06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Nick1969
Just wondering how many other Mazda Diesel drivers have experienced problems with their Diesel Particulate Filter. My Mazda 6 2.0TS engine blew up about 11 weeks ago and now the bill to fix it is nearly up to £9,000.

I want to know if many other drivers are experiencing their oil levels rising a little too quickly for their liking? Any others that are experiencing similar problems would help my fight against this pending bill.

To date they have fiited a new engine, new clutch, new catalatytic converter and some other bits and pieces. I've just been told today that the new engines themostat is faulty and therefore needs replacing before i get it back. By the way the car is from a lease company.

If you have already read about my plight on another thread already, please add any other info that may help.


Nick 1969

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06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - rtj70
Nick, just wondered if you could you email the Lease company name to my mods email address. I still need to take that photo and scan the manual pages for you. I have not forgotten.

The request for the name is not out of curiosity... it might be the same as mine and I'll do some more "digging" ;-)

There's only so many lease companies... Have to be careful as there's a no name and shame policy for one.

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06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - Armitage Shanks {p}
I do hope they didn't find out that your new engine's thermostat was faulty by overheating it and warping the head!
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - Nick1969
Armitage, i'm not that technical, can you explain what you mean by your comment.


06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - Armitage Shanks {p}
I did assume that it had failed in the dangerous/damaging sense = closed. If it fails open too much water circulates and gets cooled and the engine may not reach a full operating temperature. If it fails shut the water in and around the cylinder head and engine may overheat possibly causing local hot spots, uneven expansion of different parts and warping or cracking of components. This is a bit of a Doomsday scenario, to be fair, but from what has happened to your car already you are almost there! NOT making light of your situation I hasten to add, it sounds like a total stinker and you have my commiserations. You are reading the wisdom(?!!) of a man who wrote off a 2 week old Citroen SM so I know what financial pain is!
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - c1997
Nick can you send me an email with your phone no the same thing happened to me on 14.12 .08
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - Nick1969
What happened?? Is it a lease car or your own? Did you recieve any advice from the dealership with regards to what the DPF does to your oil levels? Do you have any idea to the extent of the damage yet?

Sent you an e-mail with my details.

06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - rtj70
I'd be interested to know more too - my oil level is about 3/4 inch above full and I'm unsure how quickly it can rise.

I promise to get that photo and scan of the handbook to you Nick.
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - Nick1969
rtj70, if I were you I'd get it booked in now for an oil change. It's not worth risking. There seems to be some debate on how quickly the oil can go from full to explode!!
This seems to be dependant on how many short jorneys you make etc. I feel that mine went from full to explode in 8 weeks.

Still not got mine back yet. It's now been 11 weeks and 4 days. It's apparently got a brand new engine, new thermostat that was replaced again because it was faulty, new catalatytic converter , new clutch and other bits and pieces. Can't wait to get it back and monitor how quickly the oil rises!!

06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - rtj70
Thanks Nick. I will speak to the Lease company tomorrow. At least then I am covered. If they refuse then its their fault.

Going from Full to explode in two months! It's only done about 3500 miles since the first/last service too.
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - rtj70
Oil change now going to be booked. I won't give too many details but the lease company and I had a long useful chat.

06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - Nick1969
I can't believe it. I picked the car up on Wednesday and have since drove approximately 77 mile since. Got in this afternoon and the DPF light has come on already!! I'll be dipping the stick tomorrow to check the levels !! This car is not fit for purpose.

06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - rtj70
Lease company now saying the cost of the old change (that they recommend) will be passed on to my company because.... wait for it: "I don't drive it enough"

I tried to tell them again that if I didn't drive it to allow DPF regeneration the light would eventually come on! It's not as if it regenerates all the time but does not an opportunity to do so - it's a DPF filter that stores soot to be later burned off after all.

Nick if I were you I'd be pretty annoyed by now. When the lease company tried to say you shouldn;'t use for short journeys (I do some lot longer trips) then they surely they need to provide another car as well.

I'll see what our internal fleet type person says to an email.

06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - rtj70
One thing I am wondering now is.... just before your engine went wrong the DPF was part of the problem in the way how it worked (diesel injection on exhaust cycle?).... what if the DPF is genuinely full and now just needs regenerating with good hard drive? I would have thought the dealer would have checked this.... maybe not?

I am starting to think there is a serious design issue. HJ tells me the Subaru Legacy diesels are affected in a similar way. But not Imprezzas or Foresters. He has a good term for it... you want the process to be "closed loop". But these are not and letting the extra diesel get back into the sump. Dumb and even dumber if you ask me :-(

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06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - rtj70
Based on our feedback, HJ has been updating the CBCB for the Mazda6 diesel.

But I have just spotted he also said this earlier: 2008: TSB to replace injector seals of diesels at first service.

I will try to check mine were done - bear in mind they stopped making these cars in 2007. But mine had its first service earlier this year.... interesting?

In fact I recall something mentioned about this when it was serviced and it would be done if necessary. I think I recall mine didn't need them. What if it did?
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - cj1000
the injector seals should be replaced on all mazda rf 2.0 diesel engines (6 pre face lift 2002-2005 post face lift 2005-2007 mazda3 2.0 and mazda5 pre and post face lift) when valve clearences are carried out 12500, 75000 services as the injector is removed (injector seals and pipe seals pre facelift and post, on post face lift comon rail seals as rail built inside rocker cover) tsb was released as new shape seals were launced by mazda, hope this clears up any confususion.
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - Nick1969
cj 1000, you sound like a man who knows a thing or two about the workings of this Mazda engine. I'm not very technical when it comes to these things but would my Mazda 6 TS2 diesel, 56 plate need these seals replacing ? If you have read any of my previous messages you would know that my cars engine blew up because the oil levels supposedily rose above the X in double quick time (say 4 to 6 weeks) and then Bang!!

New engine, new catalaytic converter, new clutch etc, etc apparently all my fault?? They want £9k!!
The question is, if these seals are/were faulty would they let diesel into the sump to speed up the rising oil levels ?

2009 is going to be the year of fighting back against Mazda.

06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - Nick1969
Just to update all of those people that have helped me understand the problems that I have encounted. I had the Mazda back for 6 days after all the work was completed. Then the DPF light came on and I took it back to the dealership. This was on the 23rd December, I still don't have the car back some 2 weeks later and they still haven't established what is wrong now. (this after new engine, new thermostat, new catalytic converter etc) I was told that they are going to do a pressure test on the new engine and that it was over heating/had a cooling problem now!! Any ideas what these clowns are upto??

06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - yorksroyal
I have a new shape Mazda 6 2.0d which I have had for just over 9 months and it has done about 10,000 miles. DPF light was flashing and engine light came on, has gone to the dealer who says it needs an oil and filter change (but is pulling forward the first service as some of the things he needs to do are covered by that anyway).

He also said that the computer says the DPF light has come on before and the computer system has been reset, but i have never taken the car to a dealer before, and the dealer I bought it from did no works on the car either (so I'm wondering if something happened while it was being built/tested). This has apparently meant the works are not covered under the warranty. I am onto Mazda about this and am hopping mad - I did not expect this car to go so wrong so quickly. I really like this car but am starting to wish I'd bought a Mondeo...
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - AndyRyan
This all sounds very familiar. My mother has a 06 Mazda 6 2.0d 143. On December 22nd her dpf light came on followed by the oil light and the car lost power. It was taken to the dealer by Mazda's breakdown service. The garage said it was overdue a service (it wasn't but would have been due in 2,000 miles). The dpf light had been coming on a bit lately but we assumed it was just going through its burn cycle. Anyway they said now that the car has been fixed with an oil change and a reset of the dpf. Is it likely that there's more harm done? The warranty runs out in March.
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - rtj70
If the DPF light comes on with the Mazda then it needs regenerating and you've not been driving it in the right conditions for it to perform an active regeneration. You need to drive it at more than 2000rpm over 50mph for a good ten minutes or so. If the light flashes you need to get it to a Mazda dealer to regenerate the DPF - you've left it too late.

Your mother has read the hand book hasn't she ;-) Where was the oil level at when the light was on? Was it anywhere near the X on the dipstick?
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - Captain Zetec

I can't work out how regeneration would cause diesel to end up in the sump. Surely if diesel is injected at the end of the power stroke / beginning of the exhaust stroke all of the extra fuel would be burnt increasing the temperature of the exhaust as is the intention.

If there is a problem with the injector seals then I suppose diesel leaking into the sump would be quite possible, but I fail to see what that has with the regeneration cycle. Diesel would leak at any time when the engine is running.

Diesels with DPFs are becoming a real pain in the butt. It seems that even those with manufacturers warranties are a bad bet (oh, that's a wear and tear item sir!). It's really unfair that Mazda are shrugging off their warranty obligations in this way. I bet the sales brochure didn't say something like "only suitable for long journies"! And I'm really sure the sales person didn't point out that 10,000 services are likely to cost £250+!!

I believe Dyson was working on a system a one stage that works a bit like their vacuum cleaners, using a cyclone to remove soot rather than a filter. That wouldn't need to burn off the soot at all. The prototype I read about was intended for busses etc, so maybe a bit too big and bulky to fit into cars, or maybe the soor particles are too fine at euro 4 standards.
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - craig-pd130

If it's as reliable and effective as one of their vacuum cleaners, it could make a bad situation worse :-/
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - Captain Zetec
Fair point!
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - rtj70
"If there is a problem with the injector seals then I suppose diesel leaking into the sump would be quite possible"

There is a technical bulletin for this. Mine did not need anything doing. So there is another way for the diesel to get in to the sump as happened to me and others.
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - Captain Zetec

The diesel must be leaking in somewhere. Is the fuel pump inside the engine on the mazda, or is it external?

If mazda are effectively saying that it's normal for the sump oil level to RISE between services then either it's a very bad design or they are talking rubbish trying to shirk their warranty responsibilites. Either way, mazda should cover the cost of any resulting failures.

The only way I can think of for diesel to enter the sump during regeneration would be for some unburnt "extra regen" fuel to slip past the oil rings on the piston walls, but I think that would be unlikely. (If it does happen then that have really cocked up the design - I imagine it would be burnt off).

I can't see how this could be the car owner's fault. What did they do wrong?

06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - yorksroyal
All those who are talking to Mazda about this problem on your cars, have you had any joy? Who have you spoken to? I have gone a bit mad on the phone to their customer services and they have allocated me a case manager to investigate my complaints about this, but I'd imagine it would help all our cases if we could all go to Mazda together about what seems (to my untrained eye) a pretty major design flaw that they won't own up to.

My problems can be found on the board for the new model - I was hoping that one or two others with the new model would come out of the woodwork with the same problem, but if I have the same engine as you lot have with the old model then it should be just as good. Probably still a bit early for many people with the new model to be having problems...
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - pat22090
Captain, This is covered elsewhere, but basically....when the particulate filter is clogged, the ecu tells the injectors to open during the exhaust cycle. Assuming that the exhaust is hot enough, then the particulates should burn off. If the exhaust is too cool, then the diesel wallows (technical term) around the cylinders, and drains into the sump. So if you do not do enough journeys that heat up the exhaust (hence the 15 mins @ 2000rpm) the diesel level builds up. I'm not sure if the DPF light should come on at all if the car is healthy, mine only came on when faulty. My handbook does say that the light comes on during regeneration, but also states later on that it doesn't!
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - cj1000
hi nick your seals should have been replaced on 12500 service, and 75000 when the valve clearance is carried out. The seals are a copper washer (flat shim) on the base of the injector and a double crush washer on the leak off rail (internal rail fitted to face lift external rail on pre face lift so no seals) the only way it could leak from either seal is if not torque down correctly ie loose (only my opinion). I have only known of one engine problem on the post face lift if the cam bolt recall has not been carried out causing bad damage. did you dpf or engine lamp come on constantly?
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - rtj70
I was told the seals are only done on some cars - there was a batch. Mine at 12500 would only have had the seals done if needed. I have had rising oil since then.

I thought the DPF light came on if a regen was needed and you then needed to drive at 2000+rpm etc. If it flashes take it straight to a dealer - presumably without driving it.

You would think it would check the temperature of the exhaust before trying to inject fuel though.
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - pat22090
Rob, getting interesting now. My levels only rose significantly after the 12500 service as well! Before then the car was trouble free. If the DPF light comes on, then my car has never regenerated. The light is ok as it illuminates when ignition is switched on. Anyone out there had a regeneration where the DPF light illuminated?
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - Bish
Hi Rob, My oil level didn?t rise very much prior to the 12500 service. I have a 07 Mazda 6 2.0 diesel with 19,000 on the clock. The car has developed a hesitation at 65 mph. I took the car to my local dealer who told me that I do not do the right sort of journey for the DPF to regenerate properly and that I needed the oil and filter changed. I have never had the DPF light come on and I cover about a 1000 miles a month. Given the distance I cover and the fact that the DPF light has never come on, I fail to see why the oil level should be rising at the rate it is!
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - rtj70
Thanks Bish.

I think yours is like mine. First 12500 was fine and now the oil has risen. Service at 12300 (seals would be changed if needed) and 3300 later an oil and filter change (plus DPF reset).

I have done some (unnecessary) driving since then. Like Stockport to Stockport on the M60 (counter-clockwise). It is near to the level on the dipstick before the change of oil on 23/12. It had done about 300 miles....

I am watching it... I am sure if the oil changes are too often someone at work will shout. I won't be held responsible.
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - cj1000
rtj70 your seals should have been replaced no matter what when the valve clearences
were carried out they must be done as it is part of the service (to manufactures spec i think this could effect warrenty?) What oil has been put in the correct spec (dexelia oil the only correct one that i know of) if not this will cause the dpf to stop regerating when neccessary causing a excessive diesel injection period and the sump to fill (i ve known this to happen with in 75 miles 10/40 oil put in by a back street garage) dpf oil degredation meter also needs to be reset at service other wise the dpf light will come on early.
The lastest engine managment update (about march 08) will stop surging and excessively quick oil level build up oil and filter must be change at the same time
if service done at a dealer they should fit modified dipstick and update ecu calibrations
(if they know the cars very well) if your report surging as a fault.
Motorway journeys more than 10 mins should auto start dpf regen if need.
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - rtj70
Thanks but my car belongs to a lease company so I don't see bills or job sheets. I have to assume they have done the work. I was told on booking it in for the first service the seals would be done if necessary.

When I have a spare 5 minutes I will chase up - if the oil level rises too much again and quickly then the lease company will be having to respond again ;-)
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - craig-pd130

Interesting stuff, it sounds like many dealers are still learning about how to service these cars properly ....
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - Giggles
I'm not sure what the regeneration part means. I'm used to driving cars with VW engines so I've always changed my oil, oil filter, and fuel filter (I presume this is what's meant by DPF?) every 4000-5000 miles.
If I were to do this on my current car (Mazda6 2.0D 2003), would I lessen the chances of this happening? I don't mind having to change the fuel filter every 4k (even though it's scheduled every 35k) as it's cheap and easily done.
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - csgmart
Blimey! I'm not being rude, but is the Mazda 6 in all other respects a good car? It seems that the diesel version is more trouble than it's worth and I am 100% certain that I would feel as sick as a pig if I'd laid out a chunk of my own cash and then get all this hassle.

I guess that's 'progress' for you.
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - rtj70
It is a very good car in my opinion. And the 143PS diesel is refined, poweful and fuel efficient for me.

