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2003 1.9tdi - esp light on dash - swifty126
I wonder if any body else is having this problem, Ive got a vw passat 1.9 tdi 2003, the esp light is on in the dash, Ive had it check out and fault code is G202, the guy at vw said it could be the ABS EDL CONTROL UNIT (£655+VAT) or the YAW RATE SENDER (£564+vat) how do i tell which sensor is faulty.

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esp light on dash - Screwloose

G202 is a component, not a fault code? Try and get the 5-digit fault code.

When did this light come on? Was the battery changed or go flat around then?
esp light on dash - shmilw
I had the same problem yestarday, Passat 2002, Sadan, AZM 2.0 L Simos/86kW

Here is the full information:

ABS/EDL/ASR/ESP - Bosch 5.7
ABS/ESP front 1728
Coding 4277
1 Fault(s) detected

01542 027
Yaw rate sender -G202
implausible signal
Sporadic fault

Any idea of what should be done, replace or fix?

Thank you
esp light on dash - Halmer
Mine was a 2002 model and it was (like a number of 2002ish Passats) a faulty brake switch that caused the ESP light to come on.

When you break it sends a message to the CPU to cut off the petrol supply apparently and there was/is an issue with a large batch of brake switches.
esp light on dash - Halmer
Forgot to add that the replacement that they fitted under warranty also failed with the same issue after three months or so.
esp light on dash - Screwloose

Your yaw sensor is under the back seat; clean it's plug with proprietory electrical contact cleaner; clear the code and carry out the adaption procedure. [If you've got it on your scanner.]

If the code comes back; check the wiring back to the ABS module [and it's plug too] and replace the sensor.
esp light on dash - shmilw
Thank you all for replies.

Where is the ABS module place? Do I have to take out somthing else beside the back seat?
esp light on dash - shmilw
... carry out the adaption procedure.

What do you mean by that (I'm not an English speaker)?
Thank you
esp light on dash - Screwloose

Tha ABS ECU is mounted on the ABS valve block under the bonnet.

Most new components need adaption now. It's a procedure where you force the ECU to "learn" a new component's characteristics.
esp light on dash - shmilw
Thank you so much!
esp light on dash - robynjack

hi, my esp light has stayed on after the battery went flat, any ideas??


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