Storms and a Pug 206 - Alby Back
Had a miserable journey last night. I was in Milan and was due to fly back BA to Heathrow at 18.55. Seems that last night's storms were affecting most of Northern Europe. Boarded on time at approx 18.15 European time but then sat on the ground for over two hours. Very bumpy ride back followed by several tours of Essex in ever more tedious circles. Finally landed about 21.45 UK time to find that most other inbound flights had been similarly affected with the resultant chaos in the baggage hall. Got to the car at about 23.00 and began the journey home to Cheshire. Horrible driving conditions M40, M42, M6. Loads of spray, standing water and quite a few accidents, one of which looked very nasty unfortunately. Eventually crawled in after 2.00. Yuk !

Had a Pug 206 on hire in Italy this week. Not sure which engine it had but it was small and petrol. Quite eager and good sharp handling. Nasty gearchange though, very notchy. Interior trim was a bit low rent but comfy enough. On recent trips I have had a Fiesta, a Corsa and a really dinky little Lancia Ypsilon. The Pug was OK but somehow just didn't make me like it as much as these others. Of course navigating Milan's equivalent of the North Circular on a Friday afternoon was suitably adrenalin inspiring but somehow it sort of works if you just ensure that you don't actually hit anything with your front bumper. Otherwise you just have to go with the flow.

Anyone else get caught up in this?
Storms and a Pug 206 - Pugugly
We travelled up to Wales yesterday afternoon, weather was wet and windy, however last night took the dogs round the block and it was calm and dry, same here today, just come back from a good run in some forestry and still dry if rather windy.

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