M57 Cameras - Jonathan {p}
Hi Bill

I travel this area regularly, and there are meant to be roadworks along this stretch. They have been stopped for the bank holiday, but will be continuing until the new year.

I have no idea what these cameras are for, but one or two of them have been placed so their cameras are directly infront of gantries, therefore obscuring their view of the roads.

Incidentally, these cameras continue much further than the extent of the roadworks. The roadworks that have been done up to now have not been well signed in the southbound carriageway (ie no end or works, there are no normal speed signs (red circle ones), just rectangular yellow max speed 50 signs). The northbound has been well signed.

There are also some lines painted for gatso type cameras on the nb, but no cameras yet.

If I find out I will let you know.


M57 Cameras - The Watcher
These cameras are to monitor the hardshoulder for broken down vehicles in the roadwork section. The aim being they can quickly spot the broken down vehcile and get the free recovery service out to you.

They are NOT speed monitoring cameras!
M57 Cameras - dave18
I usually use the M58-M6-M62 (quicker for me) but I've heard about the roadworks and recently had to take a diversion somewhere around knowsley after dropping friends off at huyton; what are they actually doing on the M57? What needs doing?!?


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