The question above about changing fuel and oil filters - if you did an oil change every 5000 miles you'd probably never have this problem. When the DPF is regenerated (i.e. the soot is burnt) additional diesel is pumped into the engine on the exhaust cycle to get diesel into the DPF to burn at high temperature. Some of this diesel can end up in the sump and dilute the oil.
06 2.0 Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - dpfmaster
very intresting, dealers know what they are doing its the drivers that dont. ha ha ha
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - fraser66
Traveling from scotland to cumbria on 12/08 my dpf light started flashing.with a loss 0f power.called into mazda garage offthe m6
the examined same and said they had made some adjustments on the computer which they said was necessary due to a recent service.
just over 20 miles further on it started flashing again. some time later we came acros another mazda garage ,who explained it needed regeneration.After leaving same amile further on and it started again I have been in discussion with mazda since then.
there contractor said they where going to visit my home address and sort same or take car away and leave a courtisy car
as we live in a remote area.They rang back the next day and said the car was okay to drive and to take it to Glasgow ourselves( 2.5 hr drive.
Same thing reset on computer.few miles further on back on.now have the engine warning light on as well.
Car now due in 9th feb.(another long drive)
Your write ups terrify me

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - cj1000
giggles mazda6 pre 2005 (pre face lift) does not have a dpf fitted
so yo wont be affected just make sure you use the correct spec oils/ fuel
and you shold be fine.
Everyone else a programme update RECALL has been lauched 2 weeks
this should sort suurging issues dpf light issues etc out if you have not recieved
a letter (most lease customers may not as sent to lease company address)
book in a your dealer should not take more than 1 hour.
hope this helps
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - fraser66
Thanks giggles for the information.I will print this off and take it with me when I go back to Mazda
Fraser 66
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dpfmaster

have read a few of the problems you have been having and wondered if i can help.
need to know a few things first. what was the mileage and age of your car when the engine went?
what was the mileage and dates of your services?
if the vehcile is a 56 plate i would presume that it would have had at least the first service which are when the injector seals are changed on that engine?
how many times was the vehicle into the dealership with the dpf light on/ if at all?
i do know the dpf system inside out and wondered if i could help?

dpf master

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Nick1969
dpf master, below is the text from a letter I wrote to the lease company as soon as they blamed me for being negligent. I though this is the best way of explaining the situation.

1. 2nd October 2006 - Picked up new Mazda 6. Happy with new car, no problems at this stage.

2. Middle to End of May. Took in on May 31st 2007 ? Had problems with performance, loss of power when accelerating. Warning lights coming on and going off intermittently, both DPF and Airbag lights. Took car to dealership for advise and remedy.

3. At this point the dealership said that the car needed attention. They had the car till 7th July 2007 (5 weeks). I believe that they had to renew a filter at this stage as part of the works required. At this point I was led to believe that the first year service was not needed because they had the car so long and changed things such as the oil as part of the ongoing problems and the mileage was so low. At no time was an explanation given with the respect of the oil levels might rise because of this DPF filter. (I only learned this yesterday from you)

4. October 2007 ? Car was not called for service because of previous advice and because car had recently had an overhaul. Received no correspondence stating that I was required at this point to take car for further service. Car was driving well with no problems at this stage.

5. Late 2007 (Dealership should have details) ? Warning lights coming on and going off intermittently. Took car to dealership for advise and remedy. The dealership had the car for one day to test for problems. Upon picking it up in the evening the dealership said that the diagnostic equipment was not working correctly and let me take the car back stating that if the warning lights persist to bring it back. Apart from the intermittent faults the car was driving well at this stage and the warning lights stopped coming on.

6. Late 2007 to 27th September 2008 ? Car driving well with no problems to tell of. Checked oil and water levels regulary. Oil level was never low and at no point have I ever topped oil up. June 2008 I took car into kwik fit twice with wearing tyre issues and they did what was necessary. Was aware that second year service was nearing and was going to book in when incident occurred.

7. Saturday 27th September 2008 ?
I had made several short journeys in the day doing approximately 10 to 15 miles with no performance problem with the car and no warning lights suggesting that I had an oil problem. At approximately 5.40pm myself, partner, partners mother and my two small children set off from our home to visit some friends for tea.

This journey consists of using the M6 motorway for a short distance. When entering the slip road at junction 31 travelling north and accelerating to motorway speed (approximately 3 to 4 miles into our journey) the power seemed to stutter twice. This was quickly followed by the engine revving uncontrollably, even with my foot off the accelerator had no effect to this revving. The next thing I noticed was a lot of smoke coming from the rear of the car at which time I was nearing the end of the slip road. All driving power to the car at this time was gone and thick smoke was coming from the cars bonnet with visibility almost impossible, luckily the momentum of the car was enough to get to the hard shoulder as we joined the M6 motorway.

At this point my natural instincts took over and my only concern was getting my family out of the car that was still revving uncontrollably and making a high pitch screech. To my surprise the car still revved and screeched even though I had taken the keys out of the ignition. At this point the whole of the M6 was shrouded in thick smoke with visibility almost nil with both north and southbound traffic coming to an almost halt. I got all my family out of the car and took them to safe distance away from the still smoking car and called 999 for both police and fire brigade.

Whilst I was phoning the emergency services a passing motorist had stopped to help and suggested that the car might catch fire unless we do something. He had a powder fire extinguisher and returned to the still revving smoking car and deployed the fire extinguisher under the near side wheel arch and into the engine. After and few seconds this seemed to quell the smoke somewhat and the revving seemed to die down significantly.

By this time both the police and fire brigade had arrived to take control of the situation. They closed off the slow lane and examined the car to assess any further danger. Approximately 15 to 20 minutes after the incident first happened the fire brigade open the bonnet to take a look and deemed the danger had passed. The police had called for the car to be towed away by one of their contracted rescue and recovery contractors (John Macadam & Son) and taken to Blackpool their compound.

In the meantime I called a neighbour who collected us from the hard shoulder and took us home.

The above statement is correct and dates and times are as accurate as I can remember.

For you to state yesterday that I had neglected the cars maintenance needs is totally unjustifiable as the above statement demonstrates. Whenever the car was showing any warning lights or was driving poorly I took it back to the garage immediately for their attention. It is in my interest for the car to work safely and correctly not only to satisfy your company?s rules and regulations but also to ensure the safety of my family who ride in the car every day. The incident that happen on Saturday night could have endangered a whole families life.

I hope you look into this situation further and reconsider your initial misinformed decision.

Long letter but hope this paints a picture. Since having this car delivered I've always had problems with my local dealership. I have a witness on all occassions to how relaxed they were with the info they gave me at all visits.

The story continues now that I have the Car back. Since having the car back on January 17th I've done 735 miles. I check the oil levels regulary and the latest dip showed the levels rising from 30mm (when given back ie. 10mm over full !!) to 55mm. Only got 25mm to go to X(plode) mark. Any help from an expert will be very helpful as its time to fight back as they want £8148.29 for the repairs. Regards Nick.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - c1997
Hi Nick i spoke to you about the same thing wiht my Mazda 5.I traded it in in December as my wife and i didn't think the car was safe.we iost about £7000=£9000 on a car less than 2 years old.We were told that it was because of the short journeys that`s why it happened by the service manager.I recieved a recal letter today saying that.During routine quaility checks on the mazda 5 diesel model it has been found that there is a possibility for white smoke to be emitted from the exhaust pipe on a small number of vehicles.in severe cases this could result in an increase in the vehicles engine speed without any input from the driver.in these circumstances turning the engine of using the ignition key may not stop the engine immetiatly.As me and you no that is not a very good experiance.And is not down to short journeys.I think it should go to WATCHDOG
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - oilrag
It makes grim reading Nick - really sorry to hear of your situation. You must surely be reflecting on the guy with the fire extinguisher intervening?

What happens, I wonder, if a DPF is taken off and `cored out` - would it then not trigger the `burn` and consequent fuel spraying and oil level rises that accrue from that process?

I know that might sound outrageous for newish cars - but when they are a few years old and with second and third owners, surely if there`s a way out of paying £900 for a new DPF it will be taken - to say nothing of the rising oil level situation.

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dpfmaster
that would be fine doing that, but people need to understand why these vehicles have a DPF systemm on in the first place. its all very well posting something like this but lets just remember how has forced car makers to put this sytem on cars in the first place. YES people its the european goverment that has made cars have this system. who is having ago at them?

bring back the mechanical EGR valve.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dpfmaster
plese remember why these vehicles have this sytem on in the first place, firstly the european goverment has forced car manufactories to have this system because some american farmer went look it works on anything even cars and makes them greener.
secondly and as a company car driver that has experienced company vehicle tax at its finest, if these vehicle didnt have this sytem on we would be paying a lot more in company car tax for lets face it very fast cars with very good fuel economy for around £500 pounds a year less than what we would be paying 5 years ago.

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dpfmaster

sorry to read the events that have happened to you, firstly could you confirm the date of registration of the vehicle and exactly when the first service was due?
i know i keep banging on about this but it is very important that this and other services were carried out to maz specs on time or mileage to be able to have any argument against mazda or the dearship?

it sounds like your first visit to this dealership was due to the cat convertor blocking up, was this the case?

if the cat had been replaced at this point then know dout the oil level will have rinsen and required an oil change, was this carried out and if so at what mileage?

would the first service been due around this time, if so the dealership has a duty of care to inform you the vehicle was due its service and asked if you want it carrying out?

when ever the DPF light has been on has it just been on permenantly or was it flashing?

how much motorway driving do you do?

the oil level is meant to go up over a period of time depending on the kind of driving the vehicle does. i know for fact on Mazdas if the regeneration of the DPF is regular enough the oil level should reach the X mark around the same time as the service intervals.
you say your oil level went up in the space of around 6-8 weeks, how long after its service was this?

alot of questions i know but do need to understand the exacts before i can help as they do make a big difference.

dpf master

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - oilrag
"that would be fine doing that, but people need to understand why these vehicles have a DPF systemm on in the first place. its all very well posting something like this"

So that`s the complete fix for DPF and oil level rising problems? Take it off remove the core and put it back on.

It`s a purely technical question ;-)

Edited by oilrag on 28/02/2009 at 07:51

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dpfmaster
oil rag

as your name suggests you are a technical person?

if the core is remove yes the vehcile will be reusted to go through its burn cycle but firstly if the core is removed what happens when it comes to MOT time?
you need to remember the point of this system, bring down Co2 emmissions.
you tkaee the core out of the cat and where is the excess particule matter gooing to go, straight out of the back.

people seem to be missing the point of the DPF system, yes you may need a couple of oil changes in 12 months but your cars are 5 times green and twice as fuel efficient as the every have been. the only problems that arise is when people DONT check there oil level.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - quizman
How on earth can the DPF system be "5 times green" when you have to change your oil twice as often.
How can it be "twice as fuel efficient" does this mean that instead of 45mpg you get 90mpg?
How can this be progress when on my diesel I only have to check it every 2 months or so and then it uses no oil, or the oil level doesn't go up.
It seems to me that the DPF on a Mazda is a bad piece of engineering and should be altered.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - rtj70
twice as fuel efficient

But it can use extra diesel to burn of the particulates in the filter so not more fuel efficient.

Also the purpose of the DPF is to reduce particulate emissions. It is not to reduce CO 2 .
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - cj1000
hi guys. nick your problems seam to be more dealer related than anything the first reprogramme (may 07 release I think) should have been carried out when your first oil and filter was replace this means that lees oil would have been imputted as your car i would suggest has started to run on it's own oil (like when turbo seal goes). I dont see why you should pay as you haven't cause the fault by neglegence (but thats my view)
what were the exact milages when your services were carried out? Were they dealer services? Why has warrenty been regected by your dealer? What is your milage now?
Have you got the invoices?
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dpfmaster
he should pay for it because he didnt check his oil level.
read his coments they all dance around the fact that he didnt have the car serviced.....
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dpfmaster
you are another person who doesnt know waht he is on about, let me explain this in simply terms as that is what you are.

the DPF system makes the Co2 emmissions less than what they would be on a car that has 148 BHP and can do 45 to 50 mpg. this means this vehicle is in the164 grams of CO2 emmisions rather than 188 grams like other car make ie VX, VW, Audi, Merc.

this means you all can have a car that costs you less in tax and fuel and is quite quick. so no simpletan the car wont do 90 mpg but will do a 0 - 60 in under 10 secs and still do 45 to 50 mpg.

the DPF system on a mazda means you have to have oil changes if you dont do the mielage to regen it. if you have a VW or a Vx then you have to have a new cat which again the manufactors arent paying for as the vehicle isnt being used as it was designed to.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - rtj70
dgdpmaster, Please not being abusive to fellow backroom members or your account will be closed.

Thanks, Rob (Moderator)

P.S. My Mondeo TDCi without a DPF had lower CO 2 levels than my Mazda6 with a DPF. Both are Euro IV. But the purpose of a DPF is to reduce particulate emissions, clue is in the words Particulate Filter ;-)

Note the smiley.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dpfmaster
not being abusive just brassed of with people complaining about something they know nothing about.

? what is the Particle Mass of the exhaust emmisions rob, oh thats right its carbon dioxide.

i agree the Mondeo TDCi did have lower Co2 emmissions than the Mazda 6 with DPF, the power output of that car was also 121 BHP, erm is that not the same as the older Mazda 6, oh yes i think its is. thats right its was the same engine that was in the last Mazda 6 before the new model.
are you aware that Ford have a 25% share of Mazda and supply 75% of the Parts.

the reason for this was so the Mondeo could drive around on a Mazda 6 chassis, one of the best ones on the road.

if people new what they were talking about then this site wouldnt be here.

close me if you want, just shows your scared of someone telling the truth.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - rtj70
i agree the Mondeo TDCi did have lower Co2 emmissions than the Mazda 6 with DPF,
the power output of that car was also 121 BHP, erm is that not the same as the older
Mazda 6, oh yes i think its is. thats right its was the same engine that was in the last
Mazda 6 before the new model.
are you aware that Ford have a 25% share of Mazda and supply 75% of the Parts.

Shows you don't know everything then ;-) My Mondeo TDCi was 130PS although most know they produced more than that. Yes my Mazda is a little more powerful at 143PS. But the Mondeo sat two tax bands lower for company cars.

And Ford does not own 25% of Mazda but they did own about 33% and were selling 20% recently.


And the Mondeo and Mazda do not share a chassis.

Edited by rtj70 on 07/03/2009 at 22:09

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dpfmaster
shows you know even less, Ford bought 33% satck in 1992 when Mazda went bust, Mazda has been buying back its shares at a set rate for last 15 years with a hope to fully own by 2015.

mondeo and mazda do share same chassis on the old preface Mazda 6, same rails and everything.

the mazdas had 2 power output vehicle the 121BHP same engine in the mondeo and the 1368BPH these were prefacelift of course.

face lift Mazda 6s had again 2 power outputs the 136Bhp and the 148bhp funny that as face lifted Mondeo engine power output went to 136 bhp on face lift too.

take from it what you like but i dont post a thing unless i am 100% sure I AM RIGHT.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - rtj70
>>? what is the Particle Mass of the exhaust emmisions rob, oh thats right its carbon

CO 2 is not a particle mass it is a gas. The particles are solids as in soot resulting from unburnt fuel. These are dangerous to health (cause cancers) hence the filter to trap them and then burn them off.

Edited by rtj70 on 07/03/2009 at 22:13

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Dynamic Dave
close me if you want just shows your scared of someone telling the truth.

No, we're just getting cheesed off with your arrogance. Try replying in a more friendly manner please. DD - another BR Moderator.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dpfmaster
i am getting cheesed off with you people slagging off a perfectly good car from a fantastic car manufactor because people have got problems caused by there own lack maintaining there own cars.

you are also slagging off a dealership that every one knows nothing about, every one is taking it that nick is telling the truth about his car and that it the dealership that is rubbish and the car is bad.

if some one hadnt had his vehicle serviced for 2 years was told how the DPF system works and what his service intervals never read the owners manual and never checked his oil blew his engine and then came on here moaning, would you all still be as simpathic to his cause?

i dont think that is right and is abusive.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - rtj70
dgdpfmaster/ jjjjrt ty (one and the same person)

I'm not slagging off a perfectly good car. I have one and really like it a lot. Yes when I've been doing short journeys the oil level started to rise so I got a change long before it got to X. For the new Mazda 2.2 diesel engine the DPF is improved so that's good too.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Manatee
dgdpfmaster -

>>the DPF system makes the Co2 emmissions less than what they would be on a car that
>>has 148 BHP and can do 45 to 50 mpg. this means this vehicle is in the164 grams of CO2
>>emmisions rather than 188 grams like other car make ie VX, VW, Audi, Merc.

As far as I know there are no DPFs used on road vehicles that collect the PM for disposal, they all oxidise it, which creates additional CO2 as compared with a similar car with no DPF. Where extra fuel is used to burn off the PM, this is also oxidised, further increasing CO2 and making fuel economy worse, not better.

Of course I'm happy to be corrected if I haven't taken the flux capacitor or something into account.

I like the look of the diesel Mazdas, but I can't consider a car that fills its sump with diesel fit for purpose - and I suspect the manufacturer doesn't either, whether they admit it or not.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Nick1969
dpf master,

I'll try and put some more flesh on the bones for you.

