02 1.8 Fans stopped work as has w/screen heater - Griffin
I have been told that it is the Diffuser by the main dealer with 2.5 hour at labour at 82.50 per hour. I work up the other morning to an 1/2 inch of cold water in the passenger side footwell and since then my fans haven't worked and nor has the front window heater - When it is on 4 the highest setting I can sometimes hear it trying to kick in.

Has anyone experienced anything similar - Mechanic reckoned it would be 95.00 but the salesman managed to get it up to £350 but would look to do a better deal

Am I getting royally done?

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02 1.8 Fans wont work, heated windscreens barely w - Dynamic Dave
The water in the footwell *could* well be down to the drains in the scuttle area (the area below the windscreen in the engine bay) being blocked with leaves and other debris.

As for the fan not working, there has been problems where water has got on the bearing and seized up the motor. There is a mod where a small hole is drilled just underneath to prevent water from gathering at the base of the motor.

If you read the following thread over on vectra-c.com, then things should become clearer.


The picture on page 3 of that thread *might* be of some help as well.


02 1.8 Fans wont work, heated windscreens barely w - topbloke
these motors are a piece of cake to change, first find the water leak/blockage then fix the motor, gove box out, a multiplug to dissconect three screws and its out !!!!!!

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