05 2.0 Problems with turbocharger (REA,VNT) - hamos
I've got mondeo 2005 TDCi 96kW and got problems with regulation of turbocharger. In this model is used electronic regulation (Rotary Electronic Actuator). This small thing is broken and I can't buy new one becouse they don't sell it. I can only buy complete turbocharger (turbocharger with this regulator) but it's too expensive (1000 eur). In my car is turbocharger GT1749V. I have forgotten to write, I am from Czech Republic so I hope this part is avaliable in your country. Can I buy it anywhere ? Have you had (and solved) this problem yet ?
Thank you for all reactions. If you've got any ideas I'll be plesured.

p.s.: Sorry about my english a hope you understand me, other way ask me please , I'll try to explain it better.
05 2.0 Problems with turbocharger (REA,VNT) - herrbohnen
HAve you tried these online scrap yards for parts, I have and they are very quick with responses, I've even bought a complete engine for my mondeo @ 2000 euros ( the turbo and injectors cost more than that)

05 2.0 Problems with turbocharger (REA,VNT) - hamos
I was thinking about it , but new part sould be better I suppose. There is one big problem, this servo-motor is just over turbocharger so there are high temperatures and I don't know, how long could actuator from scrap yard work, moreover my mechanic told me, problems with actuator are very common in new mondeo (07-) so it will be hard to get it.
05 2.0 Problems with turbocharger (REA,VNT) - Screwloose

Your English is fine.

The REA is only available with a complete Ford turbo over here too. [£700 GBP]

Whether any turbo repairers can supply you a REA separately is something that I've never looked into.
05 2.0 Problems with turbocharger (REA,VNT) - cheddar
2005 - so should be under warranty? And if not due to high mileage then Ford are likely to help via a proportion of the repair cost if the car has service history.
05 2.0 Problems with turbocharger (REA,VNT) - 659FBE
I wonder what kind of lunatic at Garrett decided to put an electronically controlled actuator on a turbocharger? The simple vac capsule and return spring on my VNT (VAG PD) seems to work fine. It's also likely to be a lot more forgiving if the vanes get stuck - as they are prone to do.

Why do car designers keep sticking their heads in the fire? There are enough problems caused by Mother Nature without going looking for more.

Best of luck by the way in your search for a replacement. My knowledge of the capabilities of electronics and the environment around a turbocharger turbine would suggest that you may have some difficulty in finding a used servicable replacement.

05 2.0 Problems with turbocharger (REA,VNT) - cheddar
My TDCi 130 has vacuum varaible vane, IIRC the electronic system was fitted to Euro4 compliant cars, whether it was necessary who knows.


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