mondeo clutch or not!!! - judge
I have recently changed a mondeo clutch due to it not disengaging but on inspection the old clutch was ok, as a matter of course the new one was fitted but it did not solve the problem. On replacing the box it was noticed the release arm was fractured this was also replaced (local Fords said it was a common problem?) still no joy . Next out was the cable , taken and measured against a new one, nothing wrong there!. Next out was the pedal assembly but no problems there in the end I fitted a 1" spacer between the outer casing and the hole on the gearbox, so in theory reducing the lengh of the inner cable this has solved the problem but I would love to know what the real fault was . Is it possible for the release arm shaft to twist? The mondy is an "L" REG TURBO DIESEL with 176500 miles on the clock. Any comments would be gratefull

mondeo clutch or not!!! - judge
even a "hello" would do!!!
mondeo clutch or not!!! - smokie
Hello - be patient, someone will be along shortly. They are probably taking the weekend off...
mondeo clutch or not!!! - Simon
Well the first thing that springs to mind is the release bearing. Did you replace it with a new one when you did the clutch?
mondeo clutch or not!!! - David Davies
Two points to make on this clutch problem
1 You don't mention adjusting the cable sleeve.You can get at this by removing the air charge cooler on the diesel.You adjust to obtain a 6inch pedal stroke.
2 The trick of installing a thick spacer at the gearbox end has often been used when the automatic cable adjuster has failed.Are you sure the ratchet and pawl assembly are OK? At 175K miles this is probably worth renewing.
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)
Mondeo auto to manual gearbox conversion - argos
Dear All,
Help.Wondered if you could help me please.I have a 2.0GLX Nov 96P reg Mark2 mondeo.The auto box has gone and I wanted to use this opportunity to convert it to manual.A breaker offered me 'everything'I would need for £150 and since I have a credit note for the same from a previous transaction seems good.Problem is I need info/help in the conversion as most mechanics here in london have no scope.They just want a simple 'buy a new part from ford and fit then charge' easylife.
What are any pitfalls from your overall experience.
My number is 07956 009 465.
Thank you
mondeo clutch or not!!! - Mark (RLBS)
Did the clutch fault happen suddenly or gradually over time ?
mondeo clutch or not!!! - judge
Ok firstly thanks for the response, smokie,simon,david and mark.
I'll other a bit more info and some honesty, I work in a small garage and have done Mondeo clutches before it just had to be my own car that plays up (s**s law). Yes the bearing was changed. The cable I couldn't ajust up any more but it was the same with a new cable. My Diesel does not have an automatic adjuster just the cable adjuster at gearbox end, pedal was stripped out but no fault was found and lastly to marks question YES it did go suddenly I reversed up to drop some parts off , phoned the owner cos his garage doors were shut , all the time sitting on the clutch pedal then WHAM I couldn't get it out of gear and when I did it wouldn't go back in to gear?
mondeo clutch or not!!! - steve paterson
David Davies is probably right about a worn adjuster mechanism. Fitting a spacer allows the pawl to engage on unworn teeth on the ratchet / quadrant, and an inch spacer would pull the quadrant round enough for a brand new set of teeth to be engaged with the pawl.
mondeo clutch or not!!! - judge
sorry no teeth or ratchet on the diesel (see previous from me)


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