Supermini suspension - davecooper
I have been considering various supermini size cars and the Fiat Grande Punto had been fairly high on my list for a while. However, it does seem that any model above the smallest engined variant has a Sport spec with the accompanying sports suspension. This is not what I want which is a bit more power but a comfortable ride. The roads in my area are pretty bad and I don?t need regular visits to the dentist to replace fillings.
Then I saw the new Mazda 2 and fell for the looks of this as I did for the Punto. However, it seems that the most ?powerful? variant is a Sport version again (1.5 Sport). Does anyone know if this has sports suspension as well? I find that Sports suspension on a medium size car is not too bad but on a small car can be pretty tiresome.
Supermini suspension - P3t3r
I've just had a quick look. Have you seen the Grande Punto 1.4 16V Eleganza? I don't know what suspension it has, but I think it would have normal suspension. It's not the fastest Grande Punto, but the performance should be good enough.
Supermini suspension - I'm a Pane
Try the higher spec ts2 1.3 Mazda 2. It has a more powerful 1.3 engine and rides fine for a supermini. My dad has one and loves it. Goes really well and the ride, although quite firm, is well controlled and comfortable at both low and high speed. He tried the 1.5 and said although a little faster on paper, real world conditions just emphasised the harder ride and lower gearing (it was noisier because of this as well).
Supermini suspension - davecooper
Thanks for that guys. I was very interested in the thumbs up for the Mazda 1.3. I had looked at this but wondered whether it would feel a bit underpowered (although I am not looking for a rocket ship). I will have a look at the Punto Eleganza as well.
Supermini suspension - tintin01
We had a look at the Mazda 2 on Sunday. Really liked it - spacious and comfy (didn't test drive). I thought the price at £8k was good - but A/C and 5 doors look like ending up at £9k which may make it a bit more than we wanted to spend. Looks a very smart car though.
Supermini suspension - Happy Blue!
Had a short test drive of Mazda2 1.5Sport. Very nice car and ride didn't feel too bad. However as said above the high power 1.3 should be with 97% as nippy and quieter, and more comfortable. The 1.5 does give you some nice features though.
Supermini suspension - davecooper
It is a pity that the 1.3 cannot be up specced a bit. However, it does keep the cost down and has everything you need in reality. Think I'll book a test drive and then make a judgement. The price seems pretty good too.
Supermini suspension - Avant
Try a Suzuki Swift 1.5 GLX or a Yaris 1.3 TR as well. The Yaris seems more expensive but better deals are on offer (assuming you're buying new). The ride on both seems fine; neither is the sports model (Swift Sport / Yaris SR - by the way the Swift Sport is faster, whereas the Yaris SR is a cosmetic job).

Elder daughter has just got her third 1.3 Yaris. We looked at a Mazda 2 but it didn't do anything that the Yaris doesn't, and the local Mazda dealer was a disgrace, in contrast to the excellent Toyota garage (Octagon Bracknell).

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