Manufacturer vs Dealer Warranty - Martin Wall

Can someone explain the difference between a:

3 yr 'manufacturer's warranty' as offered by Toyota, Volvo, etc.

1yr manufacturer + 2yr 'dealer warranty' from Ford, VW, etc?

Is the dealer warranty specific to a particular dealer - e.g. if you buy a car from a dealer then only he can do warranty work?

Also, does the dealer warranty mean that it's money out of the dealer's pocket if he has to fix your car?

Basically would I be correct in thinking the Toyota or Volvo warranty is worth more than the supposed 3 yr warranty from VW, Ford?


Re: Manufacturer vs Dealer Warranty - honest john
Yes. The 2nd and 3rd year VW, BMW etc dealer warranties are supported by the dealer chain. To get a proper 2nd and 3rd year warranty for a BMW you have to pay extra. The whole point of these 2nd and 3rd year warranties being dealer warranties is that they obviously don't apply to imports, therefore devaluing imports and helping to preserve UK dealer margins and official importer margins.

Re: Manufacturer vs Dealer Warranty - dafydd tomos
Do they apply to the second owner . ie if I bought a 18month vw would I gain the benefit of 18months warranty??
Re: Manufacturer vs Dealer Warranty - Diesel Dave
a vw dealer warranty is transferable to a second, third etc owner. However, the warranty is only valid if you keep the service history up to date and have it carried out at a vw dealer! not sure if the same applies to other manufacturers....
Re: Manufacturer vs Dealer Warranty - Brian
Quite often they are not transferable. Only thing to do is read the small print.

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