Carpets - Big Bad Dave
I've come to the conclusion that carpets in cars are an even worse idea than carpets in bathrooms. I've spent most of the morning trying to pick off half-sucked cola cubes and molten opel fruits from the rear of the cabin. It looks a mess despite my efforts, even the regular muck is difficult to suck out from the fibres of the carpet. Don't even go there with the damned pine needles from the Christmas tree. I can't see the point any more. I don't have them anywhere in the house, why do I have to have them in the car?

My suggestion would be an ultra-cool grey speckled teflon below door sill level. Super modern, super trendy, set off with a brushed metal effect finish on the facia. Wipe down, or even hose down. What a great idea. Yes?

Carpets - nick
What you need is some mats, see a previous thread for lots of suggestions :-)

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Carpets - Lud
What you need is some mats

What, cover an insanitary thick layer of material with another one?

BBD is obviously quite right. Permanent rubber mats, as in 2CV or the Dyane I had, were terrific, allowing sweeping or hosing out and not hiding anything. You could get in the car with muddy feet without worrying. Not so good though for acoustics and so on.
Carpets - MikeTorque
Take it to a garage and have them steam clean the carpets, they'll come up a treat. Then let them dry and then apply a carpet water repellent treatment and then put mats in the footwells.
Carpets - Stuartli
>>>> What you need is some mats >>

When I bought my first used VW back in 1992 it came with a full set of superb VW thick rubber mats housing a top surface comprising deep grids, each about an inch square, that trap any water or dirt.

They are now being used in my third VW since that time and display remarkably little wear and that includes the driver's mat.

They were clearly an expensive purchase originally but have proved to be worth every penny that the first owner paid.

I have no problem with them being used over the standard carpets, which have remained well protected at all times.

Carpets - grumpyscot
Volvo used to do nice fitted rubber mats - they were dished at the edges to contain any spills.

But if half-sucked cola cubes cause you bother, why not just ban them from the car. Problem sorted! (And don't say you come under pressure - I've carried kids in the car without every having anything more than the odd cup of water spilled or sweetie papers dropped on the floor - but I'm just as guilty about doing that!

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