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Economical, sub £4k - sargeman
My Sister is looking for a used car. She's going to be doing approximately 400 miles a week, would like something economical and safe for under £4,000. Does anybody have any suggestions?


Economical, sub £4k - oldnotbold
Sixty to eighty miles a day, so not too small then, so a Toyota Yaris is out.

My wife loves her Ford Focus, and in manual form on that mileage a 1.6 should return 36 mpg, I'd suggest. Good car, loads to choose from, and they wear the miles well. For that budget she should be able to get a good one.
Economical, sub £4k - Avant
"Sixty to eighty miles a day, so not too small then, so a Toyota Yaris is out."

Not necessarily - elder daughter has done 50,000 trouble-free, comfortable miles in 2 years in her 1.3 Yaris. Avoid the 1.0 which is probably OK round town but slkuggish on the open road.

If it's too small a Corolla will do quite well, but I agree that a Focus will also suit her if she doesn't mind it using a bit more petrol.
Economical, sub £4k - sargeman
Thanks for the responses. I was thinking of a Citroen C2 1.4hdi (purely from an economy point of view). Will add the yaris and a focus / corolla to the list.
Economical, sub £4k - madf
An early diesel yaris should be in reach. I've seen them with over 100k miles and still excellent. And cheap servicing.. or easy DIY

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Economical, sub £4k - oldnotbold
On that mileage a diesel is marginally worthwhile, and read HJ's DT column today - he's not happy with modern diesels, and I agree. 40 mpg from a petrol car that costs less, and is less likely to go wrong is better than 50 mpg from a riskier, more expensive (in capital + per gallon) diesel.

Do the sums on a spreadsheet, and take into account the cost of the capital and the depreciation to get the real number.

Putting yr finger in the wind is no longer viable!

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