Retro-fitting seven seats...? - MDB929
Hi there, first post on this excellent forum - I hope someone can help me.

I've just picked up a very clean T-reg 406 HDi estate. I've been looking for one with the additional rear-facing seats to accomodate our growing family, but those I've seen have been right nails so I've plumped for this one even though it doesn't have the extra seats.

Does anyone know if the boot floor is ready made to accept a set of retro-fitted rear seats? I've got the possibility of buying some second hand that come with seatbelts, and if these can be fitted safely I'll end up with exactly the car I want, so any advice greatly appreciated.
Retro-fitting seven seats...? - *Gongfarmer*

You may well find an answer at this Peugeot specific forum, which also has a 406 section.
Retro-fitting seven seats...? - MDB929
Excellent - many thanks.

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