01 1.2 Rain water leaking into rear footwell - N.Carr
Please Help.
I have a Fiesta Flight Reg 2001. recently I discovered rainwater was getting into the back passenger footwell. Left hand side. My garage have done evereything they can and they still have not found the source of the leak. Last week they change the se al around the sunroof. This proved to be useless. The thing is if I park the car with the front on a slight slope there is no leak. But if I park it in the opposite direction the rain comes in. The cloth on the roof gets wet as well as the front passenger seat belt.
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01 1.2 Rain water leaking into rear footwell - Andrew-T
Sounds as if some of the drain tubes from the corners of the sunroof recess may be blocked (I assume Fiesta roofs are built like that)? It should be possible to poke a flexible wire down to clear it - something like the stuff net curtains hang from.
01 1.2 Rain water leaking into rear footwell - carbike
some years ago when my new XJ6 had the same problem and the dealer couldn't stop it, the answer they came up with was to drill holes in the footwell to let the water drain out.........I only kept the car for a year, but bought another one, they said they had fixed all the problems with the MK.3 model - still so many problems, only kept thet for a week or so - they gave me my money back - then bought a BMW 735i - far fewer problems but not such a nice car as the Jaguar.
01 1.2 Rain water leaking into rear footwell - N.Carr
Beleive it or not my garage told me they had unblocked those drain holes around the sunroof when they replaced the sunroof seals. But I am going to have a look at them myself over the weekend. Because as I have already said the cloth on the roof gets wet. As we all know the water is not travelling up through the car. It's entry point has to be around the roof area.
Thank you for taking the time to reply to my message.
01 1.2 Rain water leaking into rear footwell - Paul G1pdc
i'm sure Watchdog had the fiestas on when they where new, ford even changed there owners manual to state that you had a be parked a cetain way round on a hill!!!
turned out the sunroof drain channels where to blaim....
we had a fiesta mk4 for a few days once when our mk3 was being fixed and the footwell filled up with 1inch....(yeh really) of water, we contacted the main dealer and was told to park the other way round,,,the car had only covered a few 000 miles and was told all there new mk4 fiestas did the same...
we sponged out all the water and parked as told and all was ok.....
a few month later Watchdog did a piece called the leaky ford owners club....

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