out the fault code, if it's turbo overboost you'll need to get the turbo removed & clean out the variable vane mechanism.

2004 1.9TDI Intermitent turbo fault - taxijan
Yes, but you will not like it. I hope you have fixed your problem already. If all else fails, check which type of engine you have. If it is the VW PD, check what type of oil has been used from new. Even if you have had fords service it, check the oil.

I have two galaxys, both were always serviced by Ford from new.

Turns out wrong oil used, new camshaft needed. Best part of 1k on each.

Get your friendly neighbourhood mechanic to check the camshaft if all else fails. Hope its not this,. but interested to know. Same problem with some golfs, by the way.

2004 1.9TDI Intermitent turbo fault - jayeastanglia
it will most likely be as andyford say seized waistgate on the turbo i have also done a few like that as well..failing that airflow meter
2004 1.9TDI Intermitent turbo fault - Iqbal Sheryar

Hi I have a Seat Alhmbra 1.9TDI which suffers loss of power Limp Mode when i reach 50Mph but when i switch the car off and back on power is restored until i reach 50Mph again,i have had it on the diagnostic machine which is showing a fault code 17965 charge pressure control positive deviation,I have changed both N75 valves MAF sensor cleaned out the EGR valve which was full of rubbish,New fuel filter checked all the hoses no leakes seen,Cleaned out the turbo with Innotec still to no avail,

Checked the Acutator rod near the turbo can not be moved back or forward by hand,Checked the hose pipe that goes from the turbo seems fine.

Any ideas what else i could check or what i might have missed?



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