Cam Belt on Mondeo Zetec 1.8 - John Wall

I asked my usual garage that looks after my Mondeo (97 my) how much they would charge for a cam belt change.
The price for the belt itself was about £140 including labour but they suggested the idler pulleys should be changed as well thus hiking up the price even more.
Any ideas?Is this an attempt to wring more dosh from me or is it a good recommendation to follow? The car will be 5 and will have covered about 40K miles.
Thanks in advance

Re: Cam Belt on Mondeo Zetec 1.8 - Andy Paul
It is a very wise precaution to change any guide pulleys whilst changing the cambelt especially if they are the plastic type. I am not aware of any problems on Ford engines but Vauxhall have had many problems with guide pulleys failing on 16v engines. Many repairs being carried out under warranty. For best advice I would have a word with the local Ford dealer to see if they are aware of any problems or (like Vauxhall) have issued modified guide pulleys.

In either case I would be inclined to pay extra for the pulley (between £20 - £40 at a rough guess) If they fail it could end up costing around £1000 depending on how lucky/unlucky you are.

It may be that the establishment you are using have learnt about this the hard way as I have.

Hope this helps!!

Re: Cam Belt on Mondeo Zetec 1.8 - John Wall
Thanks everyone for that info-much appreciated

Re: Cam Belt on Mondeo Zetec 1.8 - John Slaughter
Yes, David, you're right. It is a gamble - and this belt's got to the 5 year stage, when a change is recommended, never mind the mileage. If it was mine, I'd change it.


Sensible advice. - David Woollard

Andy is right that anything involved in the timing belt drive should be considered for replacement at the same time as the belt. Depending on the car this can include the tensioner pulley/bearing, the idler pulley/bearing, the water pump and even on some mods to look out for the design/security of these and other associated parts.

The dealer, on this occasion, is looking after your interests. If concerned get him to show you the old parts and explain why they couldn't remain fitted.

Last thing to remember is that when fitting the timing belt and associated parts it isn't just the condition today or next week we have to think of. It is the condition in another 39,900 miles just before the next change.

Re: Cam Belt on Mondeo Zetec 1.8 - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd)
Sound advice to check and replace suspect idlers/tensioners, also the water pump condition should be checked. £140 is a little steep for changing the belt only but may be OK if the cost of the auxiliary belt and cambox cover seal is included.
Re: Cam Belt on Mondeo Zetec 1.8 - honest john
Has anyone ever heard of the timing belt on a Ford Zetec engine snapping prematurely? Ford gives a life of 5 years or 80k whichever comes first. But I have never, ever heard of one of these belts failing.

Re: Cam Belt on Mondeo Zetec 1.8 - Andrew Scott

I asked the service manager of my local Ford Dealer about Cam belt changes for Zetec engines, he replied he had never heard of one failing, unlike the old
CVH engine, and so on his recommendation I shall not worry about a belt replacement yet (Fingers Crossed)

Timing belt gamble. - David Woollard

Remember the one about the farmers donkey that died.

"It's never done that before" he says.

Changing the timing belt at the correct interval is just like paying an insurance premium. About £100 for the belt vs £1000 for the damage in many cases. It has to be a personal decision but the conversational assurances of the Ford chap are no help if the belt does break in your ownership.

He'd soon be sounding like the farmer with his donkey.


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