1. Car was i believe registered in September 2006 with lease company, I got the car first week in October 2006.

2. Date of first service was 12,500 miles or beginning of October 2007 (I believe) No one told me when the date of the first service was due so I assume 1 year after I got the car. No service book came with the car and no instructions.

3. First visit to the dealership was because of DPF light kept coming on and off intermittently and Air bag light came on also. This was May 31st 2007 and the car had done approximately 5,000 miles. I had a loss of performance and the dealership had the car in for a total of 5 weeks! (got back beginning of July 2007) When I got it back I was told that they had cleaned the DP filter, oil change and I think they modified the dip stick? They also sorted the airbag fault out which apparently took the time because of a back order on the parts required.

4. Again the service was due to my mind first week in October 2007. When i picked the car up I asked about the first service and i was told that the car had been in for the last 5 weeks and all the checks and oil change had been carried out therefore the first service was not required! Therefore offically no first service took place in late Sept/early October. The dealership deny this taking place although i had a witness.

5. I recieved no letter stating the service was over due although the dealership have since stated that they do sent out reminder letters to drivers if they have their address. (which they do)

6. The DPF light was Flashing, then on permenantly.
7. I do very little motorway driving.

8. The oil level was about one to two cm above the F mark 6-8 weeks before blow up. At this point i didn't understand that the oil levels went up as it doesn't actually state this in the manual.

9. I took the car back into the dealership late 2007 because i had intermittent DPF lights flashing again. No loss of performance. When I picked it up the dealership stated that they hadn't managed to look at the car because the diagnostic equiptment was not working and told me to bring the car back in if the lights came on again. The dealership again deny this happening although again I had a witness. The DPF lights never came on again.

10. Since getting the car back in January 2009 with new engine, new Cat Con and all the trimmings the same is happening again. Got the car back with 30mm of new oil (10mm above full) and already over 25mm more has been added in 43 days and some 735 miles.

11. I never once have been told from the dealership about how the DPF works and that oil levels rise. Apparently when i was buying the car they should have asked about short journeys and stated that this car was not ideal for this purpose.

Hope this answers alot of your questions although I can't state enough how bad this dealership is (alot of people can back this up) I totally don't trust them as they don't seem to have any records on file!? When they were fixing the car they had to send photo's to Mazda showing the parts required.

Regards, Nick.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - cj1000
hi the service interval on your vehicle is 12500 miles (then 25000, 37500,50000 and so on) or anually (must say i am suprised that they did not tell you as they make money).
In number 3 you can tell if you have a modified dip stick by measuring the gap betwen the low and max mark if the gap is 8mm its modified if its 14mm its not, when/ if this has been fittted then the engine programme should have been up dated to alter the dpf cycle and burn heat phases (you can tell this by loking at the programme file number in the ecu with a di machine).
In number 6 it sounds like your dpf was blocked (dpf forced regen should be carried out with an oil and filter (if excesive oil degredation is shown)
In number 9 Iam suprised a dealer did not chase you up for the fault (really they shouldn't have let the car go out as they o not if it's dangerous or not do they).
In number 10 i am suprise they let the car out with excessive oil (to be filling at that rate it is some times caused by the incorrect spec oil being put in (i do not know if this is the case with your vehicle) as the ash produced from the wrong spec (has to be very fine even more than vw's bmw's merc's etc) blocks the dpf extreamly fast (i have seen this once when a back street garage put in 10/40 dpf was blocked in 250-300 miles).
I think from you description that this dealer is not to be reconmended (but they can not defend them self). Taking of photos to the manufacture helps the manfacture design better systems and check there not commiting fraud its quite normal on an expsive or complex job.
Have you had the programming recall? (it was launched about mid jan 2009.)
hope this helps
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - rtj70
>>Have you had the programming recall? (it was launched about mid jan 2009.)

For the benefits of others, please expand on this. I have a Mazda6 and had an oil change before Christmas because the lease company could/would not take any responsibility etc.

Mine being a lease/company car I have not heard of a recall etc.

Rob (also a moderator here)
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dpfmaster
in number 6 if the regen had been done with the oil change then by the mileage nick is doing this vehicle would need regening every few thousand miles so dont see how that is any ones fault.

in number 9 if the dpf light is flashing then there isnt actually a problem with the car, it means the vehicle just needs to go through a regen as per THE OWNERS MANUAL. dont see why the dealership need to chase him up?

number 10 the wrong spec of oil does not make the oil level go up quicker, all it does is block the dpf up causing it to overheat and burn ot the o2 and dpf sensor. this would then in turn block up the cat. i know as i have seen to vehicle with this problem. if the dealership had put the wrong oil in may to july which is when nick says the oil change was done, the vehicle would have lasted till the engine blew.

you people really get my back up, you dont want to look at the facts and are very quik to slag off a manufactor or car dealership when the real problem is the drivers not looking after the car properly. SNIP - see the other moderators comment further up - DD}


Edited by Dynamic Dave on 07/03/2009 at 14:42

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - c1997
The same thing happened to my car that happened to nicks.A recal letter has been sent out it reads.During routine quality checks on the Mazda 5 diesel model it has been found that there is a possibility for white smoke to be emitted from the exhaust pipe on a small number of vehicles.In severe cases this could result in an increase in the vehicles engine speed without input from the driver. In these circumstances turning the engine off using the ignition key may not stop the engine immediatly.(Mazda 5 -saftey recal-diesel -engine overrun.)Idon't claim to be an expert but to me that sounds like a fault on Mazda 5 and 6 diesel engines.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dpfmaster
therecall that mazda has sent out is not to rectify a problem.
this recall is an ecu up date basically to make the vehicle go into what they call limp home mode ie the car will not go above 2000 rpm or 30mph.
the reason why mazda has done this is ERM let me think, yes thats right because PEOPLE ARE NOT CHECKING THERE OIL. mazda has now but an even bigger fail safe on the car that if people ignore the DPF light and and Dont check there oil on even more take it into a garage for an oil change then Mazda have forced them to do so.

it is just idoit proofing there cars.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - quizman

jjjrt ty, I am as rude as you.
So as you say you are 100% right, please learn a bit of grammar. It is THEIR OIL, as in "their oil is over there".

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - cj1000
There is two recalls 1x programme recall for the turbo vanes cracking (post 08 cars)
The second recall is to alter the dpf cycles and the soot calculations for per 08 cars
this shuts off the engine when the oil is excessively before the car starts runing on it's own oil (read your tech builtins if you can acess them).
The car always went in to drive home mode if the dpf light was on constant (eml + dcs showing as well).
I agree people should check there oil more often.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - c1997
Why recal anything from 200-2000 cars if there is nothing wrong with them?
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - cj1000
the dpf light flashing inicates tomany cycles have not been completed so needs a forced regen. a customer comes in with a fault the dealers machine is down broken etc i would expect a dealer to rebook imeadatly and get the customes car in if they had good customer care and liabilty of sending out a unsafe vehicle (if they dont know the fault how do they know its safe?).
if you put the wrong oil in the system it alters the burn temperature of the diesel causeing the front o2 sensor to reach its max heat temp before burn cycle is complete causing the oil level to rise premeturly.
I am not trying to slag off the manufacture or any dealer as i only have one side of the story i am just trying to help some on who's struggling to understand a system and there vehicle
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - smiffy12

I've just boguth a 6 sakata 2.0d (Feb 2006) and am beginning to wish I hadn't reading all this!
In number 3 you can tell if you have a modified dip stick by measuring
the gap betwen the low and max mark if the gap is 8mm its modified
if its 14mm its not when/ if this has been fittted then the engine programme
should have been up dated to alter the dpf cycle and burn heat phases

I've checked the dipstick in my car and the distance between the min and max is 20mm. Does this mean anything?

Also, can anyone tell me exactly what the programming recall is - does it make it less likely that the sump will fill up or what does it actually physically achieve? I contacted Mazda and they said this has never been done on my car so I need to book it in for that. They won't tell me what it is other than a programming update, they even said it was nothing to do with the dpf set up!

There are two other recalls apparently. One is for the intercooler (what's that about?) and one for something in the rear wheel arches (again, anyone any ideas?).

I hope to hear and look forward to participating in this excellent site. Just a shame I found it when investigating less than good stuff
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dpfmaster
hi nick

regarding to the coments made by yourself, am i right in saying that you belived the first service was carried out in the may or july at 5000 miles?

service intervals are every 12500 miles or 12 months from last service which ever comes first.

that would have meant your second service was due in may/july 2008, did you have this done?

the mazdas registered after july 2006 are on digital service record so no there is no service book but all service schedules are explained in the hand book, did you say you didnt have one of theses?

i must say the owners manual does state that when the oil rises to the x mark the vehicle requires an oil change, i know this for fact as i drive one.

i will be as honest and as frank as possible but you cannot going blaming the dealership or lease company for you not being notified for the service, it is the drivers responsiblity to have the vehicle maintained at the manufactors service intervals, again owners manual tells you when that is.

beware, anyone taking on a lease vehicle signs a contract stipulating this and is therefore soley responsible.

the dpf light flashing on that vehicle means the vehicle needs to go through a regeneration cycle and therefore needs to be driven over 2000 rpm for 10 mins for this cycle to start. anyone driving this vehicle can do this. again the owners manual explains this to you.

i am sorry nick but i fail to see how this problem is mazdas fault,from what you are saying the oil level was to high and the vehicle ended up running on its own oil. the owners manual does tell you everything you need to know about how to maintain this car like checking the oil level on a regular basis or are you one of the "who reads the owners manual crew".

you have admitted that you do very little motorway driving so i am very surprised the oil level didnt go up quicker.

sorry to say this nick but it looks to me like you didnt check your oil level regularly or have the vehicle serviced when it should be. on your own on that one.

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - davmal
"the dpf light flashing on that vehicle means the vehicle needs to go through a regeneration cycle"

On my mazda diesel the flashing DPF symbol indicates that you should seek advice from an authorised repairer, whereas a steadily illuminated light indicates that a regen is necessary.

Being used for many short(ish) journeys the oil level builds quite often on mine and has once triggered the DPF light to flash indicating an over full sump.

Please explain how you think a DPF can reduce the Carbon Dioxide output, especially extra fuel must be burnt to regen the filter.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - miata
Has this subject not run its course. Certainly to me it has become repetitive and boring.

The same thing repeated over and over again.

Maintain the vehicle as per Mazda specs and if a problem under warranty take it back.

If not maintained as per specs tough.

If out of warranty lump it or change vehicles.

Regarding DPF "s as far as i know they are all of a similar design manufacturer to manufacturer.

My Subaru Legacy Diesel 31000 miles in ten months not one issue with DPF or anything for that matter.

Or am i just lucky.

I firmly believe too many UK drivers drive vehicles too gently.

Not often you see vehicles broken down at side of road in France Italy etc

They know the benefits of an Italian Tune Up.

Lets face it in this country many drivers dont display lights in shocking visibility for fear of destroying their battery.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - davmal
"Has this subject not run its course. Certainly to me it has become repetitive and boring."

Simple. Don't click on the link then.

You can "maintain" as much as you like, but that does not stop the fuel dilution of the oil. Mazda do not see this as a warranty issue, but do sometimes offer a good will discount on the rather expensive Dexelia oil.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - miata
Thank you. But i will choose whether to click on or not and make whatever comments i wish.

The oil dilution is likely taking place due to lack of use.
Vehicles used for short journeys Tesco/ School run type not regularly reaching working temperature not going above 2000 rpm suffer all manner of issues. This problem not peculiar to Mazda.

An engine needs working I know of seven Mazda diesels owned by friends colleagues etc of varying ages and mileages who have not had any issues with the DPF.

Maybe they have been lucky but i am sure if there was an inherent design issue i think Mazda would have sorted it.

Lets face it it is in ther interest to do so.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dpfmaster
th dpf filter in the cat holds all the excess soot before leaving the exhasut and into the air, the EGR valve was the old way which reburnt the gas by diverting them back into the exhaust. the problem with that system was the only thing checking the co2 gases were the o2 sensor which was very unrealiable. the extra fuel that is burnt is very very minimal. would not even alter your mpg.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - oilrag
"f people ignore the DPF light and and Dont check there oil on even more take it into a garage for an oil change then Mazda have forced them to do so.""

Of course "people" could always take exception to being "forced"- and decide to buy from another manufacturer and let Mazda dealers go to the wall....

Edited by oilrag on 08/03/2009 at 11:41

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - davmal
That still does not explain why a DPF reduces CO2 output.
Why does our Passat without DPF have a lower CO2 output than the same model with DPF? Same 1.9 pd engine, same kerb weight same spec (SE).
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dieselnut
' That still does not explain why a DPF reduces CO2 output. '

Exactly, if the engine has to WASTE fuel to heat up the particles so they will burn, then CO2 output must rise. Also, once the particles start to burn, they will surely be generating some more CO2.
It needs someone to come up with a Dyson type system to collect the particles which can then be disposed of at service time without burning in the exhaust.
I made the mistake of buying a C5 with particle filter some time ago & regretted the day.
I'll stick with my PD Passat without DPF until these systems be made efficient & reliable & be able to cope with ALL driving styles.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - jc2
EGR valves have nothing to do with particulates;they are there to recycle exhaust gas which reduces combustion temperature and therefore NOX.Neither will they affect CO2.Oh and,by the way,it was 30% of Mazda that Ford owned and they no longer do.

Edited by jc2 on 08/03/2009 at 14:21

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - cj1000
hi the dpf is designed to block particulates from getting into the air the eu set a limit 2-3 years ago at 4parts per million parts (I think thats right) thats 4 parts of soot to 1 million parts of air, if there is some co2 advantage all well and good. Hope this helps you understand the system a bit more.

Ford bought a 40% share in Mazda in 1978 after an oil crisis had nearly bankrupted them and sold a percentage back to Mazda in the 90s and recently sold all its stake back to Mazda but will continue an alliance with them that?s what i ve been told anyway.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - pat22090
OOOH, getting a bit heated here! I think (and I started a few threads) that the point is being missed!
Drivers buy diesels (by and large) so that they don't need to carry out oil changes every 2500 miles. IF Mazda stated straight away that the car is not suitable for town driving and will need irregular oil changes if used in this manner then 90% of buyers would not touch them.
The fact is that no-one who has subscribed to this thread was warned on purchase of a £15k+ car that it was not suitable for town driving. If our Mazda champion can find any way to justify this behaviour by a major manufacturer then good luck to him!
I for one will never buy the brand again, and will reccomend to others not to either, why? because Mazda's attitude throughout this whole farrago (look it up!) has been to demonise their customers for wanting a reliable vehicle!

On another point, can we not check IP addresses for subscribers, I'm sure one or two on this thread may originate at Mazda UK!
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - miata
As previously stated all vehicles suffer if subject to a majority of town/short journey use.

All vehicles need a decent run of say fifty miles per week to clear the cobwebs and should be run up to a high rpm for short bursts at regular intervals once at working temperature.

Many vehicles dont receive this and suffer as a result. Engine wear oil contamination etc and also of course DPF "s.

Not peculiar to Mazda at all.

I think Honest John has posted articles on the very subject.

Its the reason people buy newish high mileage fleet cars without problems generally.

I would certainly prefer a two year old 60000 mile ex fleeter than a two year old 18000 mile car used for school run/shopping trolley etc.

But each to their own.

As previously mentioned i know of seven Mazda6 diesels which have not suffered such problems. Not a big sample but there must be a connection with the ones that do.

PS you will discover that Renault Volvo Subaru and others have DPF issues not just Mazda and the common link is their usage.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dpfmaster
i agree, there is no link to me and mazda also, the only link is i do and have driven many mazda with no problems whats so ever.

would just like to point out that i think some has hacked my account and posted many thinks but that was not me.

my appologises to any one who may have been offended by coments i dpfmaster made
but password changed and back to mtself.

i would just like to say that my wife uses my 57 plate new shape mazda 6 diesel for the school runs approx 1.5 miles and then i drive approx 12 miles to work.

i have had 1 oil change outside of service but what i do is give the vehicle a damn good driving once or twice a week.

ps i dont speed either, i put my foot down hard up 70mph in third gear on the slip road of the motorway then drive to work in 6th at 70 mph. that way i know it will go into its regen.

the guys at my local dealership have been fantastic and only charged me £69.00 for my oil change.

i work for a vuaxhall dearship for 8 years and yes know my stuff, but any one who wants to put mazda down need to look at the bigger picture. this manufactor i ranked third in the worl behing Honda and Toyta for vehicle reliablty.

