1991 1.4 - welding prices? - zookeeper
hi room , what would one expect to pay for a bit of welding to be done, particularly i need a bit doing around the seat belt anchor points underneath for the MOT , the garage wants £160 to do a wheel bearing , 2 new brake discs , a new number plate and the welding , ive done all the jobs apart from the welding, would £40 sound about right?

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welding prices? - mfarrow
£40 sounds like a good deal, it depends how many patches they need to do; I assume 2? Garage wanted £30 per patch from me circa 2006 for sill work. Inside of boot was £25 for one larger patch with easier access last year.
welding prices? - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Will the car be MOT acceptable after welding work is done around seat belt mountings?
It is a safety critical area. I am not an MOT expert.
welding prices? - TurboD
Sounds cheap really when you think that the garage needs to recover its overheads ,as well as labour.
Is a 1991 car worth repairing ? Will it be worse next year? I got £200 trade in for a 1.3 Escort 2 years ago, so they are 'not valuable'
But while it moves, it does its job, sort of.

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