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1994 2.0 handbrake failure - huskyty
my car has just had a new mot three months ago and i had new brake pads fitted.i have not got any handbrake at all and the garage tells me i have to have new disc,s .
i have also been told i can just ajust the handbrake this true as i am a one parent and money is tight HELP please

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1994 2.0 handbrake failure - oilrag
Disk brakes *at the rear* is that what you mean, or are they drums?

If discs , rear disks can corrode, much worse than fronts and need replacing. Best bet if you`re wanting to learn more to save money, is to see if Haynes make a manual for the car.

You can search for `Haynes manuals` on the web or visit Halfords where they are sold.

Best thing about that is that there are diagrams (sorry if you already know;) and sometimes a picture or diagram is better than words.

That`s the cheapest, `investing in knowledge for the future` way out.

If you let the garage get on with it, worth remembering that the MOT only meant it was ok at that particular time. Why not just get a second opinion on garage repair cost?

With respect, I think its risky to give and partake of brake advice if you need to ask such basic questions.

Good luck with getting it fixed

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