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My 18 yr old son has just bought a worthy 1972 Viva 1256 cc as his first car /project.
What is the right engine oil?
The book says 20/50 - but is GTX high mileage (ie 15/40) fit for use?
Eager to make use of new seal expander and anti burn additives but don't want to make matters worse etc.
Also ... any advice on sourcing bits as they are now very scarce in Northern scrap yards?
Many thanks for any advice.

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Viva 1972 1.3 - Engine oil? - springyboy
I ran an 1159 Viva up to 235k miles using ordinary GTX, you just can't avoid some oil being burned, I think the GTX high mileage oil with seal conditioners might help, I've used it on another car but it's hard to tell if there is much difference. If this is really a project for your son then it's a simple engine to rebuild with new seals etc.

Try for advice and parts.
Viva 1972 1.3 - Engine oil? - Victorbox
If you Google for Classic 20/50 you will find Duckhams & Halfords to name two still do a 20/50 oil. As suggested, the Viva Owners Club is the way to go. Having just returned from the annual Vauxhall Rally at Billing in Northamptonshire last weekend, there was quite a bit of Viva stuff there in the autojumble, so spares (even "new old stock") exist. I think it was last months Practical Classics mag that had a Viva Buyers Guide in it.

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