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hi all, im new here, and i have just bought my 1st 306 its a 1996 Dturbo. i could do with knowing why my external temp gauge, next to the clock aint working. --'c is all i get. could it be the sencor? if so where is it? also how can i bring the engine back to life a bit? its had regular servicing, but it just seems a bit slow and tired. Nex questing, can someone confirm how tight the cambelt should be on these. at the moment i feel i could prise it off with my finger tips. i was taught that a quatre turn in the section between the cam crank and the fuel pump was about right. this one will do over twice that.!! thanks in advance. hopfully i can help as many peeps on here as help me.

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im new with afew probs - andy turbo deisel
the tempurture gauge works off the passenger side wing mirror hope this helps
im new with afew probs - Peter.N.
Under the mirror you will see a small bump, that's the sensor. You can cut the leads and solder the new one in to save taking the door panel off.

If yours is a 'D' as opposed to a 'TD' they don't go all that well, but on the plus side they are easier to work on and have less to go wrong.

The cam belt should be tight, you certainly shouldn't be able to slide it off, its probably due for a new one.

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im new with afew probs - biglamb
thanks for the help so far.
what do you mean "D" insted of "TD" mine is the 92 bhp Dturbo model, arnt they ment to be quite nippy?
as for the cam belt it was only done 14000 miles ago. but im thinking its best to change it.
im new with afew probs - DP
They go well, but have a massive hole at the bottom of the rev range. Keep 'em over 2,000 RPM and they fly. Below that, they barely pull their own weight. That's what I found with mine anyway.

im new with afew probs - Martin1981
Yes it's definitely worth getting the cambelt checked. The cambelt setup on these engines is generally robust and rarely give problems provided the cambelt is changed every 75k and the job is done properly.

With regard to performance, the 1.9TD is on a par with that of the 1.6 petrol (0-60 in approx 12.5secs), though as DP says, the TD is rather lacklustre below 2000 RPM, but above that with the turbo spinning, it can leave some petrol cars for dead.

im new with afew probs - Peter.N.
A TD should go like stink. I was only going by the heading, which said 'D'. Can you feel the turbo come in at about 2000 rpm? If not the thin rubber pipe that goes from the intercooler to the top of the pump, could have come off or broken.
im new with afew probs - biglamb
thanks again, some good stuff here. which pipe is that then. and what pump? sorry to seem think and all. there is a think pipe n the lefty of the intercoler and a thinner on in the middle at the bottom, sort of thing. i can here the turbo whisstle, its quite loud actually.

does anybody know of a dedicated 306 forum? prefrebly free.
im new with afew probs - Peter.N.
Loud turbo whistle, now that could be a clue. Check the rubber pipes on the inlet and outlet of the turbo, it could be that one has split or come off causing low turbo pressure.

The thin pipe I was refering to is about 3/8" indiameter and runs from somewhere on the intercooler to the fuel injection pump. It senses the turbo boost pressure and increases the fuel accordingly.

There is a dedicated Peugeot forum at 'french car forum' free and informative

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