`Tupped` by French behemoth in city street - oilrag
I saw it moving in forwards into the space behind me, big and French - something for the weekend perhaps? as it slowly nudged into me.
Thought I was up a Paris back street for a moment, but no, wet old Yorkshire.

Had a little chat with the driver and ended up giving directions as to how much space existed front and back as it went back and forth trying to get in.
No harm done (unpainted plastic bumpers on the van) and not a buck teethed badge snob in an old 6 cylinder banger, but rather a charming Lady of my own age.

We smiled, chatted a little and I watched her limp off, first to the cash point, then the city post office, then being hugged by another younger female a little further on..
I was struck by the fragility of the human condition..the loneliness of sentience, despite friendships and the overarching brooding of impending eternity and non-existence.

Despite our 120 collective years, that would likely be our only interaction.

So what`s the point?
Well, two things really. Firstly all this took place under the scrutiny of the city camera`s and she had not put a 30min (max) ticket on her motor.

I watched front and back, for the appearance of the Stasi, that have now taken to wearing fleeces as a uniform in an attempt to blend in and creep up on you unnoticed.
(Its so bad that I get a ticket from the machine and hold it up to the camera even though I`m just waiting in the car for my wife for a few minutes.)

Anyway, my wife returned and off we went, but I would have put a ticket on her car under the wiper if said, Stasi foot patrol had arrived.

The other thought was, people are far more important than cars.


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`Tupped` by French Behemoth in City Street - Optimist
You really are a poet even when you write in prose, oilrag, and possibly one of the few people on the planet who can make servicing a car sound a sensual experience.

You've reminded me of walking down Marlow High Street recently when I was hailed by what I'm tempted to describe as a yummy mummy attempting to park her school-run tank.

"Can you check that I'm alright at the back?", she asked. Behaving like a grown-up and so resisting the temptation to suggest she stepped out of her car so that I could, I directed her into the space.

People are more important and more interesting than cars.

I'm off for my first glass of wine of the evening.
`Tupped` by French Behemoth in City Street - retgwte

going the correct way down a one way street the middle aged lady in the car coming towards me was most upset that i sat in the middle of the road and forced her to stop

she also wound down the window and screamed YES I KNOW IM GOING THE WRONG WAY DOWN A ONE WAY SYSTEM

really now if she knew it why was she doing it? and why was she not correcting herself rather than barging on through

drove off and considered the stupidity of the system that doles out speeding tickets to folk driving perfectly safely a few mph over the odds while idiots like this are not forced to hand their licence back for good

i didnt have a word of poetry in me

just disgust

no doubt she campaigns for speed cameras, she looked the type

`Tupped` by French Behemoth in City Street - jag
that was no lady, that was some poor sod's wife. jag.

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