Selling an Import - Andrew Barnes
I will be selling my imported VW Golf 1.8T in about 6 months time, it will then be 8 months old. I am wondering what it will be worth when I come to sell, will it be significantly less than a UK model? I bought the car in Denmark at a saving of around 5K, will I get a profit?


Offer - Guy Lacey
I'm afraid imported cars are *very* difficult to sell.

I'll do you a favour and take it off your hands for twenty-quid.
Re: Offer - Andrew Barnes
But why should an import be so difficult to sell, it is EXACTLY the same as a UK supplied car.

Re: Offer - John Slaughter
Yes, beats me too. A UK spec car imported by an individual is no more an import than one imported by VW or whoever - came of the same production line.


Re: Offer - David Lacey
The only thing that will show is the entry on the log book (V5) that it was first registered abroad, but I don't think that will put anybody off. And also a possible 'black mark' against the car if an HPI check is run on it - I'm not sure.
It would be nearly impossible to tell an imported car against a true UK car apart.
Re: Offer - Gareth
IF The car is identical to a UK car, the value should be the same ! My girlfriend's parents live in France, and bought her a Polo out there for 3 grand less than the UK price, she has since sold it - 2 years later for roughly the same as she paid and bought a new model via the same route.

Ask the same price for your car as you see similar models for sale locally, what you paid for it is your business, any item is only worth what somebody else is willing to pay for it.

Good luck
Re: Offer - Andrew Barnes
The only sign that the car is an import is the dealer stamp in the (english) service book. The V5 mentions nothing, the HPI is completely clear of anything, the only slight problem might be the 1year as opposed to 3 year warranty.

Re: Offer - honest john
If the car was put on VW's central computer for warranty purposes immediately after arrival and if Andrew bought the UK 2nd and 3rd year dealer warranty from a UK VW dealer, then the value of his car in the private market should not be more than a few hundred quid less than a 'genuine' UK import. But without the warranty the value is a lot less unless the punter is a mug.

Re: Offer - Stuart Bruce
For dealer imported cars it used to say on the V5 "declared new by sole dealer/concessionnaire" or words to that effect.
I thought it was that phrase which the trade looked for, or am I behind the times?
Re: Offer - Nick Ireland
I think the phrase is "Declared new on Import" or something like that. I colleague of mine was given grief when he tried to sell a personally imported Volvo. "Oh it's an Import sir!" Of course it is, idiot, it was built in Sweden!
Re: Offer - Andrew Barnes
Mine says "declared new at first registration"

Taking the p*** - Guy Lacey

I was taking the p*** and trying to con m8y out of his mota on the cheap.
Re: Offer - stuart bruce
The reason I asked about the V5 was that years ago when I swapped a VW for a Pug (much better IMHO as a comment to another thread!) the dealer made a big point of looking on the veedub's V5 for the phrase "by sole importer/concessionaire" and actually stated that if it had not shown that the deal was off.

I ignored him at the time as it did not apply and he had already registered the Pug in my name. But this was when personal imports were relatively rare and prior to the EU giving fines to manufacturers for not cooperating with cross border trade.

Plus does Guy Lacey's offer of £20 for your motor mean he is going to let his 1990 Golf go for a tenner? Need some rent on it for that!

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