Not sure which Yaris to pick - davidmt83

I'm not sure which model Yaris to pick. I've got about 6k to spend and considering a '57 Toyota Yaris 3/5dr 1.0 VVT-i T2

What I'm not sure on is whether I should go for a T3 but then it'd have to be a '56.

T3 in addition comes with:

"The T3 adds front side airbags, curtain airbags, driver's knee airbag, reach-adjustable steering wheel, steering wheel-mounted audio controls, manual air conditioning, leather-trimmed steering wheel and colour keyed door handles and mirrors." - Source

Assuming they had similar milage which would you go for?

I've also got a 62k '03 Yaris 1.0 VVTi Colour Collection Red 3dr which I intend to part exchange. What would you say I should expect for this? suggests:

Trade in - excellent: £ 2,541
Trade in - average: £ 2,300
Trade in - below average: £2,040

I've never part exchanged a car before - is there anything I should ask for or check?

All advice welcome.
Not sure which Yaris to pick - Avant
I know you have a 1.0 at present but are you sure you wouldn't prefer the 1.3? It's a good lively engine and uses little extra petrol than the 1.0 as you have to work the 1.0 hard to make reasonable progress.

With regard to options I think the T3 is worth it over the T2, the T Spirit not worth it over the T3.

You'd get a better price selling your car privately - but then you have the hassle factor. Have a look on Autotrader and see what equivalent cars are going for: they tell you whether it's a trade or private sale in each case.
Not sure which Yaris to pick - davidmt83
So maybe go for a T3 1.3 '06 reg over a T2 1.0 '07 reg you're saying. How would the two compare when depreciating in value in years to come do you think?

I have considered selling it privately but there's the hassle of timing it right to get a car for work and the current climate isn't great so it may take some time.

Yeah I've looked on Autotrader thanks.

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Not sure which Yaris to pick - tawse
T3 spec over T2 everytime with Toyota but, as mentioned above, IMPO the T4/T-spirit is not worth it unless it is the Prius as the T4 has cruise control.

So, for the Yaris I would go for a 1.3 T3.

I would wait a week or two at least though just to see what happens regarding price in the coming month once maker and dealer alike have had a chance to get back to work on Jan 5th and read through their horrendous sales figures :-)

I have read that the petrol is preferable with the Yaris as the extra weight of the diesel engine plus the extra purchase cost and fuel costs means you will have to do an awful lot of mileage to get your money back - that's what I read on a few review sites IIRC.
Not sure which Yaris to pick - Avant
I'd go for a 1.3 personally even if it has to be older. Not too much in it for depreciation I wouldn't think, although the 1.3 is more desirable and therefore probably easier to sell on.

Elder daughter is on her third 1.3 Yaris: she gives her cars a hard time but they have all performed faultlessly (the current one obviously so far). The last one, an 06, at 2 years old and 55,000 miles still felt like new when she traded it in. You should be able to get one with average mileage which will serve you well. Don't pay a premium for very low mileage - it's probably been driven to the shops and no further by an elderly clutch-slipper, or 2 miles every day to the station by a commuter in a hurry.

Others on here will extol the virtues of selling privately but I agree with you. Money is a vital consideration in both buying and selling cars, but not the only one.
Not sure which Yaris to pick - davidmt83
It's been suggested to me that if in fact I wanted to save money I'd be much better off running the current Yaris to its grave.

I originally thought I should sell it while its mileage isn't too high so I could use the current cars value as collateral to move up the ladder in cars. However it's been suggested both cars will depreciate, the newer car faster than my current one.

So I'm now thinking of hanging on to it for another 2 - 3 years, adding 20k-30k miles to the current 62k and then selling it privately.

What do people reckon? Sensible choice?

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