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1990 Rover 214SLI starting problem - Nick Moore
Got back from five days in the sun and the above vehicle would not start. AA checked everything, and could find no fault in the electrics. Bizarrely the car started perfectly whenever he had his test probe on! Drove it to Crown Rover in Soham (of abduction fame) for them to check out, suspecting it needed a new ECU.

They could find no fault at all. Apparently, they have seen the identical fault on two other similar cars since the torrential rain last week.

Just to let you know that it is pretty benign - just leave the car to dry out completely in a dry warm garage, and all should be well!
1990 Rover 214SLI starting problem - Richard Hall
I had exactly the same problem once with an old Golf GTI. I took out the ignition module and put it in the airing cupboard overnight. Next morning refitted it, and the car started first time. Condensation?

Richard Hall
1990 Rover 214SLI starting problem - Adam Going (Tune-Up)

The distributor cap and rotor are common sources of trouble on the 214. The original rotor had a mental central sleve which fits onto the camshaft spigot, and HT current loss to earth is very common - the later rotor is all-plastic. I would certainly also replace the cap before rushing into anything more expensive.

HTH, Adam
1990 Rover 214SLI starting problem - Mark S
Check the main HT lead from coil to distributor cap,this runs along the front panel & gets covered in crud,when it gets damp it shorts out. Engine then overfuels leaving spark plugs dripping with petrol & will not start.I used to see loads of these when I worked as recovery driver for a Rover Dealer.

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