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - quizman
>>>On another point, can we not check IP addresses for subscribers, I'm sure one or two on this thread may originate at Mazda UK!

Well done Pat, that's what I have been thinking.

Perhaps if you use a Mazda for school runs you should put your children in a school further away, preferably down a motorway. Then there would be fewer problems.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - miata
How would an IP address necessarily reveal a connection to Mazda Uk?

I have no connection with them at all but your welcome to my IP address / home address whatever.

My only connection was an out of warranty issue with an MX5 when i found Mazda uk to be more helpful than the dealer and they sorted it.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - miata

Exactly the point . Your car used in a gentle manner some of the time but you make sure the tubes are cleaned out regularly.

Which is needed by any car any make with or without a DPF.

Its obvious some people will not consider remotely that their problems could be due to their usage.

Probably a financial issue and blame culture syndrome. Try to get someone else to pick up the tab.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - bitter
I agree, a car should be fit for the purpose. We were not told when buying the car that it was a lottery if the car was doing the school run or along journey, and depending on the balance it would need more oil changes.How do we fight this together when Mazda U.K. are definitely contributing to this thread.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - xtrailman
I was given a sheet all about the DFP filter fitted to my nissan/renault engine on handover, i had to sign that i had read and understood.
Prior to that i knew nothing about them.

Its also there to read about in the manuel. I and my wife know what to do if the light comes on.
Only if the light fails to go off after taking the corrective action, will i have a issue.

I wonder how many of the problems are self inflicted?
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - rtj70
"I wonder how many of the problems are self inflicted?"

Some will be. My oil level was rising and I knew all about the DPF and rising oil level. If it came on then drive it to regen. If it flashes stop and get it to Mazda.

But I think some like Nick in another thread have had problems that could not easily be avoided.

Nothing about DPF was mentioned when I ordered or when the car was delivered to my house (delivered from Leicester to Stockport). When I had a conversation with the lease company they started saying it was no good for short journeys. They didn't seem to want to give me two cars.... keep the Mazda6 for the company miles on motorways and longer trips and a supermini for around town ;-)
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - bitter
We are having problems with a Mazda 6 diesel 2006. DPF light came on twice and the car was taken to a Mazda dealer, both times nothing wrong, they just reset the codes. The third time we were informed that the repair bill would be £7000. Mazda have found a loophole in the warranty and are refusing to do anything. We shall therefore take the dealer to court for faulty goods under the Sale of Goods act. Since this has happened we have had a recall letter for engine problems with the Mazda 6 diesel. There definitely seems to be an inherent problem with the Mazda 6 diesel engines which Mazda are refusing to acknowledge. We all need to bring our problems into the public eye (what about Watchdog - we have informed them but I'm sure they need more evidence) so that Mazda are forced to take some action.

I can't believe that any diesel engine should go wrong to the extent we are reading about without there being a fault.

Keep on posting your stories to support Nick and ourselves and getting Mazda to do something about their reputation, which at the moment stinks.

Nick we are not alone, there are plenty of others who have had the same problem.


Diana - lost faith in Mazda - how can I trust their cars again - even if repaired.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - rtj70
DPF light came on twice

If the DPF light comes on then the car needs to be driven to allow a regeneration to take place. The handbook describes at what speed, above what revs and for how long. Failure to do so will result in a flashing DPF light which needs dealer intervention to regenerate the DPF in the workshop.

There may well be a weakness in this DPF system and others but doing as it described in the handbook and you should be fine. Admittedly you may need more frequent oil changes.

Are you sure they simply reset the fault code and didn't do anything else.

Rob (also have a Mazda6 diesel with DPF)
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - dpfmaster
i amsorry to hear you have had problems and mazda are not paying but could not be a bit more specific with what the "loop hole" is that mazda have found?

the manufactors of cars make a promise to replace or repair any parts that fails due manufactoring defect, that is the law.

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - bitter
The 'loophole' is service history (to detailed to go into regarding pending court hearing) There is a fault in dpf in these cars.We have taken care of our car and should not be paying over £7000 to repair a car only 2 years old!
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Giggles
There's an awful lot of info in this thread and I was wondering if anyone in the know could tell me where I stand with mine.

I've a 2003 diesel model so I presume I've no DPF (05-07 I think). I have the hydraulic timing tensioner which I've got changed. I spoke to Mazda about the valve gaps check and injector seal renewal and they told me not to bother on that model year. Is this correct? Do the seals only need renewed on the 2005-2007 facelift? They've never been done on mine anyway and there's 94000 miles on the car now.
Also I know the fuel pump is going to die on me soon, I'm just waiting for it now in the next 10k. Is the denso one that goes the one in the tank or the injection one?

Is any of the above correct for my model year? And is there anything else I need to watch for if it is?

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Nick1969
Bitter, sorry I've not replied to you earlier than now but I'm really interested in the loophole you mention. It sound's like the service history is the only thing that Mazda are hiding behind with regards my episode. I will speak to you personally if you want and we can compare notes. I contacted watchdog back in October 2008 and never got a response, but I will contact them again if it adds more weight to the arguement.
Picked up car from dealership on 14th January 2009 after new engine, Cat converter etc. COST £8200.
As of 23rd March 2009 (68 Days Later and 1324 miles) I have just booked the car into the dealership to sort out the oil levels. The level is approximately 5 to 7mm below the X mark already. The dealership said that I was obviously driving the car wrong!! This is so frustrating. I can quote word for word the handbooks requirements and although I do fall into the short Journey less than 10 minute catogory for alot of my working week journeys I have never had a DPF warning light come on suggesting the required driving pattern is adhered to. The simple fact is about this car this that for people who do short journey's this car is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. THE DPF SYSTEM IS RUBBISH. IT IS SUPPOSE TO REDUCE EMISSIONS, BUT OPENLY ENCOURAGES LONGER JOURNEYS TO BURN OFF EXCESS PARTICULATE MATTER.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - pat22090
Nick, Know it may not apply, but I would check the RV on your vehicle! I just got a shock...2 year old car <24k good condition with FSH is worth less than £7k trade in!
Thats the best they could do, and I don't think the private market is much better.
It looks like these problems may impact more on this vehicle's reputation than we first thought.
Any way just VT'd mine and they are picking it up next Thursday. The pain is finally over!
Anyone like to guess how much I'll get hit for repairs? As far as I'm concerned it's in good condition, but I'm sure they'll be trying to claw back as much money as possible!
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - rtj70
I got the recall notice for my car yesterday. All related to the engine running on its oil - or so the description of the notice could be interpreted. It's a proper VOSA safety recall as well.

Car is booked in tomorrow for the upgrade of the software needed. I wonder what affect it will really have. I will try to find out more.

Maybe one of the Mazda people who have posted on here can comment on this.

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06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Dynamic Dave
It's a proper VOSA safety recall as well.

This one?


06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - rtj70
That's the one - paperwork in the car ready for the garage visit tomorrow.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - c1997
I got the recall letter in Februry it was 2 months to late the car had already done exatly what it said on the recall letter.When it happened i got on to Mazda they said that they had never heard of anything like that before.That was in Decemer we traded thecar in lost about £7000-£9000 in less than 2 years .When i got the recall letter in for the Engine overrun that they claim they new nothing about it got on to Mazda got a letter back saying that it was to bad because i traded the car in it was nothing to do with them.I am still trying to find out when they started the recall and when they discoverd the fault.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - pat22090
That seems strange, as I'd already raised a customer complaint with Mazda UK in November 2008 where they explain about rising oil levels.....so they were obviously aware of this problem before the date of your telecon. My dealership were aware of the fault in June 2008 because my car went in for the same fault then (albeit not to destruction!) Stay on the case! if you want a copy of the letter from Mazda, let me know, e-mail is on my profile!!

Edited by pat22090 on 28/03/2009 at 11:40

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - c1997
Can't find your email
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Dynamic Dave
Can't find your email

I was going to suggest clicking on his username; but pat22090 has chosen to hide his email from public view.

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - pat22090
Sorry! E-mail now available!!
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - pat22090
Final update on this, car finally returned to Mazda with no excess to pay. I'm now using a Citroen Berlingo dual-fuel for my company business. Just bought a 2008 Nissan Note for family use (PETROL!) On a personal note, I would never buy Mazda again, in my opinion their (and by extension their dealers) attitude to this matter has been verging on scandalous. I'm sure the opinions of contributors to this site don't matter to Mazda, but at least the problems are being brought to light! Good Luck ALL!!
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - bitter
Nick, we are now pursuing a court case. I refuse to pay £7000 to repair our car when we have done nothing wrong.The car was only 2 and a half years old when the problem started and should have been covered under the warranty.I would appreciate you contacting Watchdog again.Also, I would like to speak to you how do I do this?
Thank you for your support. Bitter.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - c1997
Can you tell me what happened to your car was it the same thing as mine and Nicks and when was it.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - rtj70
I find the recall on the Power unit interesting. They mention an engine overrun and it may not stop immediately on turning off by the key. There is no mention of oil etc.

There is also now a non-safety recall on the intercooler. Had mine checked when they did the other one. But the main recall is a safety one so quite a big issue!
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - pat22090
It's the same thing, when the oil level rises too far it gets recycled via the turbo and the engine burns a hybrid engine oil/diesel hybrid which is injected as air via the turbo. I managed to stop mine by stalling it, otherwise I'd hate to think how much the bill would be! One day left, it goes tomorrow!!!

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06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Nick1969
Bitter, just click on my name and it should give you my e-mail address. You can activate this by going into your account details. Give me a shout and we will help each other if we can.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Nick1969
Hello All. I coundn't make this stuff up but guess what? After taking the car in last Wednesday to have its oil levels reduced I'm having to take it back today because its now making a strange noise that sounds like siren!! Every time I accelerate the cars engine makes this weird noise that sounds like a police car is chasing me, I kid you not! Is this something to do with the reprogramming? Happy Mazda Motoring.

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - oilrag
I wonder how thin the oil has to get (by dilution) before the turbo bearings start to shriek..

Presumably it`s low viscosity to start with and getting lower as a litre or so is drawn off - to replaced by more derv over the next few miles.

And to think, in more innocent days - we used to worry about a little fuel getting past the rings on cold starts...

I admire your fortitude in these threads guys, but why don`t you just flog them off and go back to petrol until manufacturers get it right. Because it seems the next set of problems will be prematurely worn bearings and bores - due to having fuel as lubricating oil

Edited by oilrag on 01/04/2009 at 19:01

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Nick1969
Just had the call from the dealership, and guess what, oilrag is bang on the nail. They say that the turbo will probaly have to be replaced? Question, are they going to try and blame me for this? Can this fact be a contributing factor to why my oil is topping up so quickly? How much is a new turbo? My story just gets better and better.

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - bitter
I am fighting this! Court procedings in place!Car now in garage since January! Is anyone else doing the same or are you just paying Mazda to repair your cars? There is an inherent fault with the dpf system and we need to be united. Watchdog will look into it now but please tell them if you have been effected by this fault.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Nick1969
Bitter, Im fighting my case also, but its been complicated by the fact its a lease car and I have a sub lease through my work. Very complicated but in essence after taking legal advice im refusing to pay the repair bills, although I have the car back and have 5 months left on the lease. I agree that there is an inherent fault with the dpf system and I will help you if I can, and vise versa. I think I told you previously that I had wrote to watchdog but had no reply. Have you got a positive responce from them? And if so I am willing to write again. Keep in touch and good luck with the court case. When is it to take place ? Regards Nick.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - bitter
sorry for the delay awaiting court date. No car since Jan 09 ! Why are others not fighting this? Any info you have to support my case would be most appreciated.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - c1997
bitter what happened to your car if you look back in the forum you will see what happened to mine
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - livy46
I have been contesting this problem with Mazda UK & the garage I purchased the car from
for the last 18 months numerous letters & phone calls have produced no satisfaction as to the outcome. Since owning the car I have had three oil changes at a cost of 150 pounds a time. The last one was free as I refued to pay for it . I am a mechanical engineer & this state of affairs is contradictory to any engineering logic mixing fuel oil with lube oil is a definite recipe for impending disater. On the last oil change I took an oil sample & sent it to Spectro Labs in Hampshire for analysis the results were disturbing, although there were no wear metals present the degradation of the oil was such that they recommended changing the oil immediately & the flash point of the oil was such that it was dangerous .The lubricating properties of the oil were such that if the turbo were to over heat the oil would probably ignite this is why they tell you to constantly check the oil level The scary part is the sample was taken when the oil level was half way between the full & the x mark on the dipstick so you can imagine what it would be like when it reaches the x mark . Sent all this to Mazda uk & copied the garage on the report .Only to be told they ignore outside anaysis reports The car is not fit for purpose & all who have bought the cars have been mis-sold expensive vehicles For me it has taken away the initial pleasure of owning the car wondering how long it will be before I screetch to a halt on the motorway smoke pouring from the engine
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - bitter
Still awaiting court date ! should be soon, No car since Jan 09 ! This car is not fit for purpose. Please help if you can give any other information. Mazda 6 ,06 still under warranty, Mazda refused to cover under the warranty.Look back to see what happened to our car,
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - stoneybroke
Have you had any contact from Mazda owners who have had engine, etc replaced by Mazda under warranty after the original engine had destroyed itself by ingesting its own oil/diesel mixture?
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Mick 1960
Having had my DPF light come on and found no mention of what it means in the handbook I googled it and am now very disturbed by what I am reading. Had a service and oil change and after 2000 miles of about town driving the oil is nearly up to the 'X' mark. I agree with earlier comments that this car can't be fit for purpose. I want to start doing my own oil changes but does anyone know if a simple drain down will remove the soot from the sump or does it need a flush at the dealers?
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - pat22090
I got the dealers to agree to this, but the Dexelia oil you need is £60.00 a throw. I was only 'not paying' £85.00 for each change. If the car is still in warranty then keep returning it to the dealers each time the sump fills and lodge a complaint each time with Mazda Customer Services. I paid for the 1st oil change, but no others. (If I'm honest I think the dealers were just glad to see the back of me!)
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - MazTech
Sounds as if the drive gears on the oil pump are breaking up.I would get it checked out.
If it is that then there is no alternative but to have a new short block and new oil pump fitted as the main drive gear is part of the crankshaft, and is an unserviceable part.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - jcc48
Update on my DPF problems on Mazda5 Furano 2.0D. Never had the call from Mazda Service Engineer that Mazda Customer Service promised in their last letter. Car now sold as I do not have any faith in long term durability when diesel fuel keeps filling the sump. Had a weeks holiday in Normandy (D Day beaches) before it was sold and have to say this is one of the best cars I have ever owned, great power & torque plus good economy from 6 speed gearbox. Car design very practical & a great drive plus good looker in Stellar Silver with body kit & rear Lexus lights etc. - except this one awful flaw!
What have I bought now?, a Mazda3 Takara 1.6 petrol on a '58 plate for very similar money (Mazda's own chain drive cam engine). Am a great Mazda fan but will not buy another diesel version until this stupid DPF system is discontinued & we return to what diesels are all about - uncomplicated, reliable, capable of high mileages and economical (without oil changes every few thousnd miles).
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Mazda5
3 weeks ago our 56 plate Mazda 5 Furano 2.0D suffered an engine failure. It was similar to those described elsewhere (e.g. smoke, over-running and loss of power). We have just heard back from Mazda Customer Services to say that there is a hole in one of the pistons but it will not be covered by the warranty as the failure was due to the oil level being too high. Also, they say the ECU shows the DPF light came on (correct, it came on when the engine failed). I am waiting for them to fully explain how this has happened and what they are going to do about it but their communications so far suggest they will not be accepting it as a warranty claim. Since being told about the diagnosis, I have been waiting several days whilst Mazda skirt around the costs and what they are going to do so I phoned the dealer after hours and asked the receptionist to look it up on the screen. They have prepared an estimate for about £7,500. If you check the 2nd hand value, the car is not far from a write off. Note to Nick1969: you have paid the full retail cost for your repair so not only have Mazda not covered the cost, they have actually profited from the repairs as well.

