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2004 1.2 - Headrest / Seatbelt Probs - dawnteabag
I have 2 problems with my clio

1. Passenger headrest
I took the headrest out whilst transporting some flat-pack furniture and it won't go back in. I've had it back to the dealer and they say that the clip insidethe tube that runs inside the seat is broken and they'll have to replace the whole tubes. He might have called them runners.
Does anyone know what the techincal name for this part is? Would it matter if I didn't buy an official renault part?
Theyhave also quoted an hour and a half labour to fix it. Does this seem reasonable?

2. Back seat seatbelt.

One of the 'female' parts to the seatnelt has stopped clicking shut. I've hoovered it as much as I can and sprayed a bit of WD40 in to see if that helps clean out whatever was causing the problem but to no avil.

Any ideas what else I can try?

{year & engine details supplied via email}

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2004 1.2 - Headrest / Seatbelt Probs - ChicksFan
What is it with Renaults? Out of all the cars I've owned the Renaults have always been built so flimsily inside and the seatbelts have failed at the "female" stalk end.

I'd make a trip to the breakers yards if I were you. Try the seatbelts in the scrap car that you find, make sure the thing works, and get two stalks while you're at it. If you don't you can bet your bottom dollar that another of yours will fail a week later.

As for the seat, I'd get a replacement from a scrap car and replace the seat covers with those off the broken one if I couldn't find one to match. Again I'd make sure that nothing is broken on the donor seat first!


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