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Halfords Part synthetic - oldlag
re this ford spec oil 5w-30 for fords 1998 on
is this 10% synthetic or more ?
also can I use a fully synthetic like Mobil 1 5w-40 that covers the Ford viscosity requirement ? and maybe a a full synthetic is a better plan ?
Halfords Part synthetic - Hamsafar
They don't publish such info. but you can get Texaco Havoline 5w30 fully synthetic Ford Spec oil in a Morrison's petrol station for about £15 for 5 litres. (Not in the main store, but in station shop)
Halfords Part synthetic - quizman
>>>Texaco Havoline 5w30 fully synthetic Ford Spec oil in a Morrison's petrol station for >>>about £15 for 5 litres.

We have done this before, Texaco Havoline 5W-30 is semi-synthetic not synthetic.

Any decent fully synthetic oil will cost much more than £15 for 5 litres, without it has been knocked off.

I have asked before whether it would be better to use a synthetic oil in a Ford, the only answers were to use the semi-synthetic 5W-30 A1 B1.

IMO oldlag, the full synthetic ought to be better for your car. But who knows.
Halfords Part synthetic - doctorchris
I used Halfords semi-synth 5W-30 for several years in my daughter's Fiesta 1.25 without any problems.
Halfords Part synthetic - buzbee
I once had a Fiesta, of about 1997 vintage, in which I used to change the oil when I heard the tappets were rattling after a run. (I normally always change the oil before the handbook says I need to). The one time I tried that Halfords oil it lasted quite a bit less than I was used to.
Halfords Part synthetic - Roly93
This is what I use in our 2003 Focus, and as far as I can see it meets the spec and does a pretty good job too.

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