rear subframe bushes - what tool to use ? - FrankSm
Hi folks

'92 W124 Coupe

I went tool-shopping for bush removal tools, but am bewildered by the choice. What's the best tool for removing the subframe bushes ? Will the following work ?

I have the rear subframe completely removed from the car as I want to replace the 4 bushes as well as renew the control arms. The car was previously eating tyres and was not able to be aligned to within spec.

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rear subframe bushes - what tool to use ? - Number_Cruncher
The subframe is off the car, so the choice is wide, and possibly quite cheap. The special tools are really only needed if you want to replace the bushes with the subframe in-situ.

I would make a tool to put the new bush in using some studding / all thread some bars with clearance holes for the studding, and some nuts and washers.

To remove the old bush, I would be tempted to cut out burn out the rubber and the inner, and then carefully hacksaw the metal outer wall of the bush from the inside. Once you have a weakened line of metal, drive a chisel in, and the metal shell will come out.

After cleaning and luibricating the bore in the subframe, to put the new bush in, assemble the parts I described above into a simple drawbolt, and pull the bush into the bore.

The tool shown on the link is not really suitable, you need a way to push on the thin wall outer tube of the bush - the movalble legs of the puller will just pop off this as soon as you apply any load, wheras the bar with a clearance hole will be able to bear on both the inner and outer parts of the bush simultaneously.
rear subframe bushes - what tool to use ? - Roger Jones
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rear subframe bushes - what tool to use ? - FrankSm
Thanks lads !

I like the idea of the DIY/threaded-rod tool. Must seek out some pics from the web of such a device. Sounds very simple in fact, but it's just that the subframe bushes are *massive* :)

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