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2005 1.6 What is the TDCI chain and belt engine? - mands
I am hoping someone can help me, I'm looking at buying a 2005 Focus 1.6 TDCi Ghia and I see that Honest John states these engines have chains and belt - can someone explain what the pulley part does?

I previously had a 2000 1.8TDDi Focus and this had a pulley and cam belt I think, the belt I had to keep having changed every 30k as it squealled - I believe this belt drove the power steering and water pump etc.

I see that Mondeo's have chain's only - so how are there power steering and water pump etc powered?

Finally has anyone any feedback on the reliability of Focus 1.6TDCi engines - I'm looking at a 3 yr old one with 40k on the clock?

Thanks in advance,

2005 1.6 What is the TDCI chain and belt engine? - cheddar
You are muddling cam belts and chains with auxiliary belts.

All Mondeo Mk IIIs have a cam chain avoiding the need for periodical cam belt changes, the Focus has a cam belt (as do Mondeo Mk Ivs) that needs changing (not sure of the interval, I think around 80k miles is quoted).

However all have various auxilliary belts that drive the alternator, PAS pump etc these dont usually need changing until at least 100k miles or so and are far less complex to change than the cam belt.

The 1.6 TDCi is fine, does it have full history? Also if it is a little under 3 years old with history at 40k miles then you have some Ford warranty left if you notice any issues after purchase.
2005 1.6 What is the TDCI chain and belt engine? - elekie&a/c doctor
The 1.6 Tdci engine fitted to the Focus is basically a PSA (Peugeot) power unit.The drive train for the camshafts features both a timing chain AND a timing belt.The service life for these is at least 100k miles.The auxilliary poly vee belt drives the a/c and alternator.The only problem with the 1.6 model is that it has a Dpf filter (diesel particlate)that requires attn at around 70k miles and the additive fluid is very expensive.I would go for the 1.8;slightly more power and (possibly) less money to maintain as thereis no dpf fitted on models of this age.hth
2005 1.6 What is the TDCI chain and belt engine? - mands
Thanks very much for your replies, the focus I am looking at is just over 3 yrs old and therefore out of waranty, the other issue I'm not too sure about is that it was owned previously by someone at the dealership who worked in one of the garages, but 2 of the service stamps are a from a mobile service chap rather than full ford service stamps - not sure if everything would have been changed therefore.

The auxillary belt on my mk1 focus used to squeak after 20 / 30k miles and the only way they could solve it was to change it - I had it cahnged 3 times and am trying to avoid buying a car with the potential to do and cost the same! I'll look at 1.8tDCi's but also chain Mondeo's - I did have a 2.2TDCi a year ago and loved it, so another but lesser powered one, and hopefully cheaper to run appeals!

Thanks again

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