1998 1.1 Possibly Headgasket?????? - nattaz23
I have a T Reg 106.. had for 3 yrs just reaching 100'000 miles!!! Had so many problems with this car, spent alot fixing and just seems to be one thing after the next..

So the exhaust broke from the engine last week (only had new cat fitted in may and tail pipe last dec), paid for that to be fixed.. then two days later the heat stopped being produced and temp light starts coming on then goes again, oh and its leakin oil. i had this problem last year, fixed rad and thermo seemed fine. Is this ths head gasket finallly going or could it be a something else????

I already this year had a new clutch, clutch cable and cam belt fitted (this seems to be screamin as much now as it did before had it done, new one only fitted in june), Is it worth carring on?? The garage just doesn't seem to be helpful, i just need to know the problem not wot it could be or may be??

Young girl in need of savin her car!!!!!
1998 1.1 Possibly Headgasket?????? - Screwloose

The first thing you should do is check the coolant level.

The second is find another garage. Ask your friends for recommendations.
1998 1.1 Possibly Headgasket?????? - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
The screaming cam belt will be the tensioner roller failing, should have been renewed with the belt. Had several instances of oil and coolant mixing as the oil seeps across the gasket, also makes a mess on the floor.


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