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00 1.9 TDI 115 strange coolant behaviour?!! - kirklander73
Strange this is... my TDI golf flashed a warning to stop and check coolant. the engine temp was near the 130 mark.
pulled over and put the heater on max and the fan too to try and help cool the car.
looking under the bonnet at the expansion tank and it was full to bursting! (checked regually allways at the reccomended marked level)
Got back into the car and the fan was blowing cold air (air con was off!!)
squeezed the top coolant hose from/to the rad and it appeared to be empty with no squishing noise...
any ideas anyone? owning VW's is starting to get expensive!!!..

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00 1.9 TDI 115 strange coolant behavior?!! - andyp
Sounds like it could be head gasket failure, probably worth getting a "sniff" (sorry, i don't know the official term !) test done ASAP. Any garage should be able to do this.
00 1.9 TDI 115 strange coolant behavior?!! - Peter D
130 WOW. It does sound like the HG has failed thus the empty top hose and a cold heater. Regards Peter
00 1.9 TDI 115 strange coolant behaviour?!! - chugalug
Sounds very familiar this fault. Happened to myself 18 months ago on my Bora pdi115, coolant overheating when engine on high load (going up motorway hills etc).Turned out to be blown head gasket leaking between cylinder and cooling system, this pressurised the cooling system and hence blew all of the coolant out of the expansion tank overflow, but only appeared to be a problem when turbo was on full boost. My local vw specialist when doing the job found that vw no longer supply the original head gasket for the 115 model and has superseded to a new part number , which is the gasket for the 130pdi model, me thinks they new they had a problem, as the 130 model does not seem to suffer with fault! You could have a problem with the water pump as the plastic impellors spin or a long shot at a thermostat fault, but i bet you its the headgasket. Just a word of warning though the head gasket fault may not show up if you pressure check the cooling sysem, probably better if you can do a sniffer check, or just take the plunge and change the head gasket. Just pray the heads not warped as cylinder head needs stripping to skim the head, i took a chance on mine and no problems so far. Goodluck
00 1.9 TDI 115 strange coolant behaviour?!! - kirklander73
Thanks everyone for the advice! gonna start with the long shot and go for the thermostat first who knows might get lucky..... otherwise a big bill to come! any guide to price for this head gasket repair anyone? so tired of getting ripped off!
00 1.9 TDI 115 strange coolant behaviour?!! - maltrap
The thermostat on my 1.6 petrol golf MK 4. CAME COMPLETE WITH HOUSING AND TEMP' sensor £35 from GSF.
00 1.9 TDI 115 strange coolant behaviour?!! - kirklander73
Hey everyone! the long shot was the fault (THANK GOODNESS !) thermostat failed closed. just running without one untill monday. Thanks everyone!!

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00 1.9 TDI 115 strange coolant behaviour?!! - kirklander73
AAAAAAARRRGH!!!! horrid nasty bloomin (ETC) oh yes was thermostat and something else i think all mk 4 owners need to be aware of (as the vw specialist said it is common to all mk 4)................. let me tell all of a mk 4 golf serviced every 6k regardless.. all filters changed ..all. proper VW oil ETC>>> had cam belt changed 25k ago.. about 2 years in car. had tensioners changed allong with water pump, GENUINE VW PARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!> and what happens??? the water pump impeller has loosened itself from the shaft and no longer moves my loverly coolant through the rad (APPARENTLY OH SO COMMON).... so what do i as the IDIOT WHO THOUGHT IF ONLY EVERYTHING IN LIFE WAS AS RELIABLE AS A VW????? well i spend even more money changing the cam belt, tensioner, and a new water pump too. MARVELOUS>. tomorrow i am off to buy a volvo V40. no threads here regarding them!!!!!!!
00 1.9 TDI 115 strange coolant behaviour?!! - 659FBE
My sincere sympathies. If anything positive can be dredged from this saga of misfortune, it is that in the area of cock-ups (and all cars have these to a greater or lesser extent) a main dealer is the place NOT to be.

The VAG water pump debacle is very well known and pattern water pumps with metal impellers are made and sold by outlets such as GSF. Any independent worth his salt knows this and fits one automatically when changing a cambelt - or issues a written warning to the vehicle owner if his recommendation is not followed.

A main dealer is obliged under the terms of his franchise to fit OE parts. Worse still, there is an unwritten code throughout the industry never to admit a cock-up. When you go to your dealer with a well known problem the look of surprise is a well rehearsed game.

The main dealer business model, recruiting policies and franchise constraints in the UK conspire to make it unlikely, in my view, that a vehicle will receive anywhere near optimum attention needed for a long and trouble-free life.

00 1.9 TDI 115 strange coolant behaviour?!! - Andi72

Hello, I am having exactly the same problem, keep gettin the STOP check coolant, vw golf Gt tdi M reg, I dont no much about cars except how to drive them, im hoping the problem is with the thermostat and not the head, I have only had my car since march 2011 and that came with a new timing belt and waterpump, does anyone know how much it would cost to do a compression test??

00 1.9 TDI 115 strange coolant behaviour?!! - Collos25

If you have to keep filling it up with antifreeze (water can be a little dangerous at this time of year)and there is no visible leak then the odds are that the head gasget has gone but without testing it is impossible to say and be 100%.

00 1.9 TDI 115 strange coolant behaviour?!! - Andi72

It has been leaking, but cant see were from , its going in the garage this week so I shall keep you posted as it happens, thanx for your speedy reply, any ideas how much the compression (sniff) test is? sorry I put M reg , just shows u wot I know ... its a 51 plate as my Hubby just explained lol.

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