2004 1.9 oil in header tank - Michelin
I have a 2004 BORA 1.9 TDI and ive just noticed that there is some thick oil in the tank where you top the water up. The oil level is ok theres no sludge in the oil cap the heaters work fine the car is not smoking and is running perfectly. If you look in the oil you can see its only on top and there is clean water under it also you can see the water coming back through from the engine is clean aswell.Does anyone have any idea what this could be as i am worried sick thinking that there is something drastic wrong somewhere but what i can't understand is the car is running perfect

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2004 1.9 oil in header tank - Peter D
Either the head gasket is seeping oil into a waterway or the oil cooler is leaking into the radiator. Regards Peter
2004 1.9 oil in header tank - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Most likely the oil cooler leaking oil into the cooling system. Common problem on VWs
2004 1.9 oil in header tank - john493
Agreed, if the car still runs OK, oil cooler (on oil filter housing) is most likely cause.
The biggest challenge is cleaning out the cooling system once the oil cooler has been changed. You need a suitable detergent (with no salt in it).

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