2004 dci2.2 turbo problem - espace54
We have a 54 Espace 33000 miles with full service history with Renault. We went out the other evening and had loss of power and it started to make a grinding noise. Called the RAC who recommended we do not drive the car as he thought there was a fault with the turbo.

Since then we have taken the car to a Renault dealership and had diagnosis and found it to be the turbo and intercooler. We were quoted £2000 for parts and labour. We are waiting to hear from Renault Customer Service to see what assistance they can give. They have acknowledged this problem should not have occurred and no one else has had this problem..............

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2004 dci2.2 turbo problem - BobbyG
Since you will now have plenty of time on your hands, I would suggest doing a forum search here for espace problems. Loads of them with the 2.2 engine I am afraid!
2004 dci2.2 turbo problem - Alby Back
As an ex-owner of an Espace 2.2 diesel, I urge you to sell it. Soon. I suffered mine for two years. It was quite the most unreliable car I have ever had. I will not bore you with the detail, I have whinged about it often enough on here.
2004 dci2.2 turbo problem - dontbuyrenault
I have a 2005 grand espace 2.2dci,which I bought on 21/09/07 with 45819miles on the clock. On 17/10/08 with a further 12751miles,the engine revved through the red line,on its own,I managed to stop it but the damage was done,I have paid £800 for a new turbo but the engine is wrecked,I`ve been told it will cost £350 for renault to diagnose the problem,then anywhere between £3500-7500!!

I spoke to renault and gave them all the details of the car, service history etc,and immediately they offered me upto 50% of the cost.However they have now phoned back to say the previous owner did`nt have the car serviced at the correct intervals,so they have withdrawn the offer and told me I`m on my own.So my car is now scrap!!
Availablecar from where I purchased the car are also saying tough, it`s nothing to do with us !

I am now looking for anyone else with the same problem,to send me their tales of woe, so I can start building a case against either renault or the garage where I bought the car from(I have been told to do this by trading standards) so if anyone out there can help please E-mail me at hinigelg@hotmail.co.uk
Thanks and a merry christmas to you all(except renault uk)
2004 dci2.2 turbo problem - The Melting Snowman
You need to know how much the service was missed by. I believe there's a 1000 mile allowance.

If a service has been missed then Renault UK won't want to know. You should have spotted it before you bought it. Hopefully you bought the car from a dealer and I would then see what legal action could be taken against the dealer.

Was it a Renault dealer?

I have found Renault UK to be quite generous in out-of-warranty payouts.

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