04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on "4" - DP
The Scenic's heater blower has stopped working when the fan is set to position 4 (maximum). It works fine on 1,2 or 3. This is the manual air-con system, not the full blown climate control.

I'm guessing it's the switch, but this being my first canbus wired car, am slightly nervous about testing it, or disconnecting anything in case I blow something up.

My plan was to disconnect the battery, unplug and remove the switch, and then perform a simple continuity test to pinpoint the fault, or eliminate the switch. I want to make extra sure, as it looks like the complete heater control panel is one piece, and I dread to think how much Renault will charge for it.

Any advice / pointers gratefully received, including which terminals on the switch should have continuity on position 4, and whether this method of testing is still safe / relevant.

Apologies for my ignorance.

Cheers as always
04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on "4" - csgmart
It could be a resistor pack. We had position number 2 go on our Modus' fan and the dealer replaced the resistor pack - luckily under warranty.
04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on "4" - elekie&a/c doctor
Can you detect any smell of burnt plastic/wiring when the heater motor is switched on?
04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on "4" - DP
Hi elekie,

Not that we can detect. Everything seems perfectly normal unless the blower switch is set to 4 when the fan just stops dead as if it's been switched off.

04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on "4" - elekie&a/c doctor
Usual problem with these is the loss of slower speeds due to overheating of the fan resistor pack and consequent burning of the connector to it.Access to it is a real pig,to the right and behind the instrument pod.The switch needs checking but is not on the can bus system.It is conventionally wired.Not sure if speed 4 runs thro resistor as a by-pass.Need to check.hth
04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - DP
Thanks for all your help.

I've just found the wiring diagram in the Haynes manual. If I'm understanding it right, the live feed comes into the motor via fuse 2C in the passenger fuse box. On the earth side of the motor is a resistor block which has four outputs (via 1, 2 or 3 resistors in series, or 'through pass'). The through pass output (A4) is connected to pin 5 of the 5 pin connector on the control panel, with pins 4-2 for the other three positions, and pin 1 for earth.

Assuming I haven't completely misunderstood this, is it reasonable to assume that disconnecting the 5 pin connector from the control panel, and testing for continuity between pin 5 and pin 1 on the panel's connector with the switch set to 4 will confirm / eliminate the switch / panel as the cause.

I've just seen in the Haynes book what is involved in getting to the resistor pack. I really hope it isn't that, or that it is accessible through the instrument pod hole. Haynes reckon you have to remove the complete facia. If that's the case, it might stay as a 3 speed fan! :-(


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04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - mikev
I had a resistor pack go in 2005 on a 2000 W reg Scenic 1.6 (which I no longer have). It was replaced by an independent garage who got at it by removing the top of the facia, the cost was £160. The new one failed after 10 months and the garage got it replaced by a Renault dealer under the parts warranty and it was OK when I sold the car this year. In my case it was the lower two speeds that failed which seems to be a common fault with these models.
04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - DP
Used the car this morning, and the problem seemed to have cured itself. Then it reoccurred again a few minutes later, so the switch was set to 3 instead, just to have a working fan. A cursory check outside the house when we pulled up at the end of the journey had the problem fixed again with the fan singing merrily away on its highest speed. Tapping the switch or jiggling it seemed to have no effect. Turning it on and off a few times didn't kill it. As I type this, the fan/switch is working perfectly.
Any ideas?


04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - Altea Ego
well its either a solder joint on the resistor pack, or the switch, or the associated cabling/connectors.

The switch is probably easiest to change and you can check some of the wiring when you do that.

04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - davidp109
I've had exactly the same problem, but it occured in the summer and lasted a few days. It has just returned. I can't see that it is a loose connection.

Not really what I wanted just before xmas!!!!!

04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - harfmouse
I have an 05 1.9 dci - as of 24-12-08 same problem - fan decided it didn't want to run on speed four! Reviewed Haynes Manual and intend to look at switch over next few days.
04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - DP
Mine's gone over the christmas period working probably 85% of the time. I will pull the switch and test it at some stage.
04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - harfmouse
Checked the switch today - all seems fine - so it might stay as a three speed fan for the time being!
04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - jog
hi dp iv had the same problem with my grand scenic 05, i discovered the heater wasnt working at all when me and the kids had driven up the road the windscreen was steamed up and there was just nothing coming out of the blower on any setting!, had to home and get hubby to check it, dunno what he did but it started working on 3 which was odd?.
the followig day we turned it on and it strted blowing on 1,2 and 3 but not 4!, hey at least it was doing something!, took it to our local renault dealer who says as its out of warrenty it would cost £70 for a diagnostic test then more if they need to get their tools out!, wev had the a 15 months and have been to the garage most weeks with different things going wrong, the garage said without dong a diagnosis that although they had a look briefly and tweeked the wires they got it ALL orking but advised we need to replace the resistors and loom or it would burn out! extended warrenty only covers heater motor nothing else re heating:{
renault uk now dealing with it, even though out of man/warrenty they are going to help.
these are the problems iv had go wrong with ours in 15 months!
passenger window regulator replaced,howling noise from rear when gently breaking during reverse, air bag fault messages on dash, faulty glow plugs 2&4 replaced, tailgate struts both replaced as hydrolic fault, new rear windscreen as electrodes worn and caused radio distortion when heat clearing windscreen,rear wiper and unit replaced, glow plugs1&3 replaced, drivers wing mirror replaed as stuck! hey it goes on!!!. jo

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04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - DP
Thanks Jo. Ours has been fine (touch wood) for a month or so now, so leaving well alone at the moment.

