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97 3.3 Air Con problems - bradleigh1977
I've posted on another part about my immobiliser, but as my ac doesn't work i dont know the answer. I have found somewhere that my 97 r grand voyager suffers from ac problems. The front screen air vent or something?

Now my screen vent pumps out hot air, but don't know about cold air yet!!!

When i change the mixture button, face to feet to screen etc, i get a clicking ( it does change position ) as if somethings caught. Now what i want to know is, if there was a problem with the screen ventiing, would this stop the heat going on it? Or will this only effect the AC flow to the screen. Think they call it an evaporator failure?

But untill i get my ac working i cant really test it.

Could it be something broken in the mixture thats making the clicking noise? Could i quicly wip off the top of the dash and look down in it?

Any help would be appreciated.


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97 3.3 Air Con problems - MerlinTec
Look up under the drivers foot well you will see the motor and the gears that control the flaps. It will be a broken tooth of the gearing and that is your clicking, operate the controls when you look and you will see it slip.
97 3.3 Air Con problems - bradleigh1977
do you know what mate, your a breath of fresh air. If i could buy you a BIG drink i would. You've been more help than any chrysler garage ive ever spoken too. Thank you.

Any idea on the screen vent? As i say mine works with hot air, but can't test the ac yet.

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