3.0 TiD estate 2002 model any good? - dodo
Off to look at a 2002 Saab 9-5 3.0 TiD estate next week. Manual with 80k miles and full Saab history. Potential replacement for a 1999 9-5 2.3T estate that is still going strong. The Car by Car Break Down gives this model a very poor rating so should I stay at home? On offer at £3995 with potential £1250 trade in for the 99 model. Thanks

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3.0 TiD estate 2002 model any good? - Altea Ego
I drove a friends for several thousand miles. Lovely lazy but torquey engine, immensley comfortable, could eat thousands of miles a day and had a respectable 39mpg average for a big engine with HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGe estate load area

Not reliable tho, very expensive servicing, and was punted on with non working air con at 3 years and 70k miles.
3.0 TiD estate 2002 model any good? - Avant
If you've got a good one, probably best to stick with it. The 80k miles done by the 2002 model might have been hard ones, or possibly the owner is selling now because some major expense is looming.

It's a gamble either way, but better the devil you know.
3.0 TiD estate 2002 model any good? - J500ANT
When Isuzu were supplying diesel engines to Vauxhall the spare parts prices where sky high. I dont know if thats still the case, but you do know this 3.0 engine is from Isuzu?
3.0 TiD estate 2002 model any good? - gordonbennet
Just a small point you may not have counted, the VED goes up to £300 for the newer car in April, not as bad as some but it possibly will count for higher depreciation as the car ages.
3.0 TiD estate 2002 model any good? - tintin01
The trade-in sounds quite generous - we got £1450 a couple of months ago for a 2002 95 estate, though it had 130k and was pretty tired looking.
3.0 TiD estate 2002 model any good? - prm72
Think they had a few cooling problems with this lump in the Saab, apparently it was ok in the Vectra because the radiator was larger.
3.0 TiD estate 2002 model any good? - Rolling Richard
I've also heard that there was a temperature problem in the SAAB. I too have a 1999 9-5 2.3t SE estate which I am looking to replace with a younger version (around 4 years old). I am also considering the 3.0 V6 TiD but it concerns me that SAAB discontinued this new Isuzu engine after only a couple of years. I think I will stick with a 2.3t. Well proven. Mine has done well over 150k. Can anyone else persuade me that the V6 diesel works well in a 9-5 or tell me that I shouldn't touch it?
3.0 TiD estate 2002 model any good? - TheOilBurner
The only safe engine (until introduction of 1.9 TiD) in the 9-5 is the 2.3T HOT in the Aero. Even then, you'll need FSH to be sure it's been serviced with the right oil.

Reason is that lesser petrols got semi-synth oil and had severe problems with engines sludging up. Only the Aero was given fully synth as standard and that seems to solve the problem.

Other than that the 9-5 range is a minefield, IMHO. Check some Saab forums for more info.

2.2 TiDs can be OK, but have some problems as in the Vectra...

And yes, V6 diesel is a no-no. If you really want that engine, get a Vectra with it instead! No problems there.
3.0 TiD estate 2002 model any good? - Mike H
This engine has a potential problem with dropped liners, necessitating a new engine if it happens. You need a warranty that covers at least £5000 for a single repair to cover the cost, just in case.....

But as someone says, you need to look on a specialist site, e.g. www.saabscene.com, for the full set of potential problems with this particular model. The 2.2TiD seems to be the most reliable model, although not fault-free. And the Aero is the most fun.
3.0 TiD estate 2002 model any good? - dennis warren

Some excellent points here, I have had a 3.0L on a 54 plate for a year now and aside from a big outlay when the fuel pump needed replacing..........the part was fairly cheap, the labour was horrendous with a SAAB specialist, it has been a joy, so comfortable it should come with a health warning, cheap to run. It still needs some new bits and pieces, mainly sensors that need replacing. My main problem has been finding garages willing to take on any work on it, hence the specialist route.


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