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04 2.0tdi Bonnet doesn't open! - Pob

just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem to mine....? My bonnet now refuses to open when I pull on the bonnet release lever situated in the driver's footwell. The lever feels a bit loose to me- almost as if it's either not attached (don't see why this would suddenly happen?!?) or as if it's not taking up the slack in the cable since it was last released & hence no tension on the cable...

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I have removed the front offside wheel & the plastic wheelarch lining- I can reach in so far and grab what appears to be the boonet release cable but it's inside a plastic sheath- so there's not much I can do with it... Not sure if the bonnet lock/catch at the front has seized up & prevent me from popping the bonnet open?

Don't particularly want to take it to dealers, as I'm sure I'll be charged a healthy premium to have it fixed!

04 2.0tdi Bonnet doesn't open! - JasonV
I had exactly the same problem and when i did finally get the bonnet to open, it then wouldn't close properly! However to get the bonnet open I sprayed lots of DW40 onto the catch under the bonnet and then spent some time moving the bonnet release catch under the bonnet with my finger. Eventually I was able to use the bonnet release catch inside the car to open the bonnet. Once open sprayed yet more WD40 into the catch and it was the part of the mechanism on the right hand side which had seized up and need to be released by levering it with a screwdriver.

Good luck.
04 2.0tdi Bonnet doesn't open! - Snooty_Fox
JasonV, how did you close your bonnet ?
the same has happened to mine...
Cable ties dont look good !
04 2.0tdi Bonnet doesn't open! - JasonV
My bonnet wouldn't open or close due to the mechanism being ceased up so once i got it open it was a matter of spraying WD40 on to it whilst working it with a srewdriver to fully lubricate all of the parts. If you don't fully clean out the mechanism then the bonnet wont shut as the 2 parts of the catch cant engage with one another (it was the part of the catch which is fixed to the front bay of the car rather that the hook type bit attached to the bonnet which was causing me the problem.) Hope this helps.
04 2.0tdi Bonnet doesn't open! - angiefyffe
hi i have a similar problem with my bonnet but with the bonnet release lever inside the car. it came away in my hand and now i cant open the bonnet. After inspecting the lever i noticed that the gripping teeth inside the lever has worn away. i dont know whether i need to buy a new lever or a complete mechcanism and how to replace it. HELP (i have a polo sdi 2004)
04 2.0tdi Bonnet doesn't open! - rankster
I'm having a similar problem; mine is actually open at the moment after pumping at the lever and I'm now testing it properly before i close the bonnet. It's well greased and was never seized up, the issue with mine looks to be a stretched cable. I don't see any alternative but replacing it.
Ok, my tip for trying to open the bonnet from underneath:
(My car is actually a polo T-reg 1.4, but hopefully this will apply to you too!?) I see that the OUTER core of the cable is the moving part in this case (in most cable applications, the outer cores is anchored and the inner cable moves). So by the looks of it, if you're able to reach up from underneath the car and grab the cable, then I'd advise trying to push the cable toward the bonnet mechanism with your hand. Do this forcefully and it may pop open. As I say, mine is well greased and not seized so if yours is also due to a stretched cable then this could work.
Good luck!

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