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2004 1.6 - Air Bag and Service lights on. - Paul Tucker
Hi, we have the air bag and service light illuminated on our Megane dash. We put it in to be checked out and the garage say that it is the spring behind the steering wheel. It might be just a wire loose but we have to change the whole module costing £180. I have heard other people locally having this light coming on. What are your views on the forum. Thanks, regards, Paul

{awaiting exact year and engine details to arrive in my inbox - DD}

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(02-08) Air Bag and Service lights on. - Paul Tucker
The year is 04 and it is a 1600 Privelidge.
2004 1.6 - Air Bag and Service lights on. - monty2520
I to have had this problem. I found the problem to be loose electrical connectors under the front seats these are part of the seat belt pre-tensioners wiring loom which is all part of the air bag system. hope this solves your problem
2004 1.6 - Air Bag and Service lights on. - billwill
Unlikely to be the seats if the Garage has already diagnosed that the problem is with the streering wheel Airbag.

I gather that the Espace has a circular ring switch or some such with sliding contacts to take the rotation of the steering wheel, I expect your car has a similar arrangement. The spring you talk of presumably creates the pressure on the contacts.

Dealing with the airbag circuits yourself is dangerous as the detonators can be triggerred by static electricity. Or so the book says.

First precaution is disconnect the main battery, second is wear only cotton clothing.

This is one of those things where if you don't know exactly what you are doing, it is probably safest to let the professionals do it. Alas.

2004 1.6 - Air Bag and Service lights on. - billwill
Oh, third precaution is DO NOT USE AN ORDINARY MULTIMETER to test continuity of Airbag Circuits, that could set off the detonator.

The Airbag computer uses a very very low current to test circuit continuity.

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