We've also had the passenger window regulator fail, and glowplugs (happens on all diesels), plus a split wategate pipe, but other than that it's been utterly reliable in nearly 2 yrs of ownership. Sounds like yours has been a nightmare!

04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - jog
hi again, ye wev been well and truly done in! spoke to renault uk this morning and theyv agreed to do a free diagnosic test on the heater so that saves us £70 which helps, just seems like everything goes wrong all at once.
04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - the black hole
i had same problem with 04 1.9 dci grand scenic [120.000] ,
when at renault for new key card and reder £160.00.
, they advised me of melting loom connector to heater resistor told me its a fire hazard and common fault ,requireing modified wiring [loom small section due to resistor overload,the replacement loom has additional wire in it] if i wanted it done £425.00, thank you very much!!!!!!!!

new parts cost in total with vat £103.87 . im getting an independant auto electrician to fit it [who does know of this problem before i had time to explain ], however the blowers gone totally now .i wont know fitting cost of him till weekend ill let the forum know
renault customer care are playing the usual "we dont know this problem ,and wont help YET!!!!!, but im sure ill get something out of them.

hope this helps rich in hull yorks
04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - Scenic Oh No
Hi, Just had the same problem and had the heater fixed at my cost, as you say you get the same response off Renault regarding the quality of their cars. The resistor pack is overloaded and melts the connectors, a single power cable is connected with one single connector, i understand that Renault have modified this part splitting the power into two connectors. i have the old part which the excessive power has melted. It is my intention to contact Renault regarding this matter not as one but as a group to get some kind of justice and recompense for buying one of their vehicles and paying for repairs that are their fault. I have owned a Grand Scenic on a 05 plate for two years, had to replace 2 ignition coils, the dashboard obviously and get an Auto Electrcian to correct a fault with the headlamps. In honesty this is the worse car I have bought, and will be part EXed soon. By the way the passenger side rear window has opened twice in the last 2 years and after a day or so has gone up itself, not willing to take it anywhere and pay for something else.

Please contact me on grandscenic@fsmail.net, and we will see if we can get a group together to confront Renault regarding the problems with these vehicles

04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - The Melting Snowman
"but other than that it's been utterly reliable in nearly 2 yrs of ownership. "

I think you tempted fate at that point :-)
04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - trev wooly
hi i have a renault grand scenic 1.9 diesel. I am having heater problems stage 1+2+3 was not working but 4 ok. Last week had smell of burning so i switched heater off.Fault has now gone away and all stages are now working. Have been told by someone who works at local renault agent that problem is the resistor pack.He told me renault know of the problem and new resistor packs have now been modified.He also told me he has fitted several but renault will not admit any liability if the car is out of warranty.

hope this info helps trev wooly[hull]
04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - aahbarnes
It's usually caused by the electrical connector on the resistor pack overheating and melting. Apparently the live feed connector is overloaded.

Renault have produced a replacement loom section and updated resistor pack for this, the live feed is shared across 2 connections rather than one.

I've posted a series of pics on the renault forums about how to get to the resistor pack without removing the whole dash.

I'm glad we've sold our scenic!

04 1.9dci Heater blower not working on - MiBau

Thanks for all the tips presented above. My situation is that i have a Scenic ii '07 version (facelifted version) with no warranty and the heater blower has just stopped functioning completely. The fuse isn't blown but when measuring at the fuse slot terminals i get zero volts?! i would expect something like 12 volts here. all other fuses are intact.

by the way, i thought about buying the Haynes book for the car but none exists for my version yet. can i use the previous version or would it be safest to wait for the update?

Thanks in advance!

06 1.5dci Heater blower not working on - Paul55odr

Hi All,

First time on this type of thing. I have an 06 plate 1.5dci 105bhp 6 speed. I had the air con re charged about a month ago by the Renault dealer (£50) when they were fixing an engine fault. Came back, air con not working at all!

Went back in for it's service, MOT last Frdiay and to get the air con fixed and was told there was a fault still listed on the diagnostics which when cleared sorted the air con - which it did. Took it home started it the next day and position 4 not working on the fan now!

Car back in to dealer yesterday and dealer has diagnosed a Resistor Pack failure , £198 to relace it. I have agreed to this (no choice really) and am about to have a big fight when I go to collect the car tomorrow as they seem to fix one thing and then cause another and this seems to be a known fault based on this thread. The knob for the fan was very oily when I got it back so I suspect the technician has damaged it and not owned up. I will therefore resist paying for it (oun not intended!).

Anyone else had a similar experience or any advice?

06 1.5dci Heater blower not working on - keith1966

Just been quoted GBP530 (five hundred and thirty pounds) by Gowring City Renault in Reading to replace blower resistor pack on our 2006 Grand Scenic 1.5. Stunned. Will provide you with details on work undertaken and detailed on invoice tomorrow.

06 1.5dci Heater blower not working on - Nags

I recommend this video of how to fix this, except I would use crimps to connect a new fuse, not solder! www.youtube.com/watch?v=szMPmBxudWQ

On my 06 Scenic, I also found the connector badly burnt.

Im trying to find a reasonably priced source, if anyone can suggest?

06 1.5dci Heater blower not working on - Nags

Found resistor and loom kit for under £50 at www.heaterblowerresistor.co.uk/renaultscenicheater...l

They also do the thermal fuses


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