Audi A6 - any comments? - Mike Herridge
I have to change my company car in a few months. Apart from the obvious debate as to whether I go for one or not (research in hand!), one of the cars I was considering was the facelift model A6 due out soon in the TDi 130bhp version, as an Avant.

I've read a lot about the inferiority of the Audi in the ride & handling department over other cars with a similar market (e.g. BMW etc), does anyone out there have any first hand comments? Obviously I'm going to try one for myself, but there's no substitute for long term experience! I do about 25,000 miles a year, a 50-50 mix of cross-country & motorway including long continental trips.

To be honest, the favourite is a Saab 9-5 3.0TiD estate (I can wait!), but on paper the A6's credentials look good.
Re: Audi A6 - any comments? - honest john
The current A6 is deliberately 'soft'. The new one should have the same improvements as the new A4. But you should also consider the BMW 320D and Merc C220CDI and, if you can afford them, the BMW 330D, BMW 530D and Mercedes C270CDI. I enjoyed the C270CDI estate as much as the C320i.

Re: Audi A6 - any comments? - Simon Whaites
Go for the Saab. It had a A6, then changed to a 9-5 (both were petrol) and thought that the Saab was streets ahead in making you feel cosseted and also handled with aplomb. Also the Saab is very secure and safe. (It came top of the catergory in an Auto Express test last week for security, and in the same test a method to break into VAG motors was put to good use making them easy to get into now if you know how.

Re: Audi A6 - any comments? - David Lacey
I would certainally agree with you Greg. I had a SEAT Leon for a while (20 Valve Turbo version - it went like a scalded cat) The build quality and finish was second to none, no rattles and squeaks at all. The doors shut with a satisfying clunk. In my mind it was an Audi A3 at a reduced price!
Re: Audi A6 - any comments? - honest john
Ouch. A SAAB 9-5 is a Vauxhall Vectra in an expensive suit. It doesn't handle well at all.

Re: Audi A6 - any comments? - Mike Herridge
Interesting mix of comments (see later comment from Phil Garner).

What I didn't say is that I am a Saab addict. I currently have a 9-3TiD, which has a lovely engine & is great on motorways, but in my opinion is well off the mark on anything other than smooth roads - too much roll & seems very insecure on typical country roads below B-roads - a bit Cavalier, you might say! I like the car a lot, but the roadholding along with lack of legroom (I have a 13-year old at 5ft6) means that I won't be choosing a 9-3 again. I have had a number of 9000s (currently running a 1987 9000i at 190k miles which is far superior on the road).

I'll look at the options you suggest, is the BMW 320d engine up to the mark of the 330d (except obviously for absolute power), which I know is brilliant?
Re: Audi A6 - any comments? - John Slaughter

A BMW will be a revelation after a Saab 9-3. I'd agree with you - we had a 900 for a while; smooth and comfy on a motorway, but hopeless anywhere else - it leaned over more than a sailing dinghy. My wife liked it, but the sloppy handling drove me mad and I wasn't sad to get rid of it apart from the wallet flattening depreciation. I'm amazed you like the diesel though. I had a diesel 9-3 when my car was in for service. Noisy, rough and gruff was my view. Plenty of torque and economical, but I couldn't have stood it as a permanent feature. As for complaints about Vauxhalls - I was running a Vectra at the same time as the Saab, and frankly the handling of the vectra was way beter than the Saab. However, now got a 323 coupe, and the handling is way better than both Saab and Vauxhall, not to mention the smooth engine and the performance. Does over 30 to the gallon too.


Re: Audi A6 - any comments? - Greg Hill
But then are Audi and VW not expensive versions of Skoda?Seat?
And is the new Jag an expensive version of the new Mondeo?
Re: Audi A6 - any comments? - phil garner
We have the A6 1.9 TDi Avant and I love the handling. It is too firm for some, but I find its ability to go round corners on rails addicitve ;)

50mpg, 125mph performance and a great interior, this car has it all IMO. My dad likes it so much after all the Omegas and Rover 800's he wants to buy it of the leasing company. He has just bought A6 UDT from the DVLA for £250!!

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