We have had a terrible run of trouble with this car, starting with a turbo failure in the first year. I won't bore you with all the details (yet) but we have had all the problems I am reading about on the forum - excessive tyre wear, unexplained loss of power etc. We have had appalling service from our local dealer, who were on one occasion caught talking about placing a kipper in our heating system (presumably because we had the audacity to return the car with a number of faults), not realising my wife had arrived at reception and heard every word.

The dealer was subsequently reorganised after other customer complaints and then later shut down, I am told after failing a financial audit when Mazda changed provider to Santander. On the advice of a senior member of Mazda management, we had already changed dealer to one 25 miles away as my wife got very upset at the thought of going into our local dealer.

I have been doing a lot of homework since the engine failure and I am gob-smacked. This is a people carrier i.e. designed to take the kids to school and do the shopping and so it is obviously going to be used for some short journeys. Our use of the car has been very average - a mixture of short local journeys and longer journeys on main roads and motorways. We didn't know anything about DPF filters and rising oil levels until doing this research after the engine failure. It's all very well some of the car enthusiasts on this forum stating it's owner stupidity, but manufacturers are quite aware that 99% of people just buy a car because it has, in this case sliding doors and handy seating arrangement. The average owner knows nothing about the engineering problems associated with DPF and couldn't care less - they just want a reliable car that gets them from a to b. If I bought a Lamborghini then I would expect some ownership compromises but this is a bog standard saloon car-based people carrier. In our case we are very diligent and look after our possessions. We have regularly checked the fluid levels and didn't notice any increase. Neither did the dealer at any of the services which were all carried out exactly on time, or at any other of the numerous times the car was in the dealer (according to my diary about 10% of ownership it has been sat in the dealer).

I am waiting for Mazda to return to me officially with details of the repair and their proposals. Reading this forum I am rather worried as to the outcome. Any owners with similar problems are welcome to contact me.

Edited by Mazda5 on 11/07/2009 at 21:29

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - rtj70
We didn't know anything about DPF filters and rising oil levels until doing this research
after the engine failure.

Best of luck with this. Does your Mazda5 have the sticker on the engine cover about the oil levels (L, F and X) and the pages in the owners manual. Just checking. My Mazda6 (57 plate) does but did cars back in 56?? I hope not because it could be a defence for you.

If these are there then the trouble is Mazda can try to argue you should have known about rising oil levels.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - muz1kman
To all concerned owners

I bought my Mazda 6 2.0 SAKATA (56 reg ) on Nov 07 and have had nothing but trouble with this car since I got it. I've had the same problems described on the site by other owners especially with the DPF and oil levels rising too quickly.

My 1st bad experiance was on the M74 motorway with my wife and grandchild on board, all of a sudden the engine reved uncontrollably hitting 5000 on the rev counter & I noticed a lot of smoke coming from the rear of the car and I instantly I took my foot off the accelerator but this had no effect to the revving. I eventuallly managed to get the car onto the hard shoulder but could not get the engine to stop. Eventually I managed to switch the engine off.

After a few minutes I started the vehicle up but once again the engine revved uncontrollably and once again I managed to get the engine turned off. We sat in the vehicle for about 10 mins then I drove off only to notice the DPF light was on, so I got the car home & called the Dealership who told me to contact Mazda recovery who uplifted the car & took it to the dealers who told me it only needed an oil and filter change. I explained to the dealer & Mazda Service centre that I thought the car is dangerous & explained what had happed on the motorway the sudden engine revving uncontrollably hitting 5000 on the rev counter. All they said it was probably due to the high oil levels & oil filter and they would have the car checked.

I have had the car in many times all relating to the DPF , SMOKE & HIGH OIL LEVELS they keep giving me one excuse after another. They say it needs oil change, filter, catalytic converter, thermostats faulty, the list goes on & on. They also said it could be due to not driving the car properly as the car was made for motorway miles and not short journeys. I said well check my mileage since I got the car in my 1st year I had driven more than 20k miles - all motorway miles I do roughly 500 miles a week. Explain that one Mazda ???

No one will give me an expalanation to what the problem is or do they really know? Mazda admit the car has been badly designed!!!!!!!

Anyway my car is once again off to the dealers they sent one of their specialist engineers to check the car out & he has done a report & will pass it onto Mazda all he would say there was problems with the car engine, low compression amongst other things and it would need a half engine rebuild. They didn't say if it was covered under my extended warranty.

Will keep you all posted to the outcome. Hope this helps others who are experiencing problems, I also think it would be a good idea if we all contact WATCHDOG, I will be forwarding on this email to the. Hopefully they will be able to get to the bottom of whats going on & force Mazda to admit they are at fault .

Keep in touch and if amy of you have any help or please pass it on.

Feel free to contact me

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06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - rtj70
Don't forward on the original email Even after a quick edit to remove errors etc it is not right.

I assume you have read the manual and noticed the sticker on the engine about all of this. Removes a lot of the Mazda responsibilities and liabilities I think.

My oil level did go up with local driving (about 0.75 inch) but doing long miles meant it did not move after an mid 12500 mile service.

I still find it a nice car that is very comfortable. I might replace with a Mazda. Knowing the issue with DPF (not just Mazda) is just an aspect of owning/having the car.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Mazda5
>> Does your Mazda5 have the sticker on the engine cover
about the oil levels (L F and X) and the pages in the owners manual.

No, it doesn't have the sticker on the engine cover and I notice they have added this to later models. It does have a few lines in the owners manual but not the separate booklet now issued.

From the car owners (Mazda and otherwise) I have spoken to, we seem to be slightly unusual in that we do regularly check our oil level. My wife actually did read the handbook when we got the car! Also, Mazda had the car at the end of April for the diesel over-run recall which they have told me involved an oil check.

There is something else at play here and we will eventually find out what. Our own engineer is arranging to inspect the car shortly. Meantime we have had to go and buy another car.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med

I have posted a new topic and i think it's in relation to this case.

Last night i was driving my mazda 6 (58 Plate) on a busy 'A' road travelling approx 65mph to then notice the car was accelerating by it's self. To cut this story short, i was approaching a roundabout about 700yrds away and the car just hit 100MPH and then the first thing i thought of was to switch the engine off at 100mph and i had to swerve in a gap of other cars on my left to slam on my brakes and stop on a slip road.

That's the worst experience i have ever had. Previous to this, i've had the engine warning light appear about 4 times and mazda cannot bring up any reasons why it kept happening, i asked them what was wrong and how they fixed it they came back with this "we hooked it up to the computer & reset the DPF"

I had the car towed to mazda last night from around 80 miles away, and this morning i dropped the keys to them saying i cant drive this car anymore it's too dangerous & i can never trust it again. I recieved a phone call from them asking if i had read the handbook and asking me the question do you know what DPF is....

Added to this, about 2 months ago, my tyre valve snapped off and this is being dealt with by VOSA.

I don't want the car repaired, because it can happen again & if it did i could be in a worse off situation & like you said happened to you, the engine could hae blown & still can.

Around 20 minutes ago, i telephoned mazda head office & had no joy from them, they stated they will have to wait for a report from the mazda dealer. Also, i contacted consumer direct & they adviced me the best thing i can do is to write a letter stating the sales of goods act 1979.

I understand where a lot of people will just have the problem fixed, but now - what am i suppoed to do when my mum, dad & myself are too scared to drive it.

I counted my self lucky i wasnt injured or killed. I'll be more than happy to take this to watchdog anytime with you all.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - stoneybroke
Have just had £9000 bill from Mazda dealer for new engine and diesel cat after engine
ingested its own oil due to diesel entering the sump causing the oil level to rise. No warning lights before incident.

Car is 57 plate but Mazda will nor pay for repair under warranty!!!!!!!!!! Seems to be a lot of these incidents. Understand other manufacturers use similar system and some owners are experiencing similar failures.

Do you do a lot of short journeys as I understand this has a bearing on how the DPF system works.


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06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med
Hi Stoneybroke,

oooo thats nasty! what did mazda say, the oil rising was your fault? and how often you check it?

I would suggest that firstly if do check you oil levels weekly to fight it, thats what im doing.

The more cases of this the stronger it makes it for all of us who have lost out.

We do short & long journeys but not once have we been told this car is for long journeys only!
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - bitter
Watchdog have now contacted me !Please contact them, we are in legal procedings with our local Mazda dealer our car has been there for 8 months! Mazda U.K. can not get away with this.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med
Hello Bitter,

I have emailed watchdog numerous times, did you telephone them to put a claim in? i have tried that but they say i have to go back to writing them an email.

I have been to my solicitor yesterday and we are starting legal proceedings too, bear in mind i have the 2nd gen mazda but the engines work on the same basis..Have you read my post about your insurance may cover your legal expenses?

My car has been in the dealers for way over a month now, i hate being left without a car but this has to be dealt with. My solicitor is formally rejecting the car on lots of terms.

Drop me an email if you would like, contact@modxpc.com.

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - neveragain
I had the same problem two weeks ago on my 56 plate Mazda5 TS2 diesel. ie black smoke pouring out of the exhaust, dpf light flashing and loss of power and an almighty clattering from the engine followed by smoke coming from under the bonnet. Very alarming. This was on the M25 after a 100 mile run. The car had been serviced two weeks previously at a Mazda dealer and had only covered 180 miles since then. Luckily I had taken out the extended Mazda warranty. The car was recovered to my local garage and Mazda assistance paid the bill without a question. The final cost was £1,111.28 The problem with the car was a defective injector. This apparently caused diesel fuel to be dumped into the sump and triggering the dpf light even though it wasn't a dpf problem. I have had the car for three years and never had the dpf light come on and it has never missed a beat apart from this one occassion. Sorry to disagree with you guys but I can't fault the Mazda backup or my dealer.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med

Who tested the injectors? I have an 08+ new design and am waiting back for an expensive oil & injector test :( i really really hope it comes back with something!!! if it does, that will certainly cause mazda a problem.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Batteryman
I have also suffered with the DPF problems, including a frightening episode of 'Diesel Runaway'. (uncontrollable acceleration, due to the engine using its lubricating oil as fuel)

When I bought the car, new in 2006, no mention was made of the DPF, or how any particular style of driving could affect it. After my 'runaway' episode, which resulted in the DPF light flashing, the dealer had to perform a 'Manual Regeneration' of the DPF. Even then, no mention was made of the cause. It was only by coming to this forum, that I learned the truth about this piece of shoddy design.

It is a fact, that most modern cars are so reliable that a majority of owners do not even lift the bonnet, as they expect the cars to require no attention between dealer services. That said, I DID check my oil level, and it was just under the dreaded 'X' mark the day before it went haywire. This occurred at 18000 miles by the way, which was only 6000 miles after it had received a main dealer service!
I would have expected some stern warnings of the catastrophic results of an over-full sump! All you do get however, is a yellow sticker on the engine cover that says

"! Change oil when at or above X".

There is only one cautionary note in the owners manual; on page 8-18 you get -

" ! CAUTION Don't add engine oil over Full. This may cause engine damage."

There is a further note, specific to the Diesel engine which says;

"Inspect the engine oil level periodically (before getting into the vehicle). When inspecting the engine oil, if the engine oil level is close to or exceeds the "X" mark on the dipstick, replace the oil".

Unfortunately, these 'warnings' fall far short of what is actually required. For example;

"Change the oil when the level approaches the "X" mark, or the vehicle WILL try to kill you. Should you survive, Mazda will charge you £8000 to rectify the fault!" would probably cover it. However, I don't think Mazda would be too keen on being so honest...

So, to be safe, you would have to get your oil changed at least once, maybe twice in between services.. My local Mazda dealer charges £145.00 for an oil change on this vehicle. Even if you do it yourself, there is the problem of sourcing the oil (the Castrol website refers you to the main dealer) and the fact that the car has to go onto the Mazda computer to be reset.

Other problems with the car have been; Noise from the front suspension/steering, Engine misfiring at 1250 rpm, Erratic Idle speed. Also rapid and uneven wear of the tyres.

I bought the vehicle with a view to keeping it for at least five years. I have now lost all confidence in the car and have sought to trade it in, only to be offered less than a third of its new price, less than three years ago!

Shame on you Mazda. Shame on your dealers. I will never enter your showrooms again!
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - vulcan7
I think it's worth making sure your engine rev's are over 2000 on Mazda diesel's as you can drive on motorway at 70mph and not be going over 2000 rev's which is not good for these engines.

Top gear is very high on the six speed box round town I often stay in fourth and on busy motorways fifth.

If you want it to run like a bird then 3000 in top it will love !
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med
Any updates anyone?
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Molly Coddle
I?ve been meaning to come into this discussion for a few weeks. First of all, I?m grateful for all the info about this problem as it clarifies what happened to us in July. Bought a May 2007 Mazda 6 Wagon (diesel) in December 2007 with 14000 miles on the clock. (Never had a Mazda before so not familiar with them.) We use it for driving short distances (1 to 3 miles) most of the time with longer runs once a month or so. DPF light came on a few times but we obeyed the handbook and ran it till the light went off. Oil level got pretty high before the last service but not past the X and being Mazda virgins we (like some of you) had no idea what caused it to rise.

Had it serviced last Christmas, went to France in it in May, no probs at all. Suddenly, dreadful (random) metallic grinding noises, then the engine got noisier and noisier. We were away in the country and managed to nurse it 20 miles to the nearest Mazda garage (no warning lights or anything) where after a few days they said that it needed a new engine and this was being done under guarantee. Apparently they had found metal filings in the sump.

When we picked it up the service manager mentioned the problem may have been the DPF, diesel diluting the oil etc, and Googling this has made it all clear. Firstly, I?m so relieved that there was no question about doing the work under guarantee ? does this mean Mazda has had a change of heart? Or were we lucky in our garage? Secondly, how do we cope with the car in future? Drive it around town in second gear to keep the revs up? Get the oil changed as soon as it goes up a bit? Cut our losses and get something else? As we didn?t buy it new and in fact we read an article recommending Mazda 6 we can?t say we were mis-sold it but everyone we?ve spoken to is horrified that the car is not fit for purpose, especially the purpose we need it for. What sort of a driver is it designed for?
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - injection doc
How do you cope in the future ? well sell it & don't buy another! supposing it was out of warranty & next time it may be it will break the bank
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Chasba
Just another sad story to add to the long list of gloom on this subject. I have the 2006 Mazda 6 2.0 turbodiesel ts2. Driving down the M1 on Saturday I lost engine power and then the DPF light came on and started flashing. I managed to limp a short distance to a Mazda dealer who regenerated the DPF and all was well......until returning north on the M1 the next day the same thing happened. Power loss, then DPF light, then the engine management light, then another light (a car with alarming skid marks behind it!). Needless to say I stopped pronto.

4 hours later we got home on the back of an AA truck. Today the car is with my local Mazda dealer who has just phoned with the good news that the catalyst has had it and would I like to part with £2,900 please!

The car has always been serviced, is run at varying rev.speeds in varying conditions but never flogged. It is now just a few months out of warranty. I'll shall speak to Mazda in the hope of some compensation but I'm not at all hopeful.

All the postings on this site since last December tell me there is some real problem with these DPF's that Mazda are not telling us about. It is not their fault that they have to fit them but buyers should be warned very strongly before making their purchase of a model with a DPF.

Do we know if Mazda has commented on this problem at all?

Has anyone had any luck regarding getting any form of goodwill out of Mazda? If so, what's the best approach?

The really sad thing is that this is a great vehicle and I was recently thinking how reliable it was. Just shows you shouldn't tempt fate!
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - macavity
Has anyone had any luck regarding getting any form of goodwill out of Mazda? If
so what's the best approach?

people such as:

or Whatcar magazine

and AutoExpress magazine

like to know about stories like these and sometimes get results.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med

Glad but yet sad someone else is having the same problem..

Believe me, i have tried watch dog, whatcar, auto express, topgear, fifth gear, other forums etc. Watchdog, i have left them 5 voicemails, 15 emails, 5 letters and nothing. Not a word back from them.

Maybe mazda have bought their silence? itll be cheaper than admitting that these problems are caused by a manufacturers defect. Also, how can mazda say to you that you had a DPF regen problem when you were on a motorway? Also, getting away with the catalyic convertor... . they are business men, crooks? Sure.

Where the hell can i/we go if no-one is listening, is there even a place to complain against watchdog?

Did you part with the money for the convertor?

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06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Chasba
No I haven't parted with money for the catalytic convertor but I'm not sure what choice I have. When I asked the garage for a report on why exactly the catalyst had failed I got told a lot of pseudo technical rubbish which basically boiled down to the fact that they don't know. I know they want to pin the old "you didn't drive it properly" routine on me.

I asked them to speak to Mazda about a "goodwill gesture". I was told that if Mazda did agree, I would only get 55% maximum because I was not the vehicle's first owner. This is true. Mazda was the first owner. It was a nearly new demo I bought from them.

They have advised me to get in touch with Mazda UK about this policy. You can already imagine the reception I'd get, can't you?

Everyone seems to say that Mazdas are a good choice in cars. Somehow, after reading all the postings on this site, I don't think I'm ever going to trust mine again. Problem is that it's depreciated so much in 3 years that I couldn't afford another.

If anything happens that might benefit others with this problem, I'll post it.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med
At least you aint spent the money and regretted it at the moment.

Mazda used that on me...Have you adjusted your driving style etc etc.... hold on, the handbook states that if the DPF needs to be regenerated it will do if your going over a certain speed and revvs etc. That's exactly what i was doing 65mph + on a motorway and they blamed it on the DPF even though no DPF warning light appeared..

My lead is that mazda are lying and trying to cover them self because everyone else is saying there is a strong possibility my case is due to faulty injectors. Have you read my post?

We'll Mazda UK - give me a quick email and i'll chat from there as it has apparently been known for them to look on these sites. contact@modxpc.com

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - sandy56
Considering how well known this problem is and how expensive it is why do people still buy MAzda 6 diesels.
No more MAZDA 6 sales and Im sure Mazda will fix it very quickly.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med
I Wouldnt mind giving it back but they wont let it :(
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - bitter
We have been fighting our case since Jan 09 (no car since then) Watchdog have contacted me, but not enough people have contacted them, looking at this site alone if more people had contacted them we might be in a better position ! We are taking our local dealer to court,procedings began in Feb 09.No goodwill was offered by mazda care even though the car was still under warranty.There is an inherent fault which Mazda are refusing to accept.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - rtj70
There is an inherent fault which Mazda are refusing to accept.

Not just Mazda's that have DPFs that work this way. Only a few on this site have had problems. My oil level rose a bit and lease company decided to change oil. But knowing the problem and what to check for.... not an issue for me (yet).
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - cj1000
hi how many miles since yo last got a service and whats your code since the over run recall
reprograme was carried out if you do about 15k miles the dpf light will flash on and show p2459 unable to perform dpf regen as the ecu suspects that the oil level is over full or to dirty car will go into safe mode or limp home mode p2105 will be shown (not over 2500 revs) tcs light will iluminate engine light also present. ecu will need oil degredation reset and oil change will need to be carried out (i suspect this my be your fault) (if oil change is carried out with out reseting ecu the fault lights will apear and oil and filter and resets will ned to be carried out). this stops the car over reving on its own. This is what has happened in some cases above (i think).
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - vulcan7
Hi cj1000 so for us owners who change their own oil and filter or have ind's change it how can we reset the ecu ?

Will disconnecting the battery do the job I wonder.

Thanks in anticipation
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med
Do you lot know if i get the injectors tested if it will void any such warranty? Of course itll be a registered mechanics.

I have the new shape mazda 6 with the diesel leak. of which mazda blame the DPF but no DPF light has ever come on. Too many people have said its more than likely to be the injectors.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med
Any ideas on this people? as its already booked in on monday. :)
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - cj1000
hi removing the battery does not reset the ecu, good none franchised garages should have the correct equipment to reset service lights, how you could reset it your self i don't know to be honest. Don't see how removing an injector/ testing it could affect warrenty so long as its refitted to book spec's (ie replacing specified parts like pipes seals etc and torqued correctly if that was not carried out and the injector was fault it could be argued that damage had been caused i would have thought) hope i've heped

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06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - jonny007
For what its worth I will add my experience to this very long & helpful thread.

I have a 2006 Mazda 6 2.0D 143. It was an ex-fleet car that I bought in May with 54K miles on the clock. I do regular long journeys, cruising at 2-2.5K revs with no problems.

Suddenly on Thursday last week the DPF started flashing whilst driving on the M62. I have a warranty from the company I bought it from who directed me to my local Nationwide garage. I took it in on Monday but they didn't have a clue. I think I know more about DPFs from reading this thread than they did. Anyway its now booked into Mazda tomorrow, so hopefully they can diagnose & fix.

I have had to drive the car, although I am keeping this to a minimum. I have noticed fuel consumption go up since the DPF light started, from an average on 10.4 l/100miles to around 14. I assume this is the ECU trying to pump more diesel in and burn the soot from the DPF. I am also monitoring the oil level which is about 4cm below X.

I will update once Mazda have had a look...
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - jonny007

Mazda had the car today. They have "regenerated the DPF" and the light is now off. I', £113 lighter, so fingers crossed it will be OK.

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - bitter
Keep looking at info on this thread.My car blew up after dpf problems , only 2 years old. No car now since Jan 2009
I can be sure Mazda will not accept any responsibility ! It will be your fault !!!!
Let me know what they say .
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - gavager
Yes, Mazda will blame you. I have had the same problem causing £3-4K damage on my 56 plate. Service overdue by time but not mileage so Mazda will not honour warranty. Yes, I conceed this is a contributing factor but whoever heard of a car that can dilute it's engine oil with enough diesel to cause it to self destruct without warning inside a mileage service interval?!. My advice would be to gather all the evidence you can find (VOSA recall, dipsticks being changed to ones with different oil level markings, the other instances cited here etc.) and take the dealer to small claims court on Sale of Goods Act 1979 - car is not sufficiently durable and was sold with an existing defect you were not made aware of.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - bitter
Thanks for your reply.
We have our court case in March 2010 !
We began legal proceedings in Feb 2009.
What are you doing regarding legal proceeding?
Keep in touch.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med
Hey people, me again! i've had my oil test back.. Believe it or not, i've got over 60% diesel mixed with the engine oil.... How will mazda get out of that one?
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - gavager
Mazda will get out of that one by saying it is your fault for not checking the oil enough.
The engine/DPF obviously has a design flaw due to the amount of diesel it can dump into it's oil in a relatively short space of time. Mazda can and are hiding behind the routine maintenance argument.
I belive that the new 2.2D DPF works differently and I think I read somewhere that the 2.0D is being phased out.
I am sorting out paperwork for a small claims action against the dealer as Mazda will not do anything. Due to my service being overdue I have offered a contribution to the repair. A car less than 3 years old that had been serviced less than 12,000 miles ago should not self-destruct without warning. Add to that the recall issue (which my car was due but had not had done), dipstick being changed, the evidence of other cases, I am hoping for a favourable outcome.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Mazda-Man
Having read, with sadness, the multitude of posts here regarding the various DPF and turbo problems apparent with these cars, I felt I just had to make the point that my faith in Mazda has now virtually disappeared. I've been very happy with my car (MPV) to date but feel it's a very unfair and shortsighted policy to treat customers in such a way. I'd imagine that many people have read this catalogue of woe and concluded that design flaws and insufficient dealer information re. the unsuitability of these DPF models for many drivers' actual needs/usage are at the root of the issue. Who'd blame these people for not only refusing to buy from Mazda in future but feeling sufficiently aggrieved that they'd actively discourage others from so doing. Many will be hoping that the legal/consumer action mentioned in these threads is successful, that those who've lost so much are fully compensated and that appropriate action is taken to ensure this sort of thing won't happen again. I won't be holding my breath, however,....... :(

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06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - ram64
Hi, I'm new in this forum and can see now that there are a lot of issues regarding this DPF thing. I would like to have some advice from someone. My main problem is that I'm now posted in Nigeria and I had to bring my M6 2006 2.0 along cause I couldn't sell it on time. So i'm in a country where the Mazda dealer has not a clue of diesel engines and even less of a DPF. Plus diesel quality is .... Now after changing oil last month (I brought a few Dexelias and spareparts) DPF light is flashing. It flahes after 5 minutes running and power still fine.
. Oil level remain is ok. It is true that I only make around 20 km per day but at good speed. I've been here for a year now and the car is only 18.000 KM. The manual says that rather than running over 2000 rpm for a few minutes (that's for steady light) I should take it to the dealer, but here... Any ideas? Please.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - barkas
Hi All. Mazda have cocked up big time on this one. 2.0 litre engines all over Europe are failing and its all related to the particulate filter,its a well known problem car in the trade and people are selling them on fast ,lots at reduced prices ....go to the top of this page and check out honest johns review under "car-by-car" for this model and get your advert in the papers.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - maree
Thats for sure. I am from ireland and have the same problem as all the rest of you. my dpf light came on and I had it looked at by a mazda dealer and they told me I needed a new dpf filter fitted at the cost of ?2150.00. I was told that i didnt drive it for long enough journeys , and it was all my own fault. is there any one else in ireland with the problem?
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - miata
I cannot believe this has been going on so long. I assumed it had long since been resolved.

With so much evidence available or so it appears.

Has no one bothered to issue a County Court Summons against Mazda.

With so many failures and complaints surely there is plenty of evidence to take civil litigation.

Or am i missing something!!!!!!!
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med
Hi Miata,

Im sure people have, i am at the moment!

My problem, as mazda tried blaming the DPF led me to find out i had 62% diesel within the oil, not right. Mazda still blame me.

I have not paid my finance for 2 months now & am getting letters warning me for court acton, my solicitor at the moment is working on a court date because every letter back from mazda is just...well, i aint got the words for it on a public forum.

The car nearly killed me & all mazda can do is offer me 1/3 contribution of an AA inspection. . I have the new shape mazda, i first ordered it to be a 08 plate but there was a delay which no reason was given but the good news i'lld have a 58 plate so at the time i thought oh my luck is in, very wrong i was. Has anyone heard of why there was a delay in the 08 plate new shape?

And why don't i see any where any 08, 58 plate diesels?? I work in and around London, outer London but all i seem to see is petrol models or 59 plate diesels. Has there been a recall?


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06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - bitter
We are still fighting this.!!!
After waiting over 1 year we now have our court date !!!
No car since Jan 09.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Mazda-Man
Best of luck with your case!!

I'm sure many people here will be interested to find out how it goes.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - shucks
Dear all - I read this thread with interest as I drive a Mazda 3 (57 reg) with the 143 2.0D engine. I was aware of the concerns with this engine before I purchased and did my research, including getting some honest comments from my excellent Mazda dealer.
Through this thread I find some common themes and some contradictions so maybe I can help from advice I have been given and my experience.

Before buying I test drove quite a number of these vehicles, some exhibited a rise in the oil level and others did not. I avoided those that did.

In Nov 08, I spoke to my excellent mechanic who advised me that there had indeed been problems with rising oil levels, but revised engine management patches had meant that he, a mazda mechanic, had not seen a recurrence of the problem in >9months.

At purchase (Jan 09) I asked for all the latest patches to be applied. Apparently at this time (circa 16th Jan 09) Mazda issued two service bulletins, including a recall notice via VOSA for engine overrun. I have had sight of these and one was to cure a noise in the inlet tract of some vehicles and the other (the recall) to improve monitoring and management of the oil level and quality to prevent white smoke and engines overrunning due to excessive oil levels in the sump. This is what I believe many prople are reporting and one through the car 'running away' approaching a roundabout. (NB correspondants who reference 'cracked turbo vanes' in one of these bulletins should be aware that apparently this is a gremlin in the english translation on the service bulletin - apparently there has never been any physical damage to the turbos.) My excellent mechanic also advised me that the various engine management patches over the years have also significantly (he stressed the significantly) altered the DPF regeneration process so the likelihood of fuel getting in the sump in the first place is drastically reduced.

I have now driven the 143 Mazda 3 now for a year and done 28,000 miles with all the patches applied and there has NEVER been any rise in oil level at all - not even by 1mm. In that time I have had 2 services. I did have a flashing DPF light once, but that was because the service indicator/regen frequency setting had not been reset during a service and it did NOT go into 'limp mode'. Once done, no problems at all. I will say that the 28000 miles is mainly motorway miles, but generally at just below the 2000rpm recommended for regen. On vacations the MWays are not touched, short low rev jourrneys being the norm and still NO rise in oil level.

As I understand it from my engineer (and I need to check my own car to confirm), the 2.0D regenerates by injecting neat fuel directly into the DPF, not into the cylinders during the exhaust cycle, and when regeneration is incomplete (i.e. short journeys, turning engine off mid regen cycle etc.), any unburnt fuel in the DPF is then drained into the sump as it is illegal to drain it into the exhaust. The amounts should be small but if the cycle is repeatedly interrupted, needless to say amounts will inevitably build up. Apparently the drain pipe is visible between the DPF and the engine (but I haven't checked). It is probably worth stating the the 1.6D engine does inject into the exhaust stroke and all fuel is always burnt in the DPF. I can also state categorically that after running one of these for 88,000 miles not once did the oil level rise. I deduce therefore that the draining of unburnt fuel into the sump is the likely cause of oil contamination and the changed to DPF regeneration in the various patches has reduced the likelyhood of unburnt fuel remaining. As I say, in 28,000 miles of running a fully patched 143D I have had no problems at all.

Clearly other correspondants proplems are real and they have received some obstructive responses. It also seems some cars are affected more than others, but also that behind the scenes Mazda really have been working away to resolve the issues and based on my experience have done so. Mazda have a good reputation, I don't believe they would jeopardise that through dodgy practices, but I can accept they have to be careful in what they release to avoid misrepresentation and scandal from the media. My personal experience is they can appear awkward, but with gentle persistance and the assistance of a good dealer, they do deliver, they do listen to reason, do go over and above the call of duty and do seek to ensure a good customer experience.

All I can suggest is everyone goes back to their dealer and gets ALL the engine management patches applied ASAP and monitor oil levels weekly from then on. If its OK, your problem is solved hopefully before engine damage has occurred. Once satisfied, you can probably just monitor levels a couple of times between services which to me is not onerous.

Hope this helps

PS: I assure you - I am NOT associated with Mazda, I'm just a technically competent owner who likes to understand how his car works and should be maintained.

PPS: Engine oil - I use Mobil1 ESP which meets Mazda Dexilia specs and if you purchase via a supplier on the Mobil website, comes in a lot cheper than Dexelia.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - rtj70
when regeneration is incomplete (i.e. short journeys, turning engine off mid regen cycle
etc.), any unburnt fuel in the DPF is then drained into the sump as it is illegal to drain it into
the exhaust.

The design flaw is you don't know it's trying to do a regen and therefore shouldn't turn off the engine. If this is then repeated before a regen happens the oil level can easily rise. Maybe there should have been a regen is active light? But the cars cannot be redesigned retrospectively.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - shucks
Hi there
I think some indication that a regen was occurring would be useful for conscientious or technically minded drivers, but I can also see it would confuse a lot of owners as the instructions would need to be 'do not stop driving until this light goes out' and imagine the outcry if that was publicised along with situations of people running red lights because the car said 'do not stop driving!' Such an instruction wouldn't be tenable - or safe! Equally saying 'let vehicle idle before stopping' would be no use as the regeneration stops during idle as the exhaust cools too much. In fact, I believe (emphasis on the 'believe' as I have no facts here) the engine management attempts to make a 'best guess' of when to do a regen based on its understanding of past driving and current conditions (I was told that was certainly the case with the 1.6D and my experience suggested it was true).

I used to have real problems with the concept of diesel in the sump (still do in fact) but when you consider all the scenarios or options available to manufacturers, I can't think of anything else. You can't leave it in the exhaust as its illegal. You don't want it back in the tank as it will be contaminated with exhaust soot, you can't drain it onto the road. The best alternatives I can come up with are
a) Drain it into a container and have it emptied at services or
b) produce a mechanism where the absolute minimum ends up in the sump.
It seems to me that Mazda (and other manufacturers) have opted for the latter, and I can understand that. Lets not forget these systems have been decreed by governments to clean up the air that we all rely on and to me there is nothing more noxious than following a smoky diesel.

The key thing as far as I am concerned is that Mazda have recognised the problem(s) with the technology and issued engine management patches, changing the regen process to at least alleviate the problem and in many cases, cure it as well as being responsible in issuing the overrunning recall. That is the behaviour of a responsible manufacturer. I'm told, dealers should check for and apply engine management patches when they see any car for service - whether they do or not is open to debate, but is one for owners to ask. Mine is going in for service in a couple of weeks and I have specified an item to 'Check for and apply Engine Management Patches' just in case!

Clearly this does not help owners with failed engines, other than the fact patches do logically signify concerns that needed retrospective amendment, but at least making sure all owners get the patches applied might well stop other owners suffering the same failures.

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - miata
That is a very useful post and i think adds weight to the theory that driver input may well be responsible in a lot of these cases.

Several have admitted missing/delaying recommended service intervals.

This is a missed opportunity to have software upgrades on recalls as mentioned in the interesting post.

The writer does high mileage per year but more importantly the car is not used as a shopping trolley/school drop off stop/start machine.

Its obvious that some cars with this affliction are used in that inappropriate method.

As the writer of this interesting post has experienced good motoring so have at least five friends/work colleagues with none of the problems outlined here.

I believe with correct servicing and usage this is an excellent diesel engine.

In fact i have just placed an order for one.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med

Adding to the recent posts, a few up the very detailed post - you mention something about Mazda and VOSA doing some sort of re-call regarding the DPF and the patches?

When my car first went into limp mode mazda said they updated it & reset the computer. But note at this stage the only reason i took it in was because it was in 'limp mode' with only the engine management light on, NOT the DPF light as all other cars seem to do so.

Correct me if im wrong, if this Mazda has all the safety features i.e. tyre monitoring systems, ABS, etc etc. Then doesn't this show a lack of responsibility on mazda's behalf as they designed & implemented the DPF system they should have known the consequences of the oil rising, so there should be a light that will appear if soo much diesel is being entered into the sump?? or at least a warning light if the oil is too high?

A mate of myn has got a new 306, when he turns the ignition on there are 2 warning lights that are available - looking into his handbook they are both for "oil low" & "oil high". Did mazda forget this?

As everyone says, aswell as the handbook that the cars not been driven as it should be i think is poop, i was on a motorway and was on that stretch of road for at least 10 miles until it run-away on me - that should have been more than enough for the DPF to regen.

I really can go blue in the face until i win my case against mazda uk. Still on the net 24/7 researching on how i can help my self in this situation. My car is sittnig useless outside, i can't even turn the engine on because im scared the engine will blow up & i then have no case.

Does anyone have a link or source on these service bulletins or recalls?

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - shucks

The recall is to prevent overrunning due to high oil in the sump and the warning light for 'high oil level' is the DPF light - it is used for a variety of conditions, just like the engine management light.

Equally a vehicle needing a regen with high oil levels can run away as the runaway is due to the high oil level not, absolutely not, the need for a regen. I believe (stress the believe as I'm going from memory - check the handbook for facts) a flashing DPF light is a 'get this to your dealer ASAP' light and could mean dangerously high oil levels, poor oil quality or requiring a dealer regen but a 'static on' DPF light means 'please drive this car above 2000rpm for x miles to force a regen' - please check the handbook. As I've said before - Owners - please get the patches applied.

I would imagine the engine management light being on represented a different fault and the dealer identified other problems at the time. I cant be sure as I didn't look at the car and the phrase 'updated it & reset the computer' could mean many things, but I'd guess it is unlikely the DPF system caused the engine management light to illuminate.

Ref. bulletins - I'd love to find them all myself so yes, anyone know? I don't believe Mazda, or any other manufacturer, publish them.

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - davmal
Got rid of my mazda diesel because of concerns over the rapidly rising oil level, amongst other things.
Maybe your oil level isn't increasing betwen services because the engine is consuming the oil/fuel mixture at the rate that it is being produced. My experience was wholly different, the 143 ps engine could run to the oil change level within 4 months of a service (5000 miles or so) and only once got a DPF fail to regen warning.
Are you sure the Mobil oil meets the specs, I seem to remember Dexelia being a ACEA1 oil? Luckily I managed to get a large(ish) quantity of Dexelia DPF 5w-30 at a knock down price owing to a labeling error!
Always admired the Mazda reputation until I bought one.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - shucks

Was your engine patched with the patches issued in Jan 09?

Lets remember the DPF light means different things - see my post of a few minutes ago. 'Needing a regen' is a whole different thing to high oil levels and running away, but the same light is used. You clearly had the oil changed before the engine management thought it was dangerous. The Jan 09 patch apparently makes this monitoring more sensitive and timely.

Ref oil - I checked specs very, very carefully including speaking with the manufacturers. My information is Mobil 1 ESP meets the Mazda recommendation. Don't take my word for it, check the specs., speak with Mobil and check the handbook. Personally, with any DPF equipped vehicle it would be foolish to run anything except the correct spec lubricant.


I think I'm going to bow out of this thread now. I've said all I wanted to say, but I'll keep an occasional eye out and respond if I feel I can help.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med

thanks for your replies.

The first question - Jan 2009 patches. Nope it wasnt. I never had any letters or phone calls stating that this needed to be done. The only thing was when i had the limp mode thats when i took it in.

In regards to the handbook, it states a small amount on the DPF, but honestly - i was never told this before i bought the car. Was anyone?

I checked my oil levels every week, this is one main reason why im taking this so far. I stuck to the handbook & knew all the warning lights but for this car without warning to do that to me.... Mazda should seriously cound them self luck it wasnt any worse.

Jan 2009, should there have been some sort of recall then? i.e. should i have recieved a notice?

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - shucks

Recalls can be found on the VOSA web site - see link below. Checking it, it was issued by VOSA in Feb 09 not Jan 09 - apologies. I cant explain why you didn't receive a recall. To be honest neither did I but I assumed that was because the patch had already been applied.


For ALL following this dialogue, I note the VOSA recall page states
"If you believe you have experienced a safety defect due to a deficiency in the design or construction of your automotive product, please contact VOSA on 0117 9543300 or complete a report form or email vsb@vosa.gov.uk so that we may assess whether or not we can take the matter forward."

For those of you still having problems you might want to contact VOSA too - afterall an engine 'blow up' is safety related as you could cause a multiple pile up.

All I can say once again to all is there is a patch out there to address this - get it applied.

Regarding an earler comment by another correspondant asking if my car was burning as much oil as was 'increasing' - I think not. Just consider:
1) the difference between F and X on dipstick is about 5litres (ish).
2) To fill that every 5000miles = approx 2.5gallons of consumption in 12,500miles (and that of course is 2.5 gallons of diesel diluting the oil).
3) Not even the most clapped out, smokiest vehicle I've ever known used that much oil let alone a 57 registered modern diesel with 28k miles.
4) With that level of consumption the DPF would have given up the ghost, clogged irreparibly, many many months ago
5) No engine would survive running even a few miles on thet level of dilution.


06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - davmal
Had the "patch" applied to my 2006 model and it made no difference. Initially, around June 07 the fix was a new dipstick, shorter with the marks closer together.
Think you may have taken my extreme oil dilution and used it in your calculation. Your car may be diluting its oil at a lower rate and consuming the excess. I would be very surprised if your engine was not consuming any oil.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - shucks
Hi there - Happy new year. I agree I based my calcs on your figures, but I had to start somewhere. To be honest I don't believe I have oil consumption, but it is difficult to assess. What I can say, even if there is a net zero decrease the oil level, quality still seems excellent and the Jan 09 patches do revise the calibration for oil quality as the bulletin states something like "the DPF light will start flashing at more accurate timing, monitoring the driving conditions....." (I took notes when I was shown a copy at one stage because I like to know what to do when something happens on my vehicle). It even suggested that an 'OK' vehicle before update might suddenly report 'need oil change' immediately the patch is applied and that makes perfect sense to me as oil quality monitoring is more sensitive.

I've been pondering this one: Reviewing multiple threads, I see just 3 things afflicting this engine:
1) rising oil levels
2) engine failures
3) engine overruns

The oil level is implicated in all these - BUT there are TWO reported causes.
1) DPF Regeneration and residual fuel draining into the sump
2) Defective injector seals leaking fuel into the cambox.

I've read several cases of all being OK before the first service and then problems after. Noones driving styles or type of mileage change so quickly so what is done at the first service? Injector seals as the cam cover should be removed for valve clearance checks. The design of these must be a difficult engineering problem as they need to seal the compression gasses and seal the cam box. Two sets of gaskets for a gap that might vary. This, I guess is why Mazda have changed the design of the seals introducing crushable seals to accomodate this potential variability. For me, if I had a car that was OK (as now) and it suddenly changed, my FIRST call would be to insist, (even if I had to pay) the injector seals were changed. This is a MUST DO in my book. In my opinion, and my experience, with a fully patched engine there should not be much, if any, excess oil due to regens so it simply must be coming from elsewhere. My comment, if I had a car with excessive oil on a patched engine doing 'normal' mixed journeys I'd not be simply asking for seals to be checked, I'd be getting them replaced. If problem fixed - Brill! Its cheaper than engine failure!

Injector seals are also implicated in carbon buildup blocking the oil strainer in the sump = engine failure. This seems to have been more in the 121 and 136ps engines unless I've missed some more recent posts. Apparently standard test is compression test, but this may not pick up small leaks, but over time, a small amount of gases in the engine will build up carbon deposits. Again, this emphasises the need to get the seals replaced at recommended intervals and if there is doubt, to get them done again. I'm not sure how a normal owner could notice this problem unless there was excessive crank case pressure and mega disgusting oil - but both are subjective I admit.

Overrun: This has exercised my brain for a while; why does high oil level cause overrun? Personally I think the oil level is a symptom, I think (and it is only a suggestion) is that the oil viscosity is thinned so badly that it passes the turbo seals and is blown into the engine so the oil/diesel mix runs the engine - hence turning off the ignition won't stop it. Not good. Other authors have suggested this too. However, early evidence of this condition should be visible to any engineer simply by looking into the inlet tract and intercooler and I'd expect the intercooler to contain a LOT of oil/diesel mix as it is the lowest point and its cold, condensing vapours. Better still - check the oil level. Clearly this situation is bad news, causes damage and everything else - but the Mazda recall patch addresses this. Look at the post from cj1000 on 13th Oct 09. We could all do well to listen to this author as he (assuming you are a chap) KNOWS about the system and the new fault codes. In that post he tells us what the patches do and I concur. After a service where the regen frequency reset was not done, at 14,420 since patch application I got code P2459 - CJ1000 says this will occur after approx 15k miles. He is right! He also tells us about oil quality/level warnings which include the TCS and Engine mangement lights. On reflection this seems sensible - its trying to say, 'Your oil is dangerously thin, it can't lubricate properly (engine managenent light), your car could become difficult to control (TCS light) - STOP NOW!' Mazda clearly acknowledge this was not triggering soon enough so issued the recall. Good on Mazda in my book - its the response of a responsible manufacturer. Compare with the Watchdog case of Renault Lagunas running away - it was denied, or the Citroen Xantia handbrake. Again denied. Mazda acknowledge it, advise customers and issue fixes/recalls. They also seem to give quite generous 'gestures' for out of warranty failures and I've never known any other manufacturer do that.

Closing comment: One correspondant noted a Peugeot with a high and low oil level light. What is that other than another manufacturer acknowledging oil levels can rise? This one fact alone tells me this is clearly not just a Mazda 2.0D problem.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - oilrag
But it seems only Mazda has a 189 post thread on rising oil levels.....
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med
Shucks & Everyone Happy new year.

Ok, shucks on your long post - interesting. Your last paragraph about the Peugeot, yep their oil's must rise if there is a warning light. But why is there not one for Mazda? To me it seem like Peugeot didn't forget to include it whereas Mazda did.

Also where you say about Overrun & not being able to turn the engine off, my car over-run but i cuold turn it off. When it happened i sat there in shock for about 10 minutes then tried to pull off again, as i did it over-run again. So i had no choice but to call the breakdown & have not driven it since. Why is it that i can turn my engine off.

About these fault codes, my car went in for a courtesy check in Jan sometime of 2009 and all came back ok, when i had this engine management light come on the receipt i have in front of me don't have any fault codes or even what the problem was but the technician said we reset the computer so you shouldnt see it on again. But it did happen, ONLY the Engine management light about 2 weeks later, so i was driving it to the garage but it went off. 2 weeks after that exact thing happened again but went off after a minute.

Does my car (2008+) have a log of if the DPF light has ever come on?

When i broke down i took a picture of my dashboard (luckily) and it shows no warning lights at all, obviously if there was a problem the lgiht should have been on there and then right?

I keep going round and round in circles with this, honesty - mazda customer service (head office) are rubbish. They never cared at all what happened and mentioned it's not thier problem. I need to build up a case file to take to court, so any ideas? advice? etc...My solicitor is working on a date.

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - shucks
Hi folks

Quick reply and my last. As I've said before, I've said all I wanted.

Oil level light: As I've said before and deduced from other posts on various threads, mazda seem to use a combination of DPF light, EM light and TCS to denote various conditions incl. high oil level. They just don't use a separate light.

Overrun and turning engine off: My reading of the posts and pure deduction based on symptoms is the engines overrun due to thinned oil passing the turbo oil seals (please be aware I've never experienced it.) I could understand an idling engine stopping with the key and a driven engine overrunning as the higher intake velocity of a driven engine would 'pick up' oil/diesel mix from wherever it lies (I would guess intercooler) but at idle, there would be no 'pickup' as the intake velocity is lower. The majority of the posts suggest when the condition gets extreme, turning off the ignition does not stop the engine, and it wouldn't as the mixture being burnt is being sucked in through the intake rather than injected through the injectors. Has anyone looked inside your intercooler and intake pipes? Might be worth paying an independant engineer (e.g. the AA) to have a look. There is a wealth of information on this site about what is likely to be happening, but each and every case could well be different.

I wouldn't expect a dealer to state fault codes on an invoice.

Log of DPF light? Not sure, but one post I've seen suggests it might have, but I have no personal knowledge, only what I have read on this and other posts.

No warning lights at time of overrun: I could forsee that happening but PLEASE BE AWARE the following is simply logical deduction, I CANT say what the real case is with your car, as with all my comments in this thread, only someone competent looking at it can decide if what I'm speculating could have occurred. If oil was OK at the time (quality and level) and there was burnable residue in the intake, then the computer would be saying all is OK, but then driving along, it picked up the 'rubbish' that had been accumulating over time. You really do need a sensible engineer to look at your car to find the evidence rather than taking the word of speculations/experiences from sites like this. I stress 'sensible engineer as simply reading fault codes may not identify the TRUE cause of failure.

As an example ref. fault codes; on another car I kept getting the Engine Management light on, time after time, after time. (it was a diesel but not the Mazda 2.0D unit). The fault code was 'blocked or leaking intake system' or 'blocked exhaust'. All were checked time and time again and the fault kept recurring. Had all sorts of bits replaced under the cars warranty to no avail. Personally, I then started to think about what could cause the computer to 'think' it had a leaking intake and decided that the sensors either at the air filter or engine were giving false readings (i.e. filter end saying more had gone in that the engine said had arrived or such like.) Garage took little notice until I found the Mass Air Flow (MAF)sensor (air filter end) was heavily contaminated so was giving a false reading. Garage admitted they had simply never looked, they had just run through the computer checklist!!! Sensor cleaned and problem vanished. Bottom line, think about what the codes mean - or force garage to think about it. Remember, there is rarely anything in an engine management system that considers 'false' readings, they tend to assume is the sensor is OK then the value it sends is OK - it may not be.

I cannot and would not advise on legal matters and my vehicle has no problems or symptoms. I'm not even sure others experiences can be used in an individual claim, but you will need to prove the failure of your vehicle is due to a warranty covered fault or that the failure was due to a manufacturing defect. You will be fighting your individual claim with evidence from YOUR car, not fighting everone elses battles based on their posts.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - oilrag
I don`t have a Mazda - but part of my work was advising clients on forming pressure groups to get publicity in what often seemed like hopeless situations.

It can be very effective. Negative media attention, really is the soft underbelly, of organizations that depend on sale of a product.

On the other hand - If I were a manufacturer (or dealer) reading a thread like this - I would be making it seem as difficult as possible to do anything at all.

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06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - sandy56
Considering how well known this problem now is why does anyone buy a Mazda diesel?

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med
I wish i never bought a mazda. it was nice at first, then it was a downhill spiral with mazda not caring any moment on the journey.... only when they want money, they are your best friend.

Best looking car though.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med
Oil rag - your right. But how can we / i start doing this??
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - oilrag
Med, There are lots of examples that you could research on the web. From Greenpeace, Fathers For Justice down to a single woman i met outside a major supermarket on the run up to Christmas.
She had a well printed placard and was going on about not eating ducks. The manager had been called out, police had been called and no-one could do anything. The only let down was her friends had not turned up and the local press had not taken up their invite. But even so - it was a real demonstration of people power.

She knew her rights exactly and that was key to it. It`s also possible to contact an existing pressure group of course and gain knowledge that way.

I think I will limit it at that.

All the best to you all.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - velocityblade

I'm new to this thread though I have posted on other similar threads. As a Mazda6 2.0TD owner I am afraid I too know a lot more about DPF and oil dilution than I did 8 weeks ago when I bought my 3 year old 6! So far over 3 weeks I have had oil/filter change, manual DPF regen and DPF replaced (all for about £2200). Never had a warning light come on until all the lights were up and DPF was flashing. I have covered about 3500 miles since getting the car mostly on motorways and had problems with loss of power as well as all the lights, but never with oil level increasing. Car is still losing power and is at the service centre.

I am with oilrag on this one. There must be more we could do if we all worked together as one Action Group rather than individuals. I have posted on other threads the idea of a "Class Action" law suit. SInce those posts I have spoken to a great lawyer who advises that should be a last course of action and that - as oilrag suggests - a pressure group or Action Group would be a good first step. The media and Watchdog would be more interested in why an action group had been formed too.

I'd be happy to contribute to sucha group if anyone else is interested. Maybe we could pick up on anyone else's legal developments so far (Med?). I've no commercial interest insuch a group - I just think the way Mazda are behaving is appaling and is no way to run a customer service organisation.

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med
I am compiling my file to go to watchdog main office as i have no joy from them over emails letters etc. Is there anything anyone thinks i should remember to bring, say, maybe what you lot want to say etc? as the first time i go i want to give them hell!

Let me know.
06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - cj1000

Hi did you take your a car to a dealer, or back street garage? Do you know what codes were showing. The tech data for the dpf system states the filter does not need to be replaced unless blocked and the light has been on permantly and the car is limit mode will not go over 2500 revs. Was the degredation control reset after your oil and filter sounds like this may not have been done correctly. Your lossing power fault sounds like your injectors have lost there code they will just need reimputting into the ecu memory. This is not the first time i have herd of dpf's being replaced when not needed.

hope this helps

06 2.0 diesel Particulate Filter problems - Med


For those of you who have not already seen it. I have started up a mazda-campaign website and would invite all of you who are still facing problems or feel let down by Mazda Motors UK or dealers to come and join.

This is in no way slander against Mazda Motors UK but just a campaign so we can get heard as a group and not as individuals because MMUK seem to be going round the same explanations to all of our problems in the same style.

Visit: www.mazda-campaign.co.uk
Email: contact@mazda-campaign.co.uk

We look forward in hearing from you.

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Mazda 5 Furano GY56AZC - Engine Failure - Mazda5

Further to previous posts, here is an update:

GY56 AZC - 2006 Mazda 5 Furano purchased new November 2006

We suffered all the widely reported problems in the first 18 months: ripped off by dealer with "£1,000 DVD player offer" (actually junk worth £200); heavy inside edge rear tyre wear; loss of power; turbo failure; treated like dirt and insulted by Birchwood Mazda Eastbourne (subsequently reorganised due to customer service problems and now shut down as allegedly failed financial audit); engine failure at 31k.

We have a very large file of correspondence and I am currently working out the best way to share this to help other owners. Meantime here is a precis supplied to the independent engineer: see attachment at www.mazda-campaign.co.uk
And the Engineers Report: as above.

Points to note when you read the precis:
1. When we inspected the engine it was clear within minutes that the engine failure had occurred due to long-term overfuelling on no.1 cylinder, due most likely to a faulty injector. There was no evidence to support Mazdas assertion that we had not maintained the oil level.
2. Mazda had at no point properly inspected the engine. It had simply been looked at by a dealer mechanic. In fairness to that mechanic, you cannot expect a standard dealer
mechanic to diagnose a complex engine failure. The Mazda Regional Engineer, who is qualified to make such a diagnosis, had never been asked to inspect the vehicle. Instead,

Mazda Head Office relied on a basic inspection by the dealer mechanic and a number of assumptions to make the decision to refuse the warranty claim of £10,000. They then ignored every single item of evidence presented to them and doggedly maintained a refusal of the warranty claim. To do so they presented made up, technically flawed and embellished arguments, consistently ignoring the facts. They were deliberately vague and obtuse in correspondence and it was clear that deliberate tactics were being used to make it as hard as possible to challenge the warranty decision. I suspect that many other owners have given up faced with such treatment. This caused a long delay in instructing an independent engineer because I wanted answers to all my questions before presenting the information to an engineer. It was important that he inspect the car with all the background information and evidence because it is unlikely you will find an independent engineer who knows something as specific as Mazda DPF.
3. Although I had an issue with some statements made by the Rivervale Mazda Service Manager, relating to the 'evidence' they had concerning what they told my wife about some warranty work, I have no real issue with Rivervale. (One of the arguments Mazda used was that we did not have warranty recall work completed. We had taken the car for this work but did not realise that it had not been done until Mazda told us during the warranty refusal. The dealer claims they told my wife to rebook the car, but they did not and in the discussion about this, Mazda made up three different stories ranging from 'my wife demanded the car back before the dealer could do the work' to 'the laptop was
unavailable and we have evidence that your wife was told to rebook'). Apart from the above which I think came from the pressure Mazda Head Office put Rivervale under to
support the 'DPF' warranty refusal, Rivervale have always been courteous and as stated above, you cannot expect a dealer mechanic to diagnose a complex engine failure for a warranty claim - that should be the job of a suitably qualified engineer. It is clear from my dealings that Rivervale were put under pressure from Mazda Head Office. The Rivervale Service Manager told me that he felt 'trapped' between the customer and Mazda Head Office. What you can criticise them for is being a bit stupid in the first place - had they not felt trapped and instead fully supported their customer, we would probably have bought our replacement car from them. However, it is important to make a distinction between the Mazda dealer, a separately owned and run business, and Mazda UK.
4. There is a lot of information about DPF in my correspondence prior to the independent engineers report. In my case this became irrelevant because it transpired that the engine failure had nothing to do with the DPF process. However, I still maintain that if I had been properly informed about DPF prior to purchase, I would not have bought the car. You can see from my correspondence that Mazda UK didn't understand DPF in any great detail themselves. Their explanations were initially confused and contradictory, although this may have been a combination of incompetence and a deliberate attempt to confuse the customer.
5. In relation to an ECU printout that Mazda UK used to 'prove' we had ignored dashboard lights, the metric they claimed proved that the DPF dashboard lights had been on for 255 cold starts was in fact not used by the Mazda 5 and probably not by any Mazda model. It is a standard EU metric that is dormant (not used) in many EU cars. In other words that metric will read 255 regardless of the make/model/DPF state. The fact that no dash lights ever illuminated (except when the engine actually blew up) was consistently ignored by Mazda - presumably they just didn't believe us and they never managed to explain in one paragraph which DPF lights should illuminate, in what state (flashing/steady) and when.

If you are currently fighting Mazda on a warranty issue, note the following:
1. Do not assume what they tell you is factually correct or honest. It will be biased toward refusing the warranty.
2. The "Customer Service Manager", Robert Hancock, is no such thing - he is a warranty claims repudiator/negotiator. He has no regard for customers. Two weeks after the engine failure, my courtesy car was collected and when I phoned Hancock to ask when the replacement was being delivered, he told me I would not be getting another courtesy car because my warranty claim had been refused. I told him that I have been left with no car to pick up my children from school in 40 minutes time. He said "That is not my problem". I will not forget those words in a long time. It hadn't occurred to him that regardless of the warranty view, I still owned a Mazda 5 which needed repair - I was still a Mazda customer! It takes a special person to treat people like that and then sleep at night. I had to call on neighbours to find someone to give me a lift to collect my children and then go to get a hire car. It then took 8 1/2 months to prove the warranty claim. He refused to escalate the matter and his immediate superiors could not be bothered to get involved. I got the impression they were far too important to talk to a customer. After all, they had important internal meetings to attend. After the warranty was proved, I got a glib letter from Mark Cameron, Sales & Marketing Director which did include an apology but it blamed the dealer for making errors in their initial diagnosis and advised "we are satisfied that our handling of your case was purely based on the information available to us". In other words, 'although the correspondence clearly shows we made a load of things up to support our warranty refusal, I am going to give you a glib response rather than get to grips with that'. I have never had a satisfactory response explaining why they made up stories. Most of my questions have been answered in a deliberately vague or obtusive manner. I gave every opportunity for Mazda UK to turn their cock-up around but they failed at every point. Rather than get to grips with the institutionalised contempt for customers that they have at Mazda UK Head Office, they would rather leave customers feeling very aggrieved and negative about the brand. That sums up how you will be treated by Mazda UK if you have a problem.
3. Have your car inspected by an independent engineer. Do not accept the offer by Mazda UK to have the car inspected by their own 'independent engineer'.
4. If you are successful with your claim, do not sign a gagging order. Make sure Mazda remove the gagging order clause from your acceptance form. You do not have to sign it. If you are preparerd to sign a gagging order then that should be a separate voluntary/financial agreement and has nothing to do with any settlement you are entitle to under the terms of the warranty.

Mazda 5 Furano GY56AZC - Engine Failure - bathtub tom

Excellent post.

The time and effort you put into it is much appreciated.

Mazda 5 Furano GY56AZC - Engine Failure - 659FBE

Seconded. If we had more people who were prepared to stand up to these organisations rather than just dumbly putting up with shoddy goods or service, everyone would be far better off. The Americans are generally rather better at it than we are.

Although strictly not on topic, I think it's also very important not to make a personal sacrifice in cases such as this one. I know a car is big investment, but health is priceless and there are signs here that this could become endangered.

Be prepared to compromise, don't be as childish or as vindictive as Mazda obviously have been in this case and above all gain satisfaction from the thought of helping others to either fix this problem or preferably avoid it altogether.

I can speak from a position of comparative comfort, having avoided the VAG "water ingress problem" by taking advice gained on this and other forums. Many thanks to all those who have given such advice so freely.

The Mazda problem and the VAG water ingress problem have a common factor of the vehicle becoming dangerous under fault conditions - in the case of the VAG fault, servo assist can be lost.

Why is VOSA so spineless? Time for an agency shake-up I think.


Mazda 5 Furano GY56AZC - Engine Failure - Med

The information he provided is amazing. It has helped my case so much already and i hope it will help others.

In regards to VOSA, i have posted a reply in the documentation section of www.mazda-campaign.co.uk forum which shows how they are spineless! they do not care one bit what the public are saying and i have started to believe that even if someone dies from this problem no governing agency will do anything about it.

Please do not tell me Mazda are paying these agencies to keep quite!?

Mehdi -


Mazda 5 Furano GY56AZC - Engine Failure - Med

Hello Everyone,

For those of you who are aware of the current Mazda problems whether it be the famous DPF problem to tyre wear & valves snapping off - i have waited long enough for a government agency to do something about it after ignoring all of our complaints and stories.

I am going down to Watchdog in London tomorrow, so sorry for the short notice but if any of you are interested in supporting me with covering letters from your self then it would make the visit to watchdog a lot stronger.

If you are interested then please email your letters or points you would like to make to: contact@mazda-campaign.co.uk

Thank you

Just a quick note on Mazda 6 DPF problems.. - SINSPEED

We're currently the ONLY specialist company in the whole of Europe who can 100% successfully remove the Mazda 6 DPF with guaranteed zero errors, no warning lights and 100% guaranteed no more limp mode problems.

For more information, call us on 0871 2887 666.

Alternatively check out this blog article:



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Just a quick note on Mazda 6 DPF problems.. - Dutchie

This filter is there for a reason and removing the DPF is a health issue which you dont mention.These people have a issue with Mazda who should sort it out but removing the filter is not the answer.

Just a quick note on Mazda 6 DPF problems.. - Med

Hi Dutchie,

The problem that most of us are facing is that Mazda won't sort it out when its their responsibility. They want £thousands from people for a fix.

I personally think that because it was a government push for manfuacturers to meet Euro 5 regulations and for them to introduce this technology, the DPF should have its own warranty for its lifespan! many are commenting the DPF unit only has a lifespan of approx 70,000 - 80,000 miles then the whole unit costing over £2k has to be replaced.

More frequent oil changes and extra driving is far from economical.

Retracting my positivity about Mazda 6 DPF problems.. - DJ Drive K

hi all, to add to my mazda6 story, car went inti limp for about 3 mins on friday on motorway then worked ok.

Saturday, after driving to birmingham from portsmouth (120 miles) ok, coming home...was dog slow on M40, then came back to life at oxfoird turn off. for 5 mins ok but then boom, DPF flashing light and engine amber coloured light. Git!

As i know the oil is good, as it was with magna mazda 2 months ago, i fear its oil strainer or DPF knackered.

Can anyone give me an better/cheaper advice than go back to mazda, and potentially fork out a +£1500 bill to get it all fixed??

And once it is fixed, its for sale! Cheap to sell! Fed up with mazda and being held to ransom at their dealership workshops!!!!



Retracting my positivity about Mazda 6 DPF problems.. - Collos25

First find out whats wrong then look on ebay for the parts.

Retracting my positivity about Mazda 6 DPF problems.. - DJ Drive K

Hi guys, just a quick update, as i feared, i bottled out of jacking the car up and climbing underneath it last night. Did shine a torch under though and saw that the DPF assembly is pretty corroded, so if the inside is in as bad shape as the outside (but for a different reason obviously), the DPF has seen better days.

However, phoned a local garage this morning, asked if they dealt with DPF and they said yes, theyve had mixed success with them in the past but is becomming a more common problem theyre seeing come in. They have the diagnostics that will read and reset the ECU errors if necessary including the Ash one.

So i'm gonna drop it off there tonight. Best case, they find a dodgy sensor or something and replace that for all under £200. Worst case, they fit a DPF assembly that i supply them (£300), reset the pooter (£50), and charge me a days labour or something (£350).

My best DPF removal option has been Avon Tuning in Bristol, very helpful guy there on the email, but that option would involve me driving the car 100 miles more in limp mode to bristol. further risk of further damage.

Will keep you all posted. Marty.

Retracting my positivity about Mazda 6 DPF problems.. - DJ Drive K

Todays latest, garage rang me at 8.40am asking when the cambelt was changed last. 30,000 miles ago.

Cause theyre gonna plug it into bluetooth to their laptop in the workshop, and perform a forced regen. this will involve the engine running at 3000 revs for 15-20 mins i think.

no word since then though...very nervous :-( Is no news good news or bad, or have just not bothered to ring me at all???

Retracting my positivity about Mazda 6 DPF problems.. - DJ Drive K

spoke to garage end of yesterday, they did a auto regen via a laptop and it didnt clear itself. as i wouldve guessed. no fee so far cause they havent fixed it. gonna check sensors and stuff today and ring by 12. (not gonna bet on that happening!).

A few other avenues have opened for DPF removal, but will try and get it fixed first.

will keep you posted.


Retracting my positivity about Mazda 6 DPF problems.. - DJ Drive K

Hi All, sorry never updated this chat after my successful DPF removal on our mazda.

Went to a guy in Reading who had the car for about 3 hours, took out the DPF ceramic lump, fitted some electrical gizmo's under the car where the DPF readings should come from, and reset the ECU with a laptop.

He also fixed the alarm going off randomly, and the elec windows that werent operating properly...all with his laptop! Amazing. Not how i like to do engineering, but effective on this occasion.

Here we are 8000 miles, and 6 months later, and the car is great. couple more MPG's, but nothing massive. possibly to do with my wifes heavy right foot playing with the extra HP!

cheers for now,


Retracting my positivity about Mazda 6 DPF problems.. - DJ Drive K

on a side note...the car will be due a srvice in 2000 miles time, i dont intend to go to mazda because they will kick up that someones played with the set up removing the DPF, and make sure they b***** the car up. so i will be taking it to the independant garage locally who tried to regen it for me, and other thigns, had it for 3 days, but didnt charge me a penny.

they have the software to perform the ECU, so they can have the service job. Screw mazda dealerships